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Windows random number generator is so not random

Fabrizio Marana
Gates Halo

Vista machines using TPM have a hardware random key generator...

so you can be pretty sure this is obsolete in Vista for Trusted Platform Module-enabled applications...

What do you mean there aren't any? Not MS's fault!

BOFH: The bastard wants to know

Fabrizio Marana

As with any multiple-choice questions...

... life's definitely not black-and white:

What if you ARE the consultant?

What if you are the VENDOR?

What if you are the boss and these young ne'er-do-well ENGINEERS didn't do their homework properly, didn't document why they need the BFM-2007 (Remember BFG2000?) except that it looks cool and shiny and they were impressed by the mumbo-jumbo by the vendor and you're not?

OK, I see the point: coat, hanger, pint etc...

UK plans surveillance for Earth-menacing asteroid

Fabrizio Marana

I hope it hits the Earth...

... so we won't have to tackle the "Jan 18 21:14:08 2038" date problem.

I couldn't face another one of those...


Monster Trojan monsters job seekers' records

Fabrizio Marana

And the scammers were pretty quick exploiting their data!

I got a 419-style "Job offer" that made it through Gmail's SPAM filters on Sunday and I immediately reported it as a phishing e-mail... Now I know how it ended up in my inbox in the first place! :(

I just wonder whether gmail's SPAM and malware filter is "community driven"... They have a couple of million humans reporting spam and phishing for them 24/7. Nice touch!

On the other hand: I'll be anonymising my on-line CV's a bit more.


So what's in a URL? The Reg URL?

Fabrizio Marana


.com would make my life easier: not when I'm using my own pc, but I would be happier on any other machine... And who cares about the UK angle anyway? (As long as you keep the British humour...)




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