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UK.gov's web filth block plan: Last chance to speak your brains


Re: The interesting part

Thing is, if everyone is opting-in (or out, to use the correct terminology), then surely that will just cause the government to decide that the "opt-in" system is obviously failing to protect children and that therefore the option to "opt-in" will need to be removed.

Sky joins BBC for Olympics coverage


Re: Freesat

Virgin announced their deal with the BBC to carry the 24 channels a while back. Currently I believe they'll be delivered via an app on the TiVo or red button, though I guess they could also broadcast the 24 channels and include them in the EPG as well if they wanted.

Samsung Remote


An app for multiple devices already exists

There is already an app out there that can control devices from different manufacturers, DemoControl. It allows you to setup whatever commands you like to be sent over TCP\IP and with additional interface hardware can control devices over RS-232 and IR as well (if they don't have TCP\IP control). Currently part way through setting it up, but it controls my Virgin TiVo and Denon amp quite happily over TCP\IP, including commands that aren't available on the standard remote.

The interface is fully configureable using free PC software and supports advanced functionality such as status flags and two-way communication.

Virgin preps step-down Tivo box


No need for 50Mb

Currently, if you have the 1TB TiVo the only requirement is to have the XL TV package, there's no requirement to take any broadband at all. So I can't imagine there will be any requirement to have 50Mb broadband in order to get the version aimed at the lower end of the market.




Surely that's a duck, not a penguin?

Radio in the cloud: Do we want to TiVo our radio?

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TiVo for radio?

I already have a TiVo for radio, it's called TiVo! I was using it last night to listen to a radio interview it had recorded for me, due to it knowing I was interested in the interviewee.


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