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Don't always need an extension

You can go to http://getpocket.com/add/ and drag the '+ Pocket' button to your bookmarks bar and it will do the same thing

Spotify dances onto iPad

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Beta is good

The beta version is really good and has gotten rid of nearly everything that was wrong the previous version. Take a look - http://www.theverge.com/2012/4/19/2959606/spotify-android-beta-hands-on



RE: PC/Browser version


Android hackers mull rooted mobe app marketplace


Google Apps

"Google also turns a blind eye to the inclusion of Android Marketplace and other Google apps with the CyanogenMod distribution, though device manufacturers pay for such niceties"

Not exactly, they used to include gapps with CM but Google didn't like that and made them remove it from the ROM so now you have to download the gapps package separately and flash it after CM.

Brits got Kindles for Christmas

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I got a Kobo Touch for christmas, and have to say that it's fantastic. I wasn't sure sure about them a few months ago but after having a good go with mine over the holidays and I am extremely impressed.

CyanogenMod 7.1 brings 24 Android phones into fold

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Working great on my Desire HD, I like the Sense-like 'ring' to unlock or answer calls. If anyone else is on a DHD I suggest getting Lordmod's kernel for CM7, much smoother and better battery life

Dubstep ringtone wins Nokia compo


Dear oh dear

Dubstep is on it's way out of being so popular, and Nokia is pretty late to the party.

It's a shame that this sort of dubstep is even so popular in the first place. This track probably took about 2 days to make and lacks any sort of creativity whatsoever. Sound exactly like the 1000 other ones I have heard in clubs recently. Whereas people like Appleblim and Martyn are making interesting dubstep that doesn't consist of the same beat and the 'wub wub wub' and barely get any play time.

Wi-Fi body wants hotspots to override 3G



Seems like i'm never going to be able to make a dent in my 'all-you-can-eat' data plan if they keep adding wi-fi hotspots everywhere...

Mac Trojan uses Windows backdoor code



Has this started to be distributed around? I'm fairly sure that I put in my password for something that didn't usually need one the other day...... I'm probably just being paranoid

iPad 2 launch could be delayed by two months, analyst says

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Can't be bothered with an iPad, i'm still waiting for the release of their masterpiece, the macbook wheel