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IBM makes meek apology for Oz #CensusFail, offers no fail detail


Re: ABS Head Should Roll

I'm sure he will be, but I'm surprised he hasn't already fallen on his sword. It's obvious now that he was covering his arse by not contacting McCormack & Turnbull earlier, in the vain hope that the techs would fix the issues sometime during the night.

Now he's got the gall to say it's fixed, so get on and do it. Well, no, actually, I've lost all confidence in the ABS after this clusterf#ck.

Malcolm Turnbull's run Australia's NBN for two years. How's he done?


12/1 seriously?

Who decided that 12/1 Mbps can be classified as NBN? What a joke. 25/5 should have been mandated as the bare minimum speed.

Yahoo! adds 1TB of free storage to Flickr in site revamp


Re: grrrrrrrrrrrrrrr

My Pro account still has stats and the site's running faster than ever.

Nokia CEO: No shift from Windows Phone


Elop's delusional

Elop is completely delusional. Tomi Ahonen likes to vent to excess about Elop, but I think he's right about getting rid of him ASAP. He's killing Nokia.

Facebook planking game claims its first victim


Darwin is proved right....again

I don't think it's fair to say that police are overreacting to this craze. Unfortunately some people have to be protected from their own stupidity (and presumably excess alcohol consumption).

Qld police warn against Windows service scam


Toy with them

They've contacted me twice, the first time claiming they were from Microsoft, the second time from Dell.

As soon as the guy mentioned that I had a virus on my PC, and that he would help me "remove it", I thought I'd have some fun with him.

"A virus? Oh that sounds bad. Yes, I'd really appreciate your help, thank you 'Greg'."

Bring it on!

If you can get past that thick Indian accent, it's actually a bit of a lark.


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