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Microsoft sparks new war with Google with, er, $999+ lappies for kids


Re: reason Chromebooks are doing well

I run Mint full time on my desktop, I love it. I also luuuurve my Chromebook. Different tools/OSes for different things.

Wall Street's internet darlings require an endless supply of idiots


"and fails to mention his [Kim Dotcom's] ownership of a signed copy of Mein Kampf."

Because that is relevant how?

You're an idiot, and Dotcom isn't a Nazi.

Vodafone: SPOOKS are plugged DIRECTLY into our network


What we need...

Is to vote in a Government that will pass a law that criminalises the directors of UK companies if they fail to disclose providing access (or knowingly facilitating such access) to private communications of an individual to said individual, in the absence of a warrant identifying that individual.

That is of course a laughably implausible scenario.

COLD FUSION is BACK with 'anomalous heat' claim



Torbjörn Hartman: a senior research engineer at a nuclear particle physics lab http://www.tsl.uu.se/

Roland Pettersson: Chemist, senior lecturer http://katalog.uu.se/empInfo/?languageId=1&id=XX1360

Bo Höistad: Professor, nuclear physics http://katalog.uu.se/empInfo/?languageId=1&id=XX1060

Lars Tegnér: Professor, electrical engineering http://katalog.uu.se/empInfo/?languageId=1&id=N9-1431


And basically Uppsala University as an institution, if it turns out Rossi managed to dupe the four of them.

'WikiLeaks of financial data' prompts worldwide hunt for tax evaders


Re: Oh and...

Georgism http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Georgism


Black Helicopters

the Other Side of the Story

Why is the CyberBunker website running about as successfully as if it were the target of an enormous DDoS, and Spamhaus's website loading almost instantly? Weird. I'd've thunk at least el Reg would do a quick check before pushing out the same PR everyone else is publishing so excitedly.

Meanwhile, black helicopters en-route to www.pcmag.com/article2/0,2817,2417142,00.asp

Also, background:


Study: Megaupload closure boosted Hollywood sales 10%


I bet...

...that the poor 'reliability' of the DVD sales figures [huh?] which resulted in them not being calculated, actually means that DVD unit sales were down by approximately [exactly] the amount that digital unit sales increased by.

The cherry-picking will be the selection of regions/markets where there was a pre-existing trend away from physical sales to on-line.

Meh, hopefully the 'research' will be released, and it'll give Dotcom yet another cause-of-action to be eventually taken up against the publisher-robber-barons.

Next Windows 8 version can ditch bits of Metro


"There is nothing difficult about using metro."

When Win7 rolled, or equivalently when office went all 'ribbons', I can remember walking up to a shop floor machine at having a nice little tutu about, having a look at options and settings etc etc no problem.

I've only once so far had a play with Win8 in a store, and I'd read a LOT more about how to drive it than I had for earlier releases.

I think within about 20 seconds I walked away in disgust. I'm quite positive that with a bit of a play I could have gotten used to METRO-style operation, but there was nothing INTUITIVE about it.

There may indeed me 'nothing difficult' but I want my UI to be HELPFUL, not just 'NOT DIFFICULT'.

PS: Full-screen-only apps; what the f&(* is that doing to help me.


All 'proper' new Windows apps will only run full screen, meanwhile

Samsung are building in this nifty feature into their Android tablets that make it easy to run two separate 'full screen' apps side by side, to enable greater productivity, like moving data between apps, or taking notes etc...

It seems to me that these companies have diametrically opposed views of what is good for us users.

Which is why I'm buying me a Galaxy Note 8.0 the first chance I get, and waiting for MS to get a clue before next upgrading my desktop OS.

Google denies Redmond report of a spamming Android botnet


The point of the above message is to sow "fear, uncertainty and doubt"

From downthread, Kaspersky Labs via @twolegs


our analysis of the iOS and Android versions of the application showed [it is a] Trojan that uploads a user’s phonebook to remote server. ... The application is called ‘Find and Call’ and can be found in both the iOS Apple App Store and Android’s Google Play.

Seems OP had it exactly right?

Global warming helps Arctic algae suck CO2



> another of those increasingly common "backronyms" – ... – Might we please stop this silliness, people?

eh hem, you might want to re-think that sentiment, or the SPB might start to think about alternative places to lodge LOHAN's rockets for ignition testing....

Firm applies for .sucks domain


Freudian insides

>> “I've worked for companies that spend a lot of time and money trying to run down dodgy internet bitch sites, and also heard from marketing teams that are looking for ways to collect the criticism to help approve the effectiveness of their communications"

Once upon a time, in the good old days, when I was your age &c, companies would/might be interested in criticism to help IMprove the quality of their PRODUCT.

Just sayin'

The Great Border Agency IT Crash: Just who was responsible?


Same old same old

"Have we got compensation from the IT company?" morphs into acceptance for just the company being named...

Atos became Accentures partner in crime at the Rural Payments Agency (the partnership being useless non-oversight that allowed both companies to keep supping at the fountain of taxmoney, while delivering shit with just enough solid bits in it to reassure with words like 'contingency' and "immediate full team mobilisation" to appease the idiots who gave them the keys to the garden of government contracting in the first place.

The question needs to get back to "Have we got compensation from the IT company?"; followed by "why not" and "how to you expect to keep you senior civil service position unless you can demonstrate exactly why you haven't sued them already.

Windows 8 Release Preview open for download


Register deoing puff peices now?

Nice shot of W8 on a tablet there vultures, back in the real world, how about a photo of some dude (not necessarily balding or penified) sitting at a desk with a keyboard, couple of monitors, METRO nonsense, and a very frustrated/perplexed-with-a-side-order-of-angry expression as ?he pushes mouse towards non-existent programs menu, &c.

US space programme in shock metric conversion


Six tenths of a kilometre?

at that point, it was more like nine sixteenths of a kilometer downrange.


Google snubs Euro watchdog's 'abuse of dominance' claims


Re: "Manipulating"?

To be fair, if you typed in "Compare Plasma TV Prices" or "world's most advanced vertical search engine" or "deluded fuckwits" you might also be looking for Foundem. Regrettably, google search is not perfect, and thus only two of these will get you there...



per @petur

>>> I'm happy that Google tries to remove the results

>>> of these alternative search engines out of the

>>> results, because that's not what I was looking for.

>>> You don't want to end up on another search page,

>>> that points to another search page,...


Morons who can't get this simple truth through their skulls deserve the kind of linkspam riddled search results that would eventuate if the numbskulls who think THIS is a good example of Google being anti-competitive succeed.

Now Google Chrome... There is a potential example of Google abusing it's dominant/monopoly search position to try and takeover the desktop (kinda a reverse MSIEsm)

Backdoor sniffed in ZTE's US Android smartphones

Black Helicopters

Meh, firmware might be the wrong place to be looking for the scariest stuff

Is it just me who wonders about the high-end, quality, closed-source freebie suites of Android software that come out of China (or anywhere for that matter)

By the time you've installed a 3rd-party launcher, locker, messaging app, and keyboard app from some crowd with apparently large resources, and seemingly zero monetisation from their efforts, it's entirely possible you've compromised yourself to an extraordinary extent.

I've decided I'm not going to GO there with certain apps since upgrading to Aurora-ICS.

Not that I'd make an interesting target, but I wonder how many of the worlds top politicians are running a nice 'safe' reputable phone handset, on a local network where at least any taps are from one's own spooks, rather than the competitions; while meanwhile the cool 'core' apps they've installed (and probably themed in 'patriotic' colours) are piping off all sorts of potentially interesting content to spooks of a different stripe.

A backdoor in plaintext in a firmware system file on a cheap device isn't nearly as scary as one well hidden in relatively awesome and popular closed-source freeware. You might trust your lovely Samsung Nexus or US Govt approved Dell, but who paid for the development of that cool launcher app you show off to your iPhone using friends?

LOHAN's fantastical flying truss cleared for lift-off


Re: Re: Re: Need a stabliser for yaw

Still, and yet, I assume that there is some sort of inertial delay between a shift in wind direction, and a equivalent shift in contraptional direction? If so, a vane would/should/could [?] still be useful in terms of stability.

I might go so far as to say that such a vane could ONLY work if there were inertia and constant shifting winds; but that the analogue imperative (I just made that up, wondrous what a few extra beers can do) guarantees that there will be such.

At least, I'd heartily (read: boozily) recommend that lightweight vanes are tested on the truss tests to verify my vanity.


Slings are diiiiirty

And thus, underslung should she be.

Then tie together as many nippled globes as you like, providing the -common- thread is longer than any dangling rubber entrails, the whole thing gets considerably closer to something even a blond could comprehend.


\ |/








I luuuurves me some tagfail!

Brit pair deported from US for 'destroy America' tweet


Reported a post...

'cos this shoulda been an hilarious forum thread, but the boy had to go and suck out all the funny with his doofishness :-( No ratio of thumbiness can get through to some folk it seems.

SpaceShipOne man, Nobel boffins: Don't panic on global warming


Meh. Essential Context.

Oreskes, Naiomi: "Merchant of Doubt", ISBN:978-1-59691-610-4

Boffin's blog blast births boycott of publisher Elsevier

Thumb Up


me likey likey

Stratfor attackers prep to publish emails


At this point ...

... i'd quite happily see GoogleWallet or whatever* become a strong player in the finance markets - anything that gives Mastercard and Visa the kicking they deserve.

*ideally, I want a Bitcoin eftpos card that's accepted at Hell Pizza

CSC faces £1bn write-off over botched NHS IT project

Thumb Up

At least...

... UK Gov didn't keep purchasing increasingly expensive equine defibrillators, RPA/Accenture style. About time these private consultancies paid for a bit of the stuff they siphon off the tax system.

Bit surprised that CSC went this way however, given their role as a placer of intelligence gatherers into foreign parts and all - I'm sure the actually important stuff they do for the UK Govt won't be affected by a bit of f#(&ing up the health service...

Christmas solar plasma belches to hit Earth, Mars - and Mars rover in space


Was it exciting Grandpa? Tell us what it was like....

Microsoft gives up on proprietary 2D barcode, accepts NFC


May I provide linkage?



MS Tag is awesomeness

At it's a long, long time since I described anything MS as awesome.

If they'd open-sourced and released HCCB (Tag) license free, you'd see it all over the place by now. Looks like even now they're not gonna give it away. :-(

Information density and reliability were both through the roof.

QR-Code bugs me because it very much relies on being square, which is ofter not layout friendly. Tag was too, but could have easily been extended in a single dimension to increase the package size, for usage beyond URLs

Hard copy information automation (things like form processing, ticketing, ID badges etc) are going to be stuck with PDF417, which is relatively archaic, when HCCB should have totally taken over those usages.

Microsoft should out HCCB out for adoption, rather than just locking the unwanted child in the cupboard under the stairs.

Mars probe crippled by buggy SSD successfully jury-rigged


It's file Jim

... but not as we know it.

WikiLeaks releases full searchable US secret cable files



... and all the others throwing stones in this thread, should go read the detailed analyses of the entire situation that are but a quick google away.

Then you'd know that the password was written down, albeit with a verbal explanation of a required variation, during a meeting.

Antitrust nemesis accuses Google of 'WMD program'


If I want to find a vertical search engine

I imagine I'll google for 'vertical search engine'

The last thing I want is one search engine pointing me to results on another search engine. If Google is pushing such nonsense down the results list, that's just good customer service.

If a vertical search engine wants hits, maybe it should find channels to advertise itself directly to folks operating in that vertical - I suggest Google adwords, I hear it can be pretty effective at targetting, and you get your results showing right alongside ... ...


Wanting your competitor to give you free advertising is just dumb.


PS: Note to the big G: Can you feel the Googlelove? Well, kindly trot over to my prior post and taste some Googlehate+

Google+ is an identity service, Schmidt says

Black Helicopters

"countries with oppressive attitudes to their citizens or their citizens’ communications"

Thing is, Mr Schmidt, that includes the US and the UK.

If you don't believe it, take off your tinted glasses and spend some time on YouTube - you own that now, right? So you could even get one of your lackeys to put a watchlist together for you.

Sure, it's relative. No one is saying 'The West' is as bad as (for example) Iran.

And if you don't think it's scary that one company should have access not only to all our habits and interests, in extraordinary detail, but also to our assured legal identities and our social networks, then you are a tool, in multiple senses. I've resigned myself to it now, with G+. I given up that particular fight. That makes me sad - in particular it makes me sad that it should be Google, about the only major tech company I had any respect left for (thank Twitter for keeping the flag of decency aloft), that forced me into defeat.

But I will still try and keep to the moral high ground; I will still strive to fight for and/or support that which is RIGHT; and so I will still be a thorn in the side of oppression; you're just making it a hell of a lot easier for those with power, an agenda, and perverted morals to monitor, and oppress where 'necessary' voices of dissent.

I don't know if there's a dedicated fibre running from the Googleplex to the NSA* - maybe there is, maybe there isn't. Is there? Do you know? Are you sure? Can you really be sure?

Cos I'm sure as damn that there are folks in the intelligence world who would like one.

Wikileaked cable: AFACT was MPAA’s cat’s-paw


Does the court care...

... about being deceived as to the motivations and purposes of the actions brought before it?

Sounds fairly contemptuous to me.

ISS 'naut shoots first ever 3D footage in space


El Reg FAIL!


Only a decade late to the party.

El Reg, I am dissapoint. Your Special Projects Division should probably get veto on your space stories.

"When the IMAX 3D cameras return to Earth, they will have spent more than two years filming in Johnson and Kennedy Space Centers, on seven U.S. Shuttle missions, and inside and outside the International Space Station."

And before anyone mutters about IMAX being FILM not VIDEO, check the headline.

Google points finger at human after robo car accident



"We’re sorry you didn’t like this post."

I don't believe you!

Reg readers ponder LOHAN's substantial globes



What /is/ it with you lot at SPB and hydrogen?

Stuff ain't as scary as you think -- especially when it's in something as flimsy as a balloon.

Hell, just get yourselves a little bit, a few party balloons, a pole with a lighter on the end, and make some bangs, you'll get over your namby-pamby woosiness soon enough.

'Missing heat': Is global warmth vanishing into space?


0° ice to 0° water conversion - A boring, serious, post and question

I -know- this is a dumb question, I'm -sure- it's impossible that the models fully consider and include this energy-sink, but I've yet to see comment on it anywhere.

We all know that floating ice, like all around Santa's place, doesn't raise sea levels as it melts, right. But as anyone who took physics in high-school knows, it still takes a lot of energy to turn the solid ice into liquid water, even though there's no actual change in temperature.

Have a look at this chart ...


... especially the last decade, and the change in trend a decade ago.

ie: the initiation of an estimated loss of 10^12 m^3 of ice

Making some poor assumptions to keep things easy:

- 1 m^3 ice = 1^3 kg (of course, ice is a bit lighter that liquid water, but whatever)

- the ambient temperature is a constant 0° (meh)

Q=mL => Q=10^15 kg * 334 kJ-kgm−1 = 3.34^18 kJ 'sunk' into the biosphere with no net temperature increase. Of course, this 'warming safety valve' only works while there's a floating polar cap to melt...

hum... I'm thinking I should maybe ctrl-c this and go ask somewhere other than the reg...

Shetland 'Topiary' suspect extended in custody for 3 days


Why transported to England

Dear Reg (unless anyone who knows the answer),

Can you ask some legal type up north what the rules are around what crimes are required to be alleged or whatever to get some accused crim rendered to the south for interrogation?

It does seem a slightly interesting matter - can the Met just decide for themselves to go nab someone from a significantly devolved bit of blighty?

MPs slam government's 'obscene' IT spend


When I was an independant contractor at the Rural Payments Agency:

I bemoaned load and often that Accenture had basically fitted little more than a faucet into the government coffers to be turned on and off at will.

Unsurprisingly, I wasn't overly popular with senior RPA management - they did keep renewing my contract though, I assume because I (like most of the other independent IT contractors) was actually delivering value.

I have to add that there were a small number of Accenture staff who managed to both give a damn and be competent - but this was utterly not representative.

I will never forget being told by a senior RPA manager that I had to realise that the 'solution' was only one part of the 'contract'; and the 'contract' was the authoritative bit. That's how incompetent they were - this civil servant manager - who kept getting promoted - could not comprehend that her precious contract ONLY existed to facilitate the implementation of a functioning, workable solution.

I can kind of excuse the incompetence of RPA's management - to an extent - it wasn't malicious, just tragic (AFAIK - one Accenture guy once told me [+ one other independant consultant] he was very uncomfortable with something he had learnt about the way the programme was being controlled at the Accenture end, but wouldn't be specific).

But Accenture could not have not known what they were doing - it often seemed they were determined to put in systems and components that seemed virtually designed to guarantee future complex change requests, when it would take LESS time and LESS development to support the necessary options from the start.

As final proof - I offer that they resisted, HARD, ever utilising or delivering a data dictionary of any sort, for a long long time - and when they finally did, it was a useless, incomplete, retrospective document - that they charged a fortune for.

Sad :-(

The above are solely my opinions and impressions, informed from being engaged by the RPA for several years of mind numbing frustration. I used to think that if the chance ever appeared to see Accenture dragged into court and sued by HM Govt for what they did, I'd document as much as I could to help see them pay for what they did. These days, I can barely be arsed writing these posts every once in a while when the topic cycles through the news again.

Oh, and please, there are a lot of hard-working civil-servants at the RPA, who don't deserved to be knocked as being 'jobsworthies' or the like - they are just powerless against the culture.

Nokia: Keep codin' for Symbian and Qt!



"What I can promise you is that we will not just abandon Symbian users or developers," Kochikar says.

Which I'd say is 100% true. Long before the time Nokia could come up with a coherent strategy for abandoning it's devs (or a strategy for not abandoning them) users and dev's will have long since abandoned Nokia.

However, having observed the race between Novell NDS and MS Dir Svcs (ie: in the beginning a really capable network directory product vs a myth followed by a pile of shite, eventually followed by a decent system, but still (I think, been out of it for about 3 yrs) lacking some of the best aspects of NDS), who's to really say what the future holds...

Nokia: asphixiated in a cloud of MS FUD.

Apple to Microsoft: 'App Store name is not generic'




(1) That's just Symbian

(2) no-one's denying Apple popularised the term - does NOT give them an exclusive right to it.

I found a 'palm app store' back in 2003.

Oh, and I thought you said 'no-one' not 'just a few tens of thousands of geeks. Get with reality, culty fanboi.

PS: http://groups.google.com/group/rec.games.video.sony/browse_thread/thread/c982f7ba9bfbab72/94bc2f0e6160b8cd?q=%22app+store%22+buy+-mail+-outlook#94bc2f0e6160b8cd

"PC App Store" - 2000

(Running out of shovels here...)


Gee ...

... when you wrote "definition of the word "argument"" we thought you were making a point about linguistics - turns out it was about the finer points of legal argument.

Here, have this spade.


"It may be a term made of generic words, but people weren't using it before Apple."

LOL - You funny.



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