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The planets really will be in alignment for the next month

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So, what you're saying

is that Welsh people are ancient evil entities from a dimension beyond human understanding

Malfunctioning Russian supply podule EXPLODES above Pacific

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what's the terminal velocity of something as necessarily light as a space elevator cable? I'm also not getting why people think it would burn up if severed near the bottom. It's stationary with respect to the atmosphere. If severed at low earth orbit shouldn't it fall more or less straight down at terminal velocity?

Ten... A3 inkjet printers

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I've been looking to digitise my life

but the price of A3 scanner is horrendous. On the other hand these Brothers look impressive - less than half the price of an equivalent standalone scanner and an A3 printer as well. Being a naturally skeptical type I'm wondering if there's a catch. Is the scanner quality up to snuff? Or is this a case of the ink subsidising the hardware? Anyone who's used one care to comment?

Corning launches can-stand-the-heat Lotus glass for phones

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Ten... pocket compact cameras

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Well, I like cinema type stuff

So give me 24fps. But I agree wholeheartedly about the evils of interlacing. It's ugly and stupid and has no place in the 21st century. Just kill it with fire.

Citroën lifts lid on looming diesel hybrid

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What the hell

is going on with the A-pillar. I think there might be an attractive car under all those nervous stying tics. And why is there an engine bay the size of an industrial waste-bin on a hybrid? If that's what it takes to fit in a Diesel I suspect they should be looking elsewhere for a powerplant.

Duke Nukem Girls give it some on video

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"Mature humor"

Yeah, right.

Nanotech nerds assemble überfast-charge battery

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Well, considering

it's the effective internal resistance that's preventing fast charging and generating the heat, I'd imagine a solution to one problem is also a solution to the other.

Ten... fantasy swords you wish you owned

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Good one

but you ain't foolin' me. Naomi Campbell has no idea what a SIM card is.

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Emos don't count?

But it's not as if they have souls. . .

BTW, I look forward to the roundup up of the ten best tactical nuclear weapons.