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Rejoice, Penguinistas, Linux 4.4 is upon us



Istalling a new more powerful graphics card.

This is a VERY basic administrative job. They could go to their local PC world and buy the GFX card, come home and then... bam. Into the command line to install the drivers? Multiple reboots? Multiple commands.

It's been made super easy to do in windows, but a ball ache in linux. You can burry your head in the sand and say it isn't so - but this is why someone wouldn't choose the various (and basically confusing number of) linux distros over the not quite finished yet windows 10.


Until you don't need to pull up the command line for anything slightly administrative, linux will only ever be a niche on the desktop. Most casual PC users simply have no interest or time to learn commands and their syntax.

VW floats catalytic converter as fix for fibbing diesels


Re: Why did I buy a diesel ?

The reliability might come from diesel fuel being an oil rather than a solvent like petrol. Having your fuel not trying to remove your cylinder lubrication must help in this regard.This is why a 150,000 mile diesel is a regular occourance, but a 150,000 petrol is rather unusual.

I personally like the driving style you get owning a diesel, being more quiet and relaxed. In mine 70mph is something like 1800rpm in 6th and it will push that ring to about twice that*.

*GPS verified in Deutchland.

Upset Microsoft stashes hard drive encryption keys in OneDrive cloud?


Re: What if you don't use OneDrive?

If you don't have it setup with a MS account then it won't attempt to encrypt your drive. The number of questions Win10 has during setup is already pretty long if you don't choose express. Has anyone bothered to check through everything that's shown? Must admit I skimmed through most of the settings when I did my last install.

Windows 10 won't come to old WinPhones until some time in early 2016


Re: Almost as good

A/the 1020 user here. :)

I've dipped into the insider builds a few times, but each time since it's my only phone had to drop 8.1 back on because of problems. Now on the current 10 build and fairly happy. There's a couple of sharp edges to clean up, but it's generally good to go. Can upgrade now after 2 years, but don't need to. Hardware still going strong and refreshed OS & universal apps could extend the little yellow monsters life well into 2016.

Windows XP spotted on Royal Navy's spanking new aircraft carrier


It's ok guys

I checked the system requirements of World of Warships and it should be good on XP.

NZ unfurls proposed new flag


Re: Quite nice - cadge a lift

HMS Trincomalee, ready for service and I don't think HMS Warrior would take too much before she was ready.

Tablet computer zoom error saw plane fly 13 hours with 46cm hole


Re: @ RIBrsiq @Turtle Typo Or Not?

Ah, the original "Surface".

I use Jepperson marine charts that have a zoom for more detail function - the maps are vector rather than raster. I wonder if their aeronautical maps have the same. If so, then the taxiway labels would not show above a certain zoom and may be something that at least needs to be investigated.

Microsoft pitches lobotomized Cortana for iOS, Android handsets


If you ask for random things, you tend to get web results. Asking for things lwith simple answers ike currency conversions, weather, calender entries, commuting information usually returns a spoken result. The reminders part works quite well ("remind me to buy milk when im at tesco" "which tesco?" "any" "OK") as does the sending texts and calling via voice. I wonder are you using cortana or the previous windows voice search which looks similar but is just basic voice recognition.


Re: Why would I want this?

Annecdotal but...

...while trying to 'hurry up' a colleague who was taking too long on the lunchtime supermarket run, the driver tried to get his google now to call the straggler. Failed. Tried again. Failed. At this point I'd got my lumia out the pocket and hit the 'cortana' button. On his 3rd attempt google failed to understand him again, but my lumia understood and called the offending weekly-shopper.

US Navy's newest ship sets sail with Captain James Kirk at the bridge


Re: Bit retro?

A bow like hers is less prone to heavy knocking when going through waves. This allows for the vessel to move faster without taking heavy impacts which tends to break stuff.

I've seen more and more of these shape bows on ships including cargo vessels although I assume there is more to it than just fitting the bow on upside down.

Microsoft Lumia 950 and 950XL: Clear thoughts of Continuum with a snazzy camera


I think you missed that the sentance was about its use as a continuim device. Using the phone as a 'PC', and showing the display on an external monitor. In that sense for most users it would be just as functional as their desktop PCs.

Per-core licences coming to Windows Server and System Center 2016


Re: Oh Joy!

Start clustering the VM hosts and you may need to licence for all possible hosts it could be on.

We had to create a cluster of hosts with the most powerful, low-core count x86 CPUs we could buy just to avoid hundreds of thousands in application licencing costs.

New edition of Windows 10 turns security nightmares into reality


So the professional/enterprise version of Windows for IOT gets similar patching functionality as the profesional/enterprise version of Windows for desktops?

Thi is an OUTRAGE!

Android on Windows is disruptive because neither Microsoft nor Google can stop it


They seem to be working on allowing devs to recompile their iOS apps into windows phone apps with minimum changes to code. I think this is good for most people. Devs get more market to sell apps to. Winphone users get more apps to chose from.

Why Microsoft yanked its latest Windows 10 update download: It hijacked privacy settings


Re: @Stoneshop re: A bit slow on the uptake, eh?

So you let other people's attitudes dissuade you from decreasing the area through which you are snooped upon?

What, you think running linux means you can't be snooped upon?

If I was in a 3/4 letter acronym organisation that minority running linux flavours would be exactly the ones I'd concentrate my efforts on.

France's 3-month state of emergency lets govt censor the web


To be honest, having a time limit is something I'd like to see in the legislation heading through the UK parliament more. Sure, have greater powers now while we face a genuine threat. But when we're through, and I honestly believe we must get through or the world won't be worth living in, then I'd like back our privacy thankyou very much.

Reg reader achieves bronze badge, goes directly to jail


Re: Most post moar!

You already have that badge...

...and so do I!

Microsoft rolls out first 'major update' to Windows 10


Re: Windows 10 works just fine

I don't see your point in mentioning Linux here.

Because for each article here about Windows, every other comment seems to talk about Linux. They probably thought it was mandatory to include at least some mention.


Finally, with W10, Microsoft’s device strategy makes sense


Re: Ergonomics?

The unified experience doesn't mean A4 size phones or wallet size tablets. The universal apps scale and adjust depending on device, exactly in the way your final paragraph suggests they would need to.


Re: But...

Then pick and choose as you wish - just don't expect seamless ingegration between platforms.

Work from home when the next big Windows 10 installation arrives


Re: hahahahaha

Steam OS being Linux being a PC stuffed in a... oh

SatNad failure as Lumia income drops over 50% at Microsoft


Re: It's a shame... I Guess

1020 owners assemble. Good now we're all here (insert # WinPhone users joke here)... dropping to 5mp lets you take another shot within 4 seconds of pressing the button. About half of that is it focusing. Running the full 34MP does however take much longer.

For action shots I find the smart sequence does work, and the effects can give interesting results aside from just choosing the best shot.

If you're on Win10 that's just unbearably slow currently. Hoping they fix that closer to Phone10 release or I'll be holding off upgrading as long as possible.

Volkswagen enlarges emissions scandal probe: 'Millions' more cars may have cheated


Re: American car companies are lobbying for the feds to issue a very large fine against Volkswagen,

Not sure it matters where the cars are built - I assume they're built in whatever factory to the designs pushed out from the mothership. Then you're looking at a couple of small companies - Ford, GM...

Windows 10 out, users happy, PCs upgraded, my work here is done – says Microsoft OS chief


Money where your mouth is.

Can everyone who's claiming they'll never support a Windows 10 (and I presume Server 2016) machine please record this fact somewhere legally binding. I'll be quite happy to take over your job and/or your clients.

Lotus F1: 38°C? Sand in your Vblocks? Must be building a data center in Bahrain again


Re: Stress?

Surely stress would be having your 2nd duty as front jack man.

Stand in front of a F1 car doing 50mph and hope he stops within about an inch or two?

YES PLEASE! (wish I lived anywhere near the UK motorsport circles).

Microsoft now awfully pushy with Windows 10 on Win 7, 8 PCs – Reg readers hit back


My Windows 8.1 system.......This is on our company's critical backup computer and anti-virus server so I don't want to upgrade!


Twitter reduces BBC hacks to tears with redundancy notice


@Creatoroftwitt: streamlined roadmap for Twitter, Vine, and Periscope and they are shaping up to be strong. The roadmap is focused on the experiences which 3/14

@Creatoroftwitt: are usually riddled with corporate speak so I'm going to give it to you straight. The team has been working around the clock to produce 2/14

@Creatoroftwitt: Team, We are moving forward with a restructuring of our workforce so we can put our company on a stronger path to grow. Emails like this 1/14

Microsoft offers sneak peak of Hyper-V containers with Win 10 nested virtualisation


Re: Who cares?

Ignoring other solutions for now, ESXi and Hyper-V both have their benefits and disadvantages. A lot of more advanced VMware functionality is tied to expencive licences, and needs a certain amount of additional infrastructure to make it work. Patching, especially hardware firmware patching is easier with a Windows hypervisor. ESXi has less regular patching, but is more invasive to perform it. ESXi is the more mature product, but Hyper-V brings new features. Swings and roundabouts people.

My personal preference is ESXi, but not a fan of the latest vsphere versions.


Re: Leonardo de Caprio!


Who's the miserable sod who can't take a joke, and a clever one at that. Have a (virtual) beer on me.

How much do UK cops pay for Microsoft licences? £30 a head or £137? Both


Re: Why pay fees at all?

Sometimes, just sometimes, buying in a licence to use an already created and supported product is cheaper than having to hire in (and be at the support mercy of) your own internal staff. I might not like that myself being as it will probably result in my needing to find new work; but if I was paying the bills as we are indirectly as tax payers; I'd want the best value. If that means buying in rather than internal development then so be it. The real question should be why there are 42 separate contracts - it's not hard to do and would save a fortune.

Exposed Volkswagen 'n' pals get 2 more YEARS to sort out emissions


I wonder if they will accept us paying upto 60% less than what we agree to buy their cars for?

HP boss hopes MS Surface Book will jack up notebook prices




Unless I'm reading this wrong it sounds like they're hoping to just jack up regular notebook prices because there's a higher top end of the market. Well screw you and the horse* you rode in on!

*not available in all teritories.

Windows 10 mobile upgrade coming in December


Re: Stick with 8.1

Or, you know, stick with what you've got? Like your 920 on 8.1 - keep it another year or so?

I've tech previewed on my 1020 a few times. It's a lot better than it was, but still a bit buggy for day to day use. Not handling the mass-driver of a camera was the last straw for rolling back to 8.1 - but then again if I'd read the fine print I would have known this. Shame on me.

I might hold off on the 10 update until others have been braver - unless I can confirm I'll be able to roll back to 8.1 - then I'll be that first over the top.

Google Chromecast 2015: Puck-on-a-string fun ... why not, for £30?


I bought a chromecast despite having a windows phone (so no native support) and amazon prime (which might be getting binned as they won't play nicely) simply because it does not have a remote.

Watching my father in law trying to find a youtube video via his apply tv remote (right x 4, click, down, left x 2, click, down x 2, right x 2, click - and that's 3 letters entered) I realised being able to type words using that omni-present smart phone was the better way to control a TV box.

For £30 it was my little geeky treat/toy and it's been fine casting youtube videos from the honestly brilliant Tubecast app. It's been worth the £30 for the few hours peace and quiet from the Kids I've got courtesy of stampylongnose and friends. More recently we've added a Tesco Hudl2 to the house and obviously the number of apps we can cast from has increased. Still use tubecast for youtube - the native android one is awful! Can't imagine going back to left, click, down, right, click.

Surface Book: Microsoft to turn unsuccessful tab into unsuccessful laptop



That's the fabric material splitting, not the hinge or screen-to-keyboard connector failing. I had that material splitting issue on the RT we bought 3 years ago. Sure it was annoying since it happened outside warranty, but purely cosmetic. Fixed with a dab of superglue. The maglock still works, keyboard still works.

A more relevant link would be to massive numbers of Asus Transformers or similar failing to dock back to their keyboards, but I've not seen any evidence that these hybrid devices have a massive weak spot as suggested.


Re: Enough of this trivia...

You already did Sir.


Other than for curiosity, why*?!

Decent android tabs are a fraction of the price, and Linux gives you more functionality than running droid.

*serious question.


The external GPU isn't exactly new technology - just never been housed under the keyboard before. I see no reason why this hinge would be less reliable than any other. Other hybrid devices have no problems being attached and detached so less likely to be an issue on a premium level device like this.


Re: RAH!

Great rant!

The Mrs is bugging me for a new device. She's a surface fan so I was thinking of seeing how the new Surface compared to the old, and perhaps grab a 3 before they sold out in the stores if the next model wasn't much improvement.

Now wondering if I should hang fire to see what she thinks of the surfacebook.

Intel doubles capacity and speed of PCIe flash card


I was hoping for something a bit crazier - like SLI/Crossfire for PCIe drives. Yes I know there's enough bandwidth on the PCIe bus, but part of me was always impressed by the Voodoo GFX accelerators and early Rage Fury Maxx cards.

Tear teardown down, roars Apple: iFixit app yanked from store


Re: Bigger picture

On the back of the maxipad release too with the whole being marketed as a serious corporate tool. But you can only use apps through the app store, and if you create your own, on a whim Apple could pull it.

Suddenly a windows or linux tablet running regular applications seems less risky.


Re: I have a book list for Tim & Sir Jony

Current iDevices are perfect. But the future ones will be even more perfect.

175,000 whinge to Microsoft about phone tech support scams


Re: 3.3 million people caught by scammers.

Judging by the number of "Facebook is going to start charging $5.99...." posts I saw, finding 1% of people to think their PC has a virus wouldn't be hard work.


Re: I love those calls!

Why the downvote?

"Open windows? Ok. Done. You know we got them double glazed last year. Right good deal we got, nice man came round and said our old ones were misting up but that could have been my cataracts playing up"

iPhone 6S, 6S Plus: Apple SHAFTS eager fans with STRAPPING VIBRATOR


Re: 2GB... Erm....?

Jokes aside about Microsoft and their bloatware, their phone OS seems to respond just as smooth (and that actually means nice, not crappy!) on their low end phones as their flagships. My 1020 has 2GB ram, which was pretty much standard flagship ram 2 years ago when they came out. This one only had more than required for the OS to deal with the fallout when you press the shutter button.

Blighty's Bloodhound 1,000mph rocket car unveiled ahead of record attempt


Re: Ambivalence

A major issue is the sonic boom from the nosecone digging up the ground infront of the vehicle. When you get that low and fast all sorts of weird things start happening!

Microsoft puts a bullet in blundering D-Link's leaked key that made malware VIPs on PCs


A different opinion on D-Link products

When my broadband went well over the 7mbps WAN-to-LAN speed of my aging RP614, I hit the small net builder website and looked at the routers there in their price vs performance chart. The DIR-655 was highest on performance relative to it's price. 260mbps WAN-to-LAN, gigabit ethernet and N wireless. D-Link even had an online emulator so you can check out the features before you buy it. Used it for ages before I received the Virgin Superhub and shipped it off to my parents. What a mistake to make! The Superhub as we all know now is far from super. Couldn't remove the DIR-655 from the parents, so had to buy a Ubiquiti Unifi to get the wireless signal to the parts of the house the Superhub couldn't reach. A couple of years on, the DIR-655 is still going strong and the wireless covers a 5 floor Victorian brick and stone wall house.

Pope Francis' first act in America: Halt iPhone 6S, 6S Plus deliveries


Re: indigo plateaus

The days of big improvements is pretty much over. Tweeks to battery life and screen size are all the changes we can expect now for some time. My current phone does everything I want, so sim only for me now!

Windows RT gets new Start menu – but no Cortana or Win 10 apps

Big Brother

Re: Personal Touch.

Not sure which part of your post your downvoter disagrees with.

Either they don't believe you have a RT Yoga, they don't believe it is working, or they don't believe you have a partner!

To know any of them they must be stalking you! big time Beware!