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Google's self-driving car snags first-ever license in Nevada


Re: See, this is what I like about Google

In a sense, you're right but then compared to other companies I think they can be far more ethical.

For example, long before data centre power usage was a concern being printed in the mainstream press, Google was forging ahead trying to run their data centres off renewables. I think they also do a fair bit for charity.


Re: @Dave 126

I think your first comment is actually quite prophetic.

Last year, there were around 2,500 fatal road deaths in the UK.

Let's say that driverless cards are introduced, and they manage to reduce the road toll to 500 per year. But the occasional bug kills that kid you were talking about. Well, we've saved 2000 people in the year, but the Daily Mail is still going to have a headline of "Road killing machine slaughters child".

The Node Ahead: JavaScript leaps from browser into future

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C++ still has a place

I was reading this debate with interest, but I have to step in here.

Saying C++ has no purpose outside the games industry is just wrong. How about real time technology? How are you going to get interrupts with microsecond accuracy in JavaScript? You're not. Memory intensive applications where you need to control your memory very closely? Interfacing with hardware in high performance scenarios?


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