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Go SMS Pro



I've used Handcent, then switched to Chomp. Have been keeping an eye on GO SMS but since switching to the MIUI ROM, am more than happy with their own SMS application (in fact, several of the MIUI apps are best in class for Android)

iPad 2 launch could be delayed by two months, analyst says


Other tablets

I would agree that nothing on the market today is any better than the iPad. Arguably the Galaxy Tab is about as good for about the same price but hasn't captured the imagination (or the sales). However, the tablet scene will change in the following few months as devices with significantly more power at significantly more cost (LG Optimus Tab), jostle with those that have interesting USP's (the eee pad range, Windows 7 slates and so on) or a vast range of cheap and cheerful Android-based tablets.

The only way I can see this heading is a time-condensed version of the smartphone battle (iPhone vs Android) with Apple hype, style and innovation (read 'clever re-packaging') allowing them to charge a small premium to fashionistas, iOS/OSX ecosystem inhabitants and people who just trust Apple to 'get it right' and don't mind paying the extra moolah for the privilege.


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