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Judge: Apple not liable for dropped, broken iPhone screens


Re: Frackin MORON JUDGE!

Thanks for your vote of support man :)

Kit steals Mac login passwords through FireWire port


simple solution

set up a firmware password and nothing will get by.

The New C++: Lay down your guns, knives, and clubs


"Objective-C is kludge"... really?

"Objective-C is kludge which is only relevant to Apple platforms, thus irrelevant to most application developers. Apple is part of an expensive lifestyle fad and has a limited lifespan, so beware about investing much of your life with them."

Them's mighty strong fightin words.

Just a look by the numbers, ios is more popular than every current game console by the numbers. But being nice I added all of the original numbers to make it a 'fair' fight.

We have the nintendo brand at 602.42 million since 1974; the sony playstation brand at 369.8 million since 1994; the xbox brand at 79 million consoles sold since 2001; then we have apple's ios brand at 193.62 million since 2007!

Or nintendo at 16 million per year; sony at 21 million per year; microsoft at 7.9 million per year; apple at 48 million per year.

So by your logic microsoft shouldn't even be trying with the kinect! They should just shut down their games division because no one likes… um wait exactly how do you judge relevant?

-----(how I came by my numbers)-----

xbox at 24 million


xbox 360 at 55 million


ps3 at 50 million


ps2 at 150 million (includes sell in)


playstation and ps one at 102 million


psp at 67.8 million


wii at 86.01 million


3ds at 3.61 million


ds at 146.42 million


game cube at 21.7 million


N64 at 32.9 million


super nintendo at 49.1 million


nes at 61.91 million


entire gameboy line at 200 million


virtual boy at 0.77 million


all iphone versions 108.62 million


all ipod touch 60 million


all ipad 25 million


Apple, Amazon trademark spat turns surreal


App market

So change the name to app market. Simple solution. Apple started the "app" craze there should be some benefit/reward like first name choice.

Intel debuts '3D transistors' with 22nm chip recipe



When it said 3D I was thinking a cube or sphere. This seems more isometric 3D, no?

Woz snubs Paul Allen, praises pea soup


the truth is

in this day and age you have to use the patent system or you will lose out.

what I took from Wos's opinion is that the system is easy to abuse and people who do and are only about the money suck.

Behind Apple's record sales are signs of desperation

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I enjoyed this post more than the article.

No, iPhone location tracking isn't harmless and here's why


Pay attention...

Like hell we were not told. Maybe you were too busy looking at the distortion field. It was in the keynote when they talked about iOS 4. Two API's, one gets old info, the second gets current info.

Does anyone actually understand how location API's gather the info? To save battery life, when it's convenient, the phone records location data so that apps requesting location don't have to use the GPS all of the time.

My only 'suspicion' is why there is no preference like a history panel with controls for how long it keeps the data.

Steve Jobs vindicated: Google Android is not open

Jobs Halo

repeat a lie...

250 million ipods sold since 2001 means I guess nobody really gives a crap about open or closed, as long as you can get your device to do what ever it is you need it to do.

Sorry to rain on your parade, but being "OPEN" won't save the world or make a product instantly awesome.

Jobs Halo

I seem to recall...

When the iPhone first came out Apple was saying it would be happy to get even 1% of the phone market. Apple has't said that they are in the phone biz to be #1 in handsets sold, but last I checked they have over 50% of smartphone revenue.

"Soon all they will have is the claims of "user experience" and "polish". Both entirely subjective unquantifiable aspects."

The Apple user experience isn't always quantifiable. Thats why they have Apple stores. Unless you've used an Apple product first hand is seems like fluff and BS. Even then they don't exactly show you (unasked) the cool things you can do in OS X (X11, Xcode, Terminal,...).

As for 'who is Steve "h264 is open" Jobs'? He is the person who has captivated and pushed 'tech' geniuses to push art (pixar) and technology to new heights. Apple has plenty or real open source projects http://www.apple.com/opensource/ . Any salesman knows that most consumers couldn't give a crap what makes the computer tick as long as it gets them on Facebook.

"And the self congratulating "Nobody can make a tablet as good or as cheap as Apple" screeching point will be transitory at best."

You're right! That point is already gone. Samsung has the same economies of scale and what do you know? they're releasing tablets at the 499 price point!!! Good luck seeing any other company keeping healthy margins at that price point. Lets be realistic how many massive tech (hardware) companies are there? I wouldn't be surprised if in a few years it will be Apple Samsung (with windows or android) and HP left with significant market share in the tablet market.


Really... Free Market?

And I can't seem to get my groceries at DSW (a shoe store chain). WTF.........

Free market is a la wiki "Advocates of a free market traditionally consider the term to imply that the means of production is under private, not state control."

Last I checked Apple isn't a state institution. They allow anyone to apply to the dev program and sell their wares as long as they are appropriate in Apple's terms, for their store. Apple doesn't stop anyone from posting their own developed code online (cite VLC).

As much as Apple has their distortion field, Google is using "open" as their own. It's convenient for a software developer that makes their revenue from adds to get people 'locked in' to free services that bring in ad revenue. I honestly think they could give a crap about the software as long as people are using their products to get ad revenue. Look at how arcane google search is compared to bing. They saw a new market to bring in ad revenue but as developing software goes, they have a tiny drop in the bucket compared to Microsoft and Apple.

I applaud Microsoft for taking it slow and getting things right the first time around. I have no inclination to use the command-line to tailor my phone experience. When my contract is up I might switch from my iPhone to WP7 because I know that the user experience wasn't thrown together by hackers. I will be surprised the day google has a complete glitch free experience.

rant over.

iPad 2? Let's be kind and call it iPad 1.5

Jobs Halo

the design process.

You would be correct if they kept the same physical specs, but Im pretty sure everything in the new ipad is different from ipad one. This isn't just swapping a cpu and gpu. it redesigning the logic board and processor to fit in faster specs while using less battery (the ipad 2 has a physically smaller battery). If you dont see that redesigning the shell to decrease weight and still fit 10 hours of battery life is a technical challenge than I dont know how to convince you otherwise.

The hype I agree with you is a bit out of proportion, but theres nothing anyone can do about it. Apples a big company and financial reporters have to report on it or they loose big bucks. This isn't a spectacular release, but its an entirely new inside out design.

Antennagate Redux: Consumer Reports condemns Verizon iPhone 4



As anandtech proved that apples antenna design is a two edge sword. You get better reception in bad areas because the antenna is exposed, but it's also easier to obstruct.

I own an iphone and it's the glass that pisses me off not the antenna. The fact that I spent 300 bucks and have to buy a case so it doesn't break or scratch is BS. I love the iphone, but its the materials that they built it out of that sucks. Its too bad I really like the app ecosystem too much to make a switch.

I have seen the new iphone get reception where the 3g couldn't, the fact you need a case so you can call at those locations is trivial. A case is a lot cheaper than a network extender.

Apple vanishes Java from Mac OS X Lion


take a better look

Last I checked windows didn't switch cpu architectures 3 times. Apple (I hope as an investor) is more focused on selling devices to general consumers the ones who don't have crucial software that ran 10 years ago. Take a look at their move away from enterprise servers to home office. I hear that 10.7 will include the server part of the os.

If your geeky enough to find the right emulators you can run any old mac software through emulation.