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Brain-computer interface researchers warn of a 'bleak' cyberpunk future – unless we tread carefully




It appears you're having a thought. Would you like help with that?

Windows 11: What we like and don't like about Microsoft's operating system so far



Thanks to Steam, Proton and Lutris, there isn't even a need to have Windows for gaming anymore. If the SteamDeck takes off, more and more devs might start coding their stuff to be OS neutral, or Linux friendly, making Windows even less of a requirement.

Google fined €500m for not paying French publishers after using their words on web


Re: There are ways

French citizens would still be coverd by EU consumer protections. So unless Google want to pull out of the entire EU, they won't shut off France.

Lenovo says it’s crammed a workstation into a litre of space – less than three cans of beer


Re: The tiny sounds neat...

No, we call them tinnies, but they hold the same as a stubby, or half-size bottle (0.02 chicken's eggs). We also have longnecks (0.0014 grapefruits), the throwdown (0.003 walnuts), and the mighty Darwin Stubby, holding a respectable 0.0003 footballs worth of beer.

Hungover Brits declare full English breakfast the solution to all their ills


How about the multi approach?

6 first, followed by 3 and then washed down with 2.

Germany's competition watchdog to investigate whether Apple's ecosystem damages other businesses


You can't always blame MS for driver issues though. Too many OEMs think they're clever by using undocumented APIs for performance boosts. These undocumented APIs get shut down by Microsoft during a patch, but MS gets the blame instead of the dodgy OEM.

Case in point: Killer Networking. Each Windows update has a 50% chance of breaking the drivers. However, if you delete the Killer branded drivers, and install the generic Atheros drivers, Windows updates have about a 10% chance of breaking the driver.

Windows 11: Meet the new OS, same as the old OS (or close enough)


> "But for some reason every few weeks I have to break my workflow while an enforced reboot is put on me."

Turn off Fast Start in power management. That way your machine actually shuts down when you tell it to, and does a full restart on power up, instead of going into a wanky hibernation mode.

SpaceX spat with Viasat: Rival accused of abusing legislation to halt Elon's Starlink expansion


Re: Viasat

Given that they don't expect there to be any white lorries performing a turn in front of the satellite, I guess Autopilot will be fine.

Deluded medics fail to show Ohio lawmakers that COVID vaccines magnetise patients


Re: Struck off?

Come now. Sometimes the snake oil is so heavily diluted it's basically pure water.

Western Australia rushes out legislation after cops access contact-tracing data to investigate serious crimes


Re: Maybe a sense of proportion is needed

> "The reaction looks to me like political panic rather than a sensible attitude to preservation of life."

Really? They make an app mandatory, the police use it for purposes that people did not agree to, and restricting the loophole used is a "panic move"?

I get that you were in a bad situation, but the outcome of that situation is not for you to demand everyone have mandatory tracking devices on their phones. If you want a feeling of security, take self defence lessons, lobby for more police resources, do something, but do not demand we live in a police state where they can demand "papers please", just because of a few dickwads.

Photographer seeks $12m in copyright damages over claims Capcom ripped off her snaps in Resident Evil 4 art


Re: From reading elsewhere...

Given the way Getty steals other peoples work, and then issues them with a cease and desist, I wouldn't be surprised if Capcom do have a legit license, but their provider didn't.

US govt indicted me because I make privacy tools, says crypto-chat app CEO accused of helping drug smugglers


Re: Know your customer

The US has been classifying cryptography as a weapon in regards to sales or provisioning to "rogue states".

Therefore under both the 2nd, and 4th and 5th amendments, he should have his arse covered.

Apple settles with student after authorized repair workers leaked her naked pics to her Facebook page


Re: Details

So Apple has shown they do nothing about your security and privacy in respect to third party repairs. The most that will happen, if the 3rd party misbehaves often enough, is they will lose their Apple certification.

What does losing your Apple certification mean? You no longer have to send Macs older than 5 years to the landfill, as you are now allowed to repair them how you see fit.

Will an independent repair shop do better? Let's face it, they can't do any fucking worse.


Re: In before . . .

Unless you run a "secure" for-profit carpark, or are police. In which case it seems to be perfectly acceptable to blame the victim if their car gets broken into and contents stolen.


US slaps tariffs on countries that hit Big Tech with digital services taxes ... then pauses them immediately


Re: About bl**dy time

We make it nice and simple.

No tax write-offs. Ever.

If your company is unable to make the necessary profits in order to offset the losses, then the tax-payer should not have to make up the difference. That's the shareholders responsibility.

You were supposed to be watching him. Letters from SEC claim Tesla breached deal to police Elon Musk's tweets


Halt all trading on Tesa shares.

It's the quck, and easy fix to this problem. Next time Musk tweets and breaks the rules, put a 30 day trading halt on Tesla. Then 60 days. Then 120.

He'll either get the hint, or go broke. Either way, it'll shut him up.

Big Tech has a big problem with Florida passing a law that protects politicians from web moderation


Re: Not quite.

Then those companies are acting under the very exact "anti-gay wedding cake" laws that the Republicans fought long and hard to introduce.

Now that those very same laws are being used against them, legally, the Republicans are crying foul and trying to introduce more legislation to "even the playing field". The simplest solution would be for all of the services affected, to stop servicing Florida.

US Patent Office to take only DOCX in future – or PDFs if you pay extra


Re: "Plain. Damned. Text.."

You do realise computers predate cars, right?

ASUS baffles customer by telling them thermal pad thickness is proprietary


Re: what a pile of drivel

> Stick to the known brands like Parker , Laird , Loctite. The good stuff is around 3 to 4 watt metre-kelvin and around 250$ per kg. So a 10 grams tube should be about 2.5$. Some of the fancy-pants stuff ( which is nothing but repackaged of the above. There's ain't that many companies that make this stuff) sells for 10 times that price !

Laird TPutty 508: 3.7 W/mk

Arctic MX-4 : 8.5 W/mk

Grizley Kryonaut: 12.5 W/mk

So yeah, we could go for the cheap stuff that you use, or we could go along and get stuff with better thermal transfer properties. So for something that most of us will only do once, it's worth spending that bit extra, especially those of us who live in countries that have 40+ degree celcius summers.

Activist millionaires protest outside Jeff Bezos' homes to support tax rises for the rich


Re: the rich being richer than them.

>> "I would be happy to pay more in tax (to a degree). What I would not be happy with is paying more than people in a similar position to myself."

> So your not happy to pay more tax. Otherwise you would be willing regardless of others. This noble societal cause. If your happy to go on then. If not thats also your choice, and its your choice.

Or maybe he would be perfectly happy paying more tax, if he knew it would go to worthy causes, like infrastructure, and social services, instead of going to the military so they can make you deaderer 0.5 seconds quicker, or to the police, so they can make you deaderer quicker, or into a billionaires fucking bank account.

Ex-Apple marketing bigwig tells Epic judge: Our revenue-sharing model is designed to stop money laundering


Re: The usual doom and gloom FUD

> 'Our revenue-sharing model is designed to stop money laundering'

Funny hw it's designed to prevent money laundering, yet Apple gift cards still seem to be a preferred payment method for scammers.


Hold up

> "Schiller also pointed to the expense of running WWDC, its annual developer jamboree, which he said costs $50m annually to run."

Taxing everyone who uses the app store 30% in order to subsidise an event that Apple intentionally loses money on? Surely then, the simple answer is have the WWDC tickets cost the appropriate amount in order to cover their costs. As they say, let the market decide if it's worth attending the event.

Microsoft says Outlook hit by 'email visibility issues' – as in, they're blank


Full Online Reinstall fixes it.

As per title, a full online reinstall will fix the issue, but it banjaxes the user account, forcing them to sign back in to reactivate it. Not the best solution, but par for the course for Microsoft.

University duo thought it would be cool to sneak bad code into Linux as an experiment. Of course, it absolutely backfired


Re: Au contraire

By publishing the details of the contributions (and thus dates), they have effectively given evidence of maleficence, thus any corporation who had downtime could essentially have a field day.

Hell, any dodgy corporation that didn't have downtime could simply fire off a threatening letter in the hopes of a quiet settlement.

Watchdog thinks Google tricked Australians into giving up data, sues. Judge semi-agrees


Re: what amount of trouble was reasonable for users to undergo to protect their data

You forgot about all those lonely, single mums in my area. How will they know where I am if I don't share my data?

Patent battle over Facebook Live and 'walkie talkie' tech rattles through High Court in London


They learnt from Apple

Take an existing patent, whack "on a phone" at the end of it, and hey presto, "new" tech.

'Tech troll' sues EFF to silence 'Stupid Patent of the Month' blog. Now the EFF sues back


> The alleged crime happened in the US, by a US organisation and no doubt US citizens. The Australian court has no jurisdiction in the US and no way to enforce its ruling except by blocking all EFF IPs and disappearing the EFF from Australia's version of the internet.

Now, if only the US was capable of applying the same logic to itself. United States v. Scheinberg ringing any bells?

Huge if true: If you show people articles saying that Firefox is faster than Chrome, they'll believe it


Work as a backroom gnome in a small tech shop for a week. IE is alive and well, on every single machine that comes in from old farts complaining "they've been hacked".

Microsoft promises end-to-end encrypted Teams calls for some, invites you to go passwordless with Azure AD


Re: Replacing my passwords...

That's why you don't use your finger.


HP loses attempt to deny colossal commission to star sales staffer


The techs got screwed over just as much

I also used to work for a large copier/printer organisation, who had incentives like "whoever sells most of model X376 gets a Ducati". So they would sell X376's to companies that needed something smaller, or much mor powerful. The techs would then get the blame because the printers would perform to spec, and not to what the sales droid promised.

Recovery time objective missed by four weeks, but Parler is back online


Re: Who's the audience?

You mean like what right wing media has been doing all these years? Refusing to air facts that oppose their viewpoints, and having paid opinion pieces masquerading as "news".

Besides, January 6th showed everyone around the world how much the right wing favours aggressive cancel culture.

Drag Autonomy founder's 'fraudulent guns' and 'grasping claws' to the US for a criminal trial, thunders barrister


Re: Way to go!

In this case, weren't the grasping claws on the US hands? After all, HP only seems to absorb other companies, rather than innovating these days.

'Best tech employer of the year' threatened trainee with £15k penalty fee for quitting to look after his sick mum


Re: "top business and technology professionals"

Then act all double shocked when the people you fired turn out to be the only ones who know how the system works, and will only come back at their previous rate.

Apple on the hook for another $503m in decade-long VirnetX patent rip-off legal marathon


Re: Multichoice

He only takes the d, he doesn't give it out.

Brit accused of spying on 772 people via webcam CCTV software tells court he'd end his life if extradited to US


Re: Team America: World Police

Except she never qualified for D.I. in the first place, and any possible right to D.I. she did have, expired when she fled the country.

American exceptionalism has to end.

Besides, would it not be a gross violation of his human rights to send him to Nurglite Central?

5 months later, 37.7% of Windows 10 PCs are running the May 2020 Update... Wait, people are still on 1809?


Re: Names and numbers

I'm just waiting for the conspiracy theory nuts to look at the patch name, then draw a very thin line to the naming conventions of flu strains, then draw another very thin line to Bill Gates, and dribble some bat-shit insane sproutings on a blog somewhere, to be picked up by QAnon.

Let’s check in with that 30,000-job $10bn Trump-Foxconn Wisconsin plant. Wow, way worse than we'd imagined


Re: El Reg becoming political now ?

After we have driven a stake through his heart, filled his veins with holy water, and shoved a bulb of garlic in his mouth.

Intel celebrates security of Ice Lake Xeon processors, so far impervious to any threat due to their unavailability


Re: "PRF relies on an FPGA as the platform root of trust"

But "Bob" from "The Microsoft" told me that was a virus!!!111one!

Elizabeth Holmes' plan to avoid her Theranos fraud trial worked out about as well as her useless blood-testing machines


Re: Personal wealth?

> Meh Trump, had failures in life and look how he turned out.

Racist, misogynistic, deranged, and willing to destroy a country to avoid criminal charges?

Help! My printer won't print no matter how much I shout at it!


Re: HP

With Epson DFX-8000 and Oki Microline 321 dot matrix printers still churning out stock reports.


Re: HP

Canon's SX, NX, and CX print engines are the reason why HP got their name in printers.

Humans suck so much at beating this pandemic that Microsoft has made an AI to enforce social distancing


So cunning, you could pin a tail on it, and call it a weasel.

Not content with distorting actual reality, Facebook now wants to build a digital layer for the world


Re: must be personally identifiable

With Faecesbook access to all of the image data it has (including pictures of you uploaded by others, even if you do not have a FB/Insta presence), one could argue that their public harvesting of data, especially your very identifiable face, is an infringement under the GDPR.

Given their history of abusing personal data, why should we give them the benefit of the doubt to start with?

Research into deflecting potentially world-destroying asteroids is apparently not a 'national priority' for the UK


Re: People. We can't stop an asteroid, ok? We just can't. Deal with it ;)

Yeah, Bruce Willis is getting on a bit, so we need a backup plan.

Facebook fires sueball at 'malicious' app SDK makers, accuses them of gobbling up people's personal information


Re: Oh look, there it is again:

Pages and pages worth, and only one of them got it right that I saw.


iFixit horses around with Galaxy Note 20 Ultra 5G to discover glue in abundance


Re: Problem? What problem?

>> "Why, the battery will surely last a year".

Maybe not. Samsung have been known to occasionally cut the fuse too short.

Australian regulator slams Google ‘misinformation’ in pay-for-news-fight


Pot, meet Kettle

"Rupert Murdoch’s The Australian has accused the company of interfering in local politics...."

We're suing Google for harvesting our personal info even though we opted out of Chrome sync – netizens


Some SJW probably lost their uncle in 'Nam, while they were drunk and negotiating a minefield on a pogostick.


Re: That whole "don't be evil" thing became vestigial in 2018 ...

> "Is there an evidence-based privacy recipe book?"


Twitter admits 130 A-lister accounts compromised to promote Bitcoin scam after 'social engineering' attack


Grand Exchange Doublers

Anyone who has played more than 30 minutes of Runescape would have known not not fall for this.


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