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Congress: It's not the Glass that's scary - It's the GOOGLE


Sick of whining luddites...

There is a very simple way to avoid all of Google's alleged power: Don't use any of their products. Sure, you'll probably end up giving your data away to others if you don't first learn how to protect yourself, but then you can say you thwarted Google's attempt to take over your world.

Use Google one last time to help yourself. Search for browsing privacy.

Google Glass will SELF-DESTRUCT if flogged on eBay


Re: I'm confused...

Google would have no standing to make such a request unless.....is the agreement the "buyer" signs actually a lease rather than a sale? That would give Google a lot more control over what happens to the product.

Email is so last century


There are times when a new technology, product, or service displaces another one. Some people take the position that IM and its variants are doing this to email. I'm sure they have lots of great arguments.

Let's see, 140 character messages are superior to much higher size limits, right? Nope, that' ain't it. Richness of content? No. RT v. store-n-forward? Not a chance. Privacy? Certainly not.

OK, so zero wooden stakes in the argumentation, but there must be some reason people would try to stuff a live'n'kicking middle-ager into a coffin and pound it shut. Of course there is. They are morons.

Lawyer sues Microsoft rather than slot an SD card into his Surface


it isn't about the idiotic lawyer and his tablet...

it is about gaining class-action status so that he can rape the company with fees

Assange's fate to be revealed at high noon

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tainted bananas?

Yeah, PO Ecuador and they might... well, they could... maybe you won't get anymore bananas?

Stallman: Android evil, Apple and Microsoft worse


"Smelly hippy is right."

Something I heard once...

But not everyone likes GPL terms. They, or anyone, want to use ASF? They are within their rights, all rants aside.

Google SHOCK! Snaps up Motorola phone biz for $12.5bn



Right. Giving licensees added patent portfolio really hurts. Oh, wait, that only hurts Microsoft's attempt to extort from them.

Microsoft vs Google patent ding dong gets stuck on repeat

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I decide?

There isn't enough data to determine whether Google, Microsoft or only the consumer will be shafted in the end, but reading this article did provide adequate evidence to conclude that some who write for the register do so poorly.

Amazon Free Apps start to rile developers


Commenters here must be a lot smarter than developers.

In only a handful of comments people have outlined multiple solutions that would almost completely mitigate Amazon's heavy-handed clauses and revenue-sucking behavior. The Amazon Edition ranks right at the top as it addresses the Amazon biased pricing strategy as well as differentiating versions in Android Market so they don't have to be pulled if the developer wants out of Amazon. Great thinking!


Apple fanboys need not think...and it shows.

Brilliant logic there professor. Maybe take an econ class and start thinking about what the big numbers mean.

Google: The one trick pony learns a second trick


What price control?

Google has exhibited no ability to control prices, little ability to influence prices at all, and no ability to charge consumers for much of anything. Pretty much the opposite end of the spectrum from monopoly.


Fair use doctrine.

No case there.


Article is complete crap.

Too bad about the lack of facts or thinking.

Schmidt explains the Google way to self-erasure

IT Angle

Read the user agreement.

If you don't agree to let Google what it wishes with IT's data, then don't hand what was your data over to them by using the services. What is needed is a law that allows you to retain ownership and control of your data even when you use on-line services..

Google sued over – yes – Android location tracking


30% blame to the 2 twits, 70% to the scumbags, err lawyers.

Not that we needed more proof of the need for tort reform. I can't wait to hear what damage they claim.

What sealed Nokia's fate?


The differentiation is there, btw...

Playing with the Atrix and having tried the Xoom I have to say that Motorola is taking the topic of differentiating seriously. Quite impressive if you've known Motorola since the HT200 days.


He knows...

Look at it from Elop's POV. He's offered a nice package by Nokia to come in and try to do what the investors know needs to be done. It doesn't even matter if it is possible or not. Make the package big enough, the umbrella heavily gilt, and hand him the Don Quixote suit. In three years he's away on his next adventure with plenty to pay for the twins college.

The whole Microsoft plant notion, while amusing, makes little sense unless someone can point out the compelling payoff. Loyalty? Please. He'd barely arrived at Microsoft.

I applaud his divestiture of MSFT but what was he thinking buying NOK? Geez...buy BIDU and AAPL...give the conspiracy nuts something to work with!


Another one of the happy N900 owners, but beautiful? No, Ugly.

Having a 770, an N800 and N810, I was sorely disappointed with the N900. Not the functionality or software mind, just the device itself. If they had put the 3G into the N810 I'd have bought a dozen and passed 'em out at xmas!