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BBC, ITV gang up on YouView with 'FreeView Connect'


Re: Love my youview

Lovefilm has never been 'promised'.

TalkTalk's YouView box gets Ab Fab reception


Re: design ?

The interface refers to the software on the box, not the box itself and yes they did have a hand in its design, because they are partners in YouView.

Java won the smartphone wars (and nobody noticed)


"the market doesn’t seem care about call quality or battery life"

I care very much about battery life, its just the phone producers seem to think we don't. I would much rather a thicker phone with a great battery than the thinest phone in the world (which is what the all try to do) and have to charge it multiple times a day. I used to have a P800, otherwise known as 'the brick'. It was a massive chunky device, but at least the battery was decent.

Spy under your car bonnet 'worth billions by 2016'


Re: The whole speed "safety" industry is a money making con

Why would you put a speed camera up where most people don't speed? Speed camera's can be a distraction, so sometimes having them in front of a school can be dangerous.

Where I live there is a school just inside a 30 MPH limit where it drops from a 60 and there is a camera. I am sure it was put there because people didn't slow down in time before they got to the school, so that was appropriate (IMO).

The reason those camera's are on the A40 / A23 are, as you said, because people think the speed limit is too slow and SPEED. Your own argument justifies the whole situation.

Sony denies Netflix app to older Bravia smart TVs


Half a story

Netflix have decided to use a different DRM system in the UK to the US. Sony have tried to get it working on older TV's but couldn't. People need to remember that TV's are not computers, even though they are going that way. It's not just a case of installing new software and everything works. I say this as a 2011 Sony Bravia owner and a Netflix user.

Vodafone's network knackered by thieves



I am quite concerned that damage / loss of service at one single location can cause so many problems for a long amount of time (in communication terms anyway). Does the term System Redundancy mean anything to Vodafone?