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Apple: Yeah, about those ground-breaking privacy features in iOS 14 – don't expect them until next year


Drop the feature completely!

What would be the downsides for the user, if the IDFA would change on every request the app is making for it? The device/app id for features like "You were using this account from these devices" is not necessarily affected by this, on iOS, you can use your application's VendorID instead. though you will not be able to fingerprint across reinstalls of your app, which I consider a feature.

This somehow feels like a discussion about how much crap can be reasonably swallowed by the average customer - What is the benefit of having IDFA at all from my perspective? No, I'm not an advertiser...

Faking incontinence and other ways to scare off tech support scammers


Re: Quick solution

Jolly Roger Telephone

That's the right domain: http://www.jollyrogertelephone.com

YouTube Channel: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC3OxCWLEmoIhNMm-hnvBm9Q

Ouch! Facebook slumps below IPO value on day 2


Re: Whilst I would love to smile ...

I would suggest "hämische Schadenfreude", with hämisch meaning something like vicious. Though I would say that schadenfreude implies the 'bitterly' part. Just my two Pfennige.

German hackers snare wiretap Trojan, accuse gov of writing it...


Good question

Apparently this is an US-American IP, for privacy's sake, you know.

I think I read this in CCCs pdf about the incident, or heard it on the news, it's some big story here in good ol' Germany, if Europe wasn't gonna annihilate itself financially this would be widely covered...

Survey: Most TV viewers surf while they watch


The question was asked online..? Either that or the people I know or Germans in general are rather retarded.

Intel laptop boss to make Ultrabooks context savvy

Big Brother

The title is required and must contain letters and/or digits

Big brother anyone?

Up to $650 for a .xxx domain - or to keep your name off one


Registration not required

I can read the post at worldtrademarkreview without prior registration. YM2C

New top-secret stealth choppers used on bin Laden raid

Black Helicopters

DNA tests

The drones aren't equipped to run DNA tests on the people they killed, they rather blow up their targets. So they couldntmake sure they just killed a bearded guy looking like Osama. Thats what I think at least.

PSN hack triggers lawsuit


title is required

which will be glad to have someone to blame this on...

Why US antitrust regulators should probe Google search


lets try to break that monopoly...

YaCy is an FOSS p2p search engine written in Java(...), that allows decentral access. When I first heard of it I considered it a possibility for us to break Google's neck. Check it out: http://www.yacy.net/

Russia knocks back Soyuz launch


Aria(d)ne - ESA

I am really no expert on this, but I thought since I first heard about the US wrecking their shuttles that it is time to push the European effort on our own space programme. Am i wrong or do we still have no own capsules, only rockets? I think Europe, maybe particularily Germany, where I come from, have lots of knowledge about space aviation and the like... Feel free to correct me...

German Foreign Office kills desktop Linux, hugs Windows XP


Ein Titel wird benötigt und muss Buchstaben und/oder Zahlen beinhalten

"Schlag mit dem Handrücken" is the translation provided by dict.tu-chemnitz.de

But I guess it doesn't carry the meaning of the English word anymore, at least as I understand it...

Maybe "Schlag ins Gesicht" -> "slap in the face" would come close.

Greetings from a German Reg reader