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WD drops 4TB whopper


@ Wolf

A WD fail - what are you on about....

Gordon 'to sacky' Wacky Jacqui






Finally GB does something right.. Still wont vote for him...

ISPs frosty on Jacqui's comms surveillance plan

Paris Hilton

I know what I'm doign when it goes live

I'm going to have a small script running that sends as many emails from me to me as possible, then then deletes them from my account.

Preferably with a 9.99MB file attached, say a vid of jacki smith saying how this will help and the text with some key words like


in it for good measure.

Wonder how long it would take my ISP to give up and cry...

Paris - because we all want to see her emails get leaked - again...

Would-be Jacqui whacker told to try his hand with the Met

Paris Hilton

If he gets a case against her

I'll chip in out of my own pocket to get that *thing* arrested and subjected to her own laws and policing systems...

Mostly just because I want to see her DNA on the national Database.

Paris - because even she knows where she lives...

Clock starts ticking: Office 2010 will definitely ship in... 2010

Paris Hilton

Free office 2010...

oooooo "A technical preview version" just like the Blue version of the current office 2007 that I have been on since it came out... the version that updates fine and works well, the version with no activation key at all?

Glad companies are paying for this, not sure I would bother with it at home if it wasn't so easy to get for free... may even be forced into OpenOffices arms... Sure M$ has thought of that and makes it as easy as possible, short of actually giving it away, to get the office suite for nothing

Paris - as I'm sure she has somebody else buy her a legit copy...

Hybrid Jaguar XJ en-route?

Paris Hilton

As long as its plug-in

The idea of a non-plug in hybrid makes me cringe .. How dumb have you got to be to charge a battery from an internal combustion engine? from breaking OK that's a good idea, but to use petrol or diesel at £1 per litre to charge a battery is plain STUPID..

All hybrids need to be plug in ones or else they are just marketing for the dumb... although that's not stopped Toyota...

Paris - as I bet she has a prius that's never left the garage...

Mormons demand ICANN plugs net smut hole



Surly the Mormons are against the Internet completely as they are against any modern tech, but strangely not all tech as they still ware cloths, use medicines and so on.

Who in there right mind is going to lessen to them... oh wait any broke US lobby group will...

Microsoft dumped after India PM's emails go AWOL


WOW thats fast

No seriously thats actually quite quick for any government department.

It took 6 months for the UK to notice that the recession was upon us. Its taking almost a year for GB to notice that he f it up 10 years ago with no regulation.

It took 60 visits by a social worker and then the baby actually dieing before the county council noticed that the child wasnt being looked after.

so in context of goverments 3 months is hardley a blink of an eye.

If only the UK give would go open source, at least all the millions spent on blundered IT projects wouldn't just be written off as "licensing" agreements.

AMD teams with Intel chum on 40nm GPU shrink


Linux please

I agree we need proper good quality Linux drivers. the current ones are naff, they don’t work when you get round to doing anything that requires the graphics cards power..

Come on AMD send ATi some Linux geeks to sort this out.

Pirate Bay rejects law-breaking claims

Paris Hilton

Down due to?

Are they down due to too much traffic caused by massive exposure in the News?

Paris as she’s been known to go down for exposure... (see pirate bay for video evidence)

BT accused of 'sharp practice' on rolling contracts


My Bet

My bet is OFCOM will do NOTHING again, then if pushed it will launch a REVIEW, which after a year will start that things are exactly as they complaint said, but they will still do NOTHING.

Wonder how much hospitality BT spends on OFCOM.,

Now that would be an interesting freedom of information request to OFCOM..

Small ISPs reject call to filter out child abuse sites


Hand on Hand on I’ve heard this before

Now where have I heard technology censoring and blocking being used to stop criminal activity, a system forced on the public without any real thought to the issues or even a basic understanding of the technology.

Oh year DRM and we all know that completely stopped all the internet piracy in the world overnight....

Does this have Wacki Jackie’s s name on it by some chance?

She makes a Mormon look liberal and smart...

PLEASE PLEASE PEOPLE OF REDDITCH STOP VOTING FOR HER... I dont care what party you support just dont vote for her...

Mine’s the one with 1984 in the pocket...

UK censors revolt against 'pornalone' ordeal

Paris Hilton


"viewing pornographic content alone will increase the chances of being sexually aroused by the material".

Here was me mistakenly thinking that the Point?

Paris due to her appearance such a "Sex Work"

Cocaine now cheaper than lager

Paris Hilton

"the total weight of cocaine seized actually fell by 15 per cent a year

And our current gov think this is a good stat. Like it’s a success to be finding less of the stuff flooding in.

Lets face it the two figures match up - Seized amount down = more getting through to street = more supply = lower price.

Simple logic. If they seized a high percentage of shipments then that would cause the price to go up, both from supply and demand as well as from the dealers having to charge more to re-coop costs of lost shipments.

Paris - cus even she knows about supply and demand.

Jacqui's jihad on web extremism flops



Yep Wacko Jacko Smith is totally useless, She can give a speech, but when it come to achieving anything nothing happened, it’s been the same in all her cabinet positions.


Mines the one with the usb pen in the pocket full of now illegal spanking porn...

Linux to spend eternity in shadow of 'little blue E'


and then there is

The users, who have decided that paying for windows is just feeding the beast that keeps biting you, but have been stuck with it because the Linux required some coding to get working, a dam command console, which requires another language, when I haven’t finished learning my first one yet (English and I,m 27)

Then along came the bright idea at ubuntu to make it idiot proof with a desktop version. With all the drivers sorted for you and with a nice user interface that anybody who refuses to read instructions can get along with and most importantly I can play eve on it... - side note if you need an instruction book _ ITS DESIGNED WRONG.

So my first install yesterday went well, all done easily on a clean HDD and everything appears to be working.

Now onto those dam pivot tables.

On the business side – a single training course should sort out most users and those who are incapable of switching are probably best put to the top of the redundancy lists.

OcUK puts £10K bounty on the heads of DDoS varmints


Hope they get him...

Cheers for this news, I was wondering what was happening to OcUK.

Dam good sight that as well, so easy to use, good goods and good service. So I personally hope they get that bot net using, basement hiding, unwashed geek.

Samsung boffins demo transparent OLED screen



Two apps spring to mind,

Touch phones where you touch the back of the screen, makes it very easy to hit the exact spot you want, even with sausage fingers.

Wearable 3d goggles, so that you are not completely cut off from the outside world. This leads to spy style glasses although but pretty obvious when in use

UFO damages Lincolnshire wind turbine


Made me laugh

“A large white circle in the sky with a red edge”, so like an unbalanced spinning turbine cessing up with a lot of friction would make?

And another thing you UFO nuts – Just think, seriously think for once. Postulate over how much tech it would takes to cross the stars, with the vast vast distances involved, the massive energy required to go even close to light speed, then enormous obstacles in space from cosmic rays, wandering black holes, stray stars, planets asteroids and things we do not even know about, but having managed to develop crafts that can do and navigate all these dangers safely and reached earth that then upon arriving in Lincolnshire (for a picnic possible) you crash into a wind turbine!

It’s like Appa Sherpa upon returning from Everest dying by falling of a curb.

Get A Grip or at least discover internet porn.

Mines the one with a logic book in it...

Apple wrongfoots iPhoneys


@j jay

Thats just the i9, same size as the iphone but with mini on it...

which makes it a fake fake with extra margin on it...

Mattress maker can no longer spring for SAP roll-out

Thumb Down

SAP crock of

What a surprise a SAP enterprise project being HUGELY expensive, MASSIVELY over budget, NEVER delivering on expectations and finally being scrapped after millions being spent on it.

Has SAP EVER managed to get a fully working enterprise system running on time and on budget?

WHY is anybody buying there crap?

And finally

HOW DUMB are IT managed not to insist on penalty clauses in massive contracts? Every other large project has penalty clauses added to stop this kind of farce from happening.

Mercedes reveals plug-in, fuel-cell concept cars

Thumb Up

@A.N Other

Ever heard of an extension cable? Marvellous modern inventions, it would allow you to plug into your house and then, and this is the magic, run the cable to your car....

Also an added benefit is that it will help rid the world of more stupid people who will pick up the cable and bit it (or so I hope)

130,000 inflatable jubs missing at sea


Basic geography tells the answer

“"Unless Somali pirates have stolen them”

Ok the ship left China and was heading to Sydney – if there is even a remotest possibility of Somali pirates have stolen them the ship would have been going completely the wrong way

Broadband speed testers fail the test

Paris Hilton

Not much point in 50Mbit

Virgin Media Unlimited* 50Mbit line

*Unlimited providing you DO NOT perform any of the following:

Use 50Mbits speed or anywhere close to that volume of traffic.

Download anything, from anybody, anywhere at any time

Browse the web

Own a computer, Xbox, or other device that can connect to the internet

Breaching these teams will result in your line being capped to a lower speed just when you want to use it.

Paris - cus she also knows what it’s like to be screwed.

Powerline Ethernet standardisation effort still stuck


More Chaos

Didn't know they disrupted shortwave radio, but not I know I'm off to the shops to get a load...

MS beefs up WinXP Pro's anti-piracy nagware

Gates Horns

Lock Out

So what happens if you set the access rights of your log-on to not allow background changes...

but really whats the point, the Freetards (of which I confess to being one) just use a crack copy, and update via alternative websites that kindly get the updates for us, or just not bother updating at all relying on firefox, firewall, routers and avg.

Vista, why bother when XP works for all my needs and as more and more of my software is cloud based the operating system is becoming nothing more than a way of loading firefox..

Would get off my lazy but and learn penguin but it doest play the games I like

NASA chief: ISS tests for super plasma space drive


realy quick

To Mars in 39 days is very very quick...

Meet the UK's most spammed man


As If...

I feel sorry for the person I have signed up to a lot of spam over the years

Unfortunately for him I did not know that ASIF is actually a real Muslim name until after I had been using it to fill out stupid online sites that required an email address (but not for verification, just as a way of getting email addresses to spam).

As the person who was lucky enough to get Asif@hotmail.com should be spammed out by now.

Daily Mail loses employee info


About time SaaS started to solve the problem of lost laptops.

Let’s face it bean counters seem a little lost in the outside world with its big sky and this results in then getting very confused with how many bags they had, was it one or two or one + vat?

Inevitably they are going to lose the things in inappropriate way.

The solution would be to put all of their systems onto a SaaS model so that it would not matter that the laptop was stolen as nothing would be stored on the laptop (or so the sales man would tell them, the reality may be a little different).

Then when I get a new laptop from the market I won’t have to be faced with a HD full of poorly wiped personal information.

BOFH: On the brink


just found this on the SCO web site

"We are pleased to announce that SCO has filed its plan for reorganization for coming out of Chapter 11. This is an important milestone for us and an important step to continuing our business of focusing on our technology and services. "

Its almost back up and running...

EU data ruling slaps filesharers with red herring


Or Just

Use a Torrent site that requires an invitation, login and has encripted trackers.

- oh and avoid the largest ones as they are likly to be targeted/infiltrated first.

Crucial solid-state drive passes vibrator test


He forgot

to mention that any hard work will kill the drive as its can only write to each block a limited amount of times...

sorry did I say hard work, when i realy mean Windows obsession with page file will kill it.

New taskforce to discuss why more people aren't turning to digital


I think I know why!

To start with I must say I have a digital radio, (it was a wedding present) and it’s no different,

I don’t listen to commercial radio as it’s all just 12 songs and adverts for stuff I don’t want. The other added stations are obscure BBC radio channels like 1extra.

The quality that I’m told is so much better is no difference as my analogy radios all get perfect signal.

The tuning is just the same, you turn a knob and get a different station, analogy is not a complex thing to tune and RDS does what the digital display does anyway.

So to sum up, Digital Ridio’s unique selling point is it costs more...

Virgin Media pins hopes on the broadband donkey


@ all you with slow speeds

Check your PC set up.

esp if your on the actually cable,

if your in doubt go into safe mode and then do a speed check.. you may be surprised. oh and NEVER use the supplied kit.

If your on ADSL and get slow speeds its due to ADSL being TOTALLY CRAP, the internet should not go through 50 years old phone lines... but if your like me and stuck with it until virgin digs up the road.

I have used NTL cable and now Virgin ADSL and never had any problems that I couldn't fix, (admittedly using some odd methods some times) so customer services is for people with out out any IT skill....

My ADSL gets 6.3Mbits - next door on super expensive BT gets 1 mbit in the evenings as its more profitable for BT to give me the bandwidth and charge Virgin for every mbit I use.

As for the caps, you cant upload that much in a month, so you must be leaching a lot to get through 80GB.


over to the next opinionated twit...

Hampshire copper in bus flash outrage


@ Mark York

Oh my,

Cant wait to see the pictures of some of the other artwork on the back of these buses.

The Winchester (City and surrounding rural areas) should be a good one. Very liberal.

RIAA gets some class


Where can I donate

I want to help get the RIAA wiped out.....

Doubt this case will manage that but well worth a few of my bucks.

NZ parents may lose battle to keep baby '4real'


Bets on the Future of this child

Bet this kid turns out to be deadly serious in all aspects of his life.

In other words a Bean counter..

or changes his name as soon as he legal can.

Six Wiis sold for every PS3 purchased in Japan


How wrong have sony got it?

When Sony say they are in it for the long hall how long do they expect their sales figures to be soooo shoddy in their home market?

As loyalty and geeks do not make for great sales. only inovation and good games result in console sales.

Sex game bloke traps modesty in padlock


Intrigue indeed…

Somebody must have it in for this guy and it must be for a good reason. My logic goes as follows.

1) Locking your own in a padlock is not what most of us considered sensible, even when drunk.

2) Locking it in a padlock which is just the right size, between the lock being large enough to allow escape and too small to lock shut.

3) Then there is the superglue in the lock.

This all leaves me with the conclusion that somebody must have done it to him.

Who ever did this to him, must have premeditated the action by selecting a suitable padlock (implies knowledge of the size of lock needed), then opening it and once its open filling the lock with superglue thus ensuring maximum humiliation when they have to seek help to get it removed. As if your member is stuck in a lock you are hardly going to allow somebody to approach with superglue.

As they haven’t busted the locker of the padlock for there action it suggests that Mr locked cock has done them great wrong he doesn’t want anybody to know, even more than he didn’t want to have to show his manhood to the fire department..

Nintendo Wii widens sales gap with Sony PS3


Wii - something that has been missing for a while.

Looking at the success of Guitar Hero on the PS2 should have pointed out to Sony and the industry in general that any game that’s easy to pick up, fun to play & multiplayer will sell a LOT.

The best Wii games hit this spot on and with the added bonus of making everybody laugh at the ridicules motions that you must do to play – you simply can’t take Wii playing overly seriously, which is why I think it appeals to may more gamers.

I have taken my Wii to many of my friends and EVERYBODY plays. Which is very odd as many of my friends other-halves would never pick up a console controller as the games where too serious and us men have a habit of talking them as such.

Graphic are for PC users who will spend thousands on getting a lot better graphics than the PS3 can ever dream of, with lots of games that take full advantage of this and have been using displays, that everybody seems to have forgotten, are a lot higher res than HD will ever be.

Simply put the Unique selling Points for each are

Wii = Fun

X-box = Serious

PC = Graphics

PS3 = None

A massive OUPS goes out to Sony and vulture sorry venture capitalists are starting to notice.