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Review: Pure Jongo S3 multiroom speakers


Re: Alternatives

I am a recent Sonos convert and could not be happier. Great sound and very easy to setup. I also have it linked to my Nas and a media server. On the media server I download podcasts automatically and the Sonos system indexes them overnight so I have all my podcasts to hand too.

But I am bias as I am, as I said, a recent convert.

Dell's PC-on-a-stick landing in July: report


Well I have one like this...


Got mine when Maplin had a special on them for £39.99. It came with the dongle and a little wireless keyboard/pointer.

Not sure if they still do but mine came with Flash pre-installed. I have used it with Netflix with no issue. It is pretty basic but it does work, and is very portable. It does not replace my laptop or tablet though. Wifi range is okay, but the wireless keyboard range is a little limiting and seesm to be about 2.5 metres. (I am a lazy ass, so have to lean forward in my chair to ensure that everything I type gets to the unit).

All in all for 40 quid it has been a fun bit of tech to play with.

Schoolgirl's Hello Kitty catonaut soars to 93,000ft


Awesome - what a spectacular project

Samsung: Never mind Steve Jobs, let's snap off a piece of stylus biz


Have to agree, the SPen is an awesome addition to the tablet (mine is a Note 10.1).

The fine tip and accuracy really makes it useful

Samsung mocks Apple lawsuit in SuperBowl teaser ad


Re: Woosh

And just to illustrate PrivateCitizen's point:

I got myself an ASUS tablet (running Android) in the middle of last year - it is a great, fast device and it has all the apps I need (from the Google App Store). However, I was lucky enough to get to try a Samsung Note 10.1 table (also Android) and loved the USP of the SPen apps.

So I purchased a Samsung Note 10.1 and took all my apps and data with me in one easy move.

If ASUS make a better (in my opinion) tablet later I may switch back. Not great for ASUS or Samsung unless they commit to improving their devices to give me what I want (and in ASUS's case win me back), but it is excellent for me and for consumers in general

Pollster predicts mega UK smart TV sales


Why don't people just add the functionality?

Just got a LG blue ray player with their Smart TV stuff built in. That gets me BBC iPlayer, Lovefilm, Netflix, Blinkbox plus their apps (not sure about those yet) all for less than £60, was pretty much a no brainer as I don't have cable or satellite TV services.

Works well for me, and a lot cheaper then changing my perfectly good 40inch TV for a new one.........

Fans rap Apple's 'crap' Map app


Not an iDevice user anymore but....

I gather the new Maps App turn by turn navigation just directs you left all the time, in some sort of infinite loop.........

Mines the one with the paper Ordnance Survey map in the pocket.

iPhone 5: skinny li'l fella with better display, camera, software


Re: I like the reviews here:

Love it - that is so funny



lol are you being serious? On my desk in my office I have 3 android tablets, 2 iPads, 2 iPhones, and 2 android phones.

These are needed to check applications for cross platform compliance - Unemployed burglar? no just aware of the divergence of the device platforms people are using.......

Personally I limited myself to 1 android phone and one android tablet.

Boffin named Jubb to fire whopping hybrid thruster

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Re: Not the first

> http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Budweiser_Rocket

"although no official authority would recognize this achievement as a record"

"While it has been claimed that the Budweiser Rocket did briefly break the sound barrier, it could not gain any official titles"

"According to witnesses no sonic boom was heard."

"Despite an unauthorized written speed certification by the United States Air Force (USAF), there is much debate over the validity of the claim. The USAF states it "never intended to give official sanction to test results, nor to give the appearance of expressing an official view as to the speed attained by the test vehicle"

Nicely verified speed run then........more holes than my string vest

Jury awards Apple $1bn damages in Samsung patent case


Oh Well no big surprise

American court and jury find for American corporate against johnny foreigner. Is the verdict right? - not sure, I haven't seen all the evidence presented in the case. Does it feel right - well no, it feels like America protecting it's own while crying and having a tantrum when the rest of the world doesn't see it their way......Just my opinion mind.

South Korea bans Apple's AND Samsung's ageing phones, tabs


I will now show my ignorance, so apologises up front.

My thought was that Samsung and the other SEP holders negociated by saying - Hey Samsing, Nokia here, you need my patents and I need yours, lets tally up. Right, You owe me 50c/ we owe you 50c. If that is what happens I can understand the 2.5% of retail cost that Samung is demanding. The conversation goes something like this;

Apple: We want to use your stuff Samsung.

Samsung: Okay Apple what SEP patents do you have we need?

Apple: erm well None...........

Samsing: Ah right, okay so we have nothing to trade on SEP, I guess we will need to charge you the full fee.......

So I guess if Apple had SEP patents it would help them a bit..............

Am I missing something here?

PayPal co-founder sells out of foundering Facebook at VAST profit


Re: Foundering?

or leave and never go back..... as I have...... and a number of my friends and associates......

Facebook is still a leader but I think more people are questioning the price they pay (privacy, advertising etc) for the service they get........

Apple patents shopping lists


Re: I'm getting fed up with the volume of ignorant comments on patents

You should listen to this podcast story from the Drabblecast


Bill Gates: iPad is OK, but what Apple really needs is a SURFACE

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Re: Does anyone care what Bill thinks anymore?

Yes DR were definitely a player back then, My first 8086 PC had DR GEM as the GUI (prior to that it was Z80's with CPM). Everyone seems to forget that one when the GUI wars are discussed. It was okay, but as you say DR never took their competition seriously and suffered because of it. Oh those were the days though, 3 months salary to buy a basic machine with no hard drive, a monochrome monitor and no real software to run on it.... I did get a hard drive eventually - it was 5mb

Acer big cheese: Microsoft Surface sales will be 'superficial'


Re: Well for me its simple

And I have done just that. Picked up my TF300 a week or so back and it is great. Quickoffice HD (bought for my Motorola Zoom so effectively free) covers my mobile word processing and spreadsheet stuff (its basic but ok). LInked to both Dropbox and 8GB of ASUS cloud storage I am sorted. Oh and I have an Alienware laptop through work so serious stuff gets done on that.

How Microsoft think they can sell against a £400 device with a more mature OS, keyboard and swift overall performance I just don't know. Will be interesting to see how Surface and Win 8 on tablets fair. I am not putting any money on them succeeding.

Scots council: 9-yr-old lunch blogger was causing 'distress and harm'


And they U turn

Just caught the end of an Interview on Radio 4 - The World At One, looks like the Council has reversed its ruling

Rovio flies away from Angry Birds for all-new puzzler

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Re: Heath Robinson

Here Hear

Just like a real computer: Android gets Android IDE


Oh I don't know, myself and a number of other hobby robotics developers are using Android to build some interesting stuff using things like IOIO and the Nao robot. May not have made it into the App Store but Android provides a really good platofrm for this type of stuff............

Now I can tweak my robotics apps on the go - that is just really really useful.

Wake up, small biz: Learn to speak internet


Lets be honest......

This relates very well to B2C (Business to consumer (customer/client) but is less applicable to B2B businesses. I would love to see one of my clients with a £250k+ budget go trawling Google for a company they have never heard of, to provide a business critical solution. Mind you I do run a boutique business...........

Google's whack-a-mole Marketplace cleans house again


You're right....

openness has a price and that price is vigilance. It is a pressure and I agree that it doesn't work for people unless they choose to be actively engaged. For those that do not an iPhone is an excellent choice.

However, regardless of device you will be hard pressed to find anyone I know who trusts a mobile platform enough to keep their banking details on it. Lets face it, phones and tablets are the devices that get lost most frequently. A member of my own family lost their phone just last week. Good job all finance details on that device refere to a prepay credit card that never has more than £30 on it.

Fresh Apple lawsuits target 15 Samsung gadgets


Well at least we know why Apple products have 'Premium' pricing..... those lawyers cost loads

Apple wins skirmish in HTC-Google patent war


"And yeah, Apple also pays royalties on some patents to others."

And one of the long ongoing battles that has allowed the Dutch court to intervene and Motorola to get an injunction against them is their refusal to pay patent licenses in an internationally agreed way.


Quote from Dutch Court article on Samsungs claim for FRAND license agreement with Apple and Apples refusal to sign.

"And the court in the Hague backed up the general view on FRAND issues, that if a company wants to use a patent from an essential standard, it's open to being licensed. The ruling therefore ordered the two companies to negotiate such an agreement."


I'll tell you how we all suffer, regardless of device manufacturer.

These law suits cost money. HTC,Apple,Goggle et al do not fund these out of their own personal pool of money, they fund it out of the money they make selling you, me and everyone else a device. So the price we all pay is a combination of manufacturing costs, marketing etc costs, profit margin and contribution to the 'oh we will probably get sued we had better cover that too fund' costs.

The only option a manufacturer has in this day and age with the distorted patent system is to build a device that only has features they know they own/have licensed.

So we either pay the additional fees to fund their legal actions, or accept that the device market will stagnate.

And seeing as you mentioned legality try this one http://www.theregister.co.uk/2011/11/02/apple_loses/ - A big corp trying to crush a small inovator. Lets be honest all the device manufacturers are as bad as one another.


@GitMeMyShootinIrons - I just add to add my support to your statement: I am a happy Android user and am very gald you enjoy your iPhone. Everyone should be able to choose the device they want to meet their own needs.

As you say the only people suffering here is us, the consumers, and we suffer in multiple ways. Firstly, these silly rulings reduce our choice in devices, secondly they stifle new features and innovation but most importantly they cost us, the consumer, our money!!! We are the people funding these stupid court cases.

Cops target climate-sceptic bloggers in three countries


"climate-sceptic bloggers"

There are on to a loser. Whether you believe in climate change or not there is definately a climate........

Android malware victims offered free WinPhones by MS



in my best Mick-roSoft Voice, "No please come to us - we don't have malware (yet) - but do be careful what text messages you receive, ok?"

Huge fail on MS's part - lets highlight someone elses issue just as a major exploit is found on our own OS.

Boffing boffins create 3D map of orgasmic female brain


I feel sorry.....

for the poor ladies involved. This could have serious ramifications for them. They may now only be able to achieve erm satisfaction when embraced by a huge electro magnetic field. If those machines are as noisey as they appear on telly the neighbours will definatley be banging on the wall.

Microsoft tempts with WinPho demo on... iPhone


Thanks MS

at least I know what to avoid now!


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And it just works

Been using it for a while now on both my HTC and my Xoom and I just had to add, IT JUST WORKS. Know it sounds stupid but after trying so many apps and having erm 'issues' K-9 has been a breath of fresh air.

UK shamed in high-speed broadband study


Yea Up

I remember 300 baud, and then1200/75 (Prestel) . 9600 was sheer bliss. Of course that was after I had eaten a handful of cold poison for breakfast and work'd down mill for 75 hours a day.

Tell the smartphone enabled kids that these days and they just don't believe ya!!!

Apple to Oz court: ‘Our products are lame, really’


I did the Apple thing with an iPad. Didn't like it and changed to an Android tablet. I did have paid apps on my iPad but have to confess I didn't consider the lose of them when changing devices. I just needed/wanted a device that worked for me.

Schoolkids learn coding at GCSE level in curriculum trial

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Brilliant idea, let's just hope that it is deliver a bit better than current ITCS courses in schools.

Pre-paid Chinese users still anonymous despite new law



Firstly I am no campaigner for anonymity, but I do understand where some of the campaigners are coming from.

I guess if you totally trust the people who have your information now, and who will have it in the future, then you are ok. But if they decide to do 'no good' do you want to be on the recieving end due?

Now that said, I am a prepay customer so they have all my data anyway.

Apple wins (another) Samsung Android injunction in EU


I just rememeber when

Apple and Microsoft played silly buggers over mouse driven GUI interfaces. Xerox kicked in and said behave or we will sue the Sh1t out of you both. They behaved.

Please let there be a 'Xerox' in this field too. It is needed to ensure the consumer is protected from the anal antics of the major players

Here lies /^v.+b$/i


you inspired me.....

from lifeafterdeath import paradise

HP murders webOS tablets, phones



If it is who I think it is they are a knowledge management company that was originally started in the UK.,a good number of years back (in the mid 1990's I think). Within the last 6 months or so aquired Interwoven, the owners of the Worksite(formerly iManage) Document Management Platform, as well as their own range of CMS and Marketing delivery systems. I think they are primarily software but this all from memory so I stand to be corrected where wrong.

Apple blocks sale of Samsung's Android fondleslab across EU



Having ownered and used an iPad for 9 months and then getting a Motorola Xoom, I would say that the Xoom and a lot of the other higher end tablets are definiately competition. I have now sold my iPad and replaced it completely with my Xoom. I am, personally, much happier with my Xoom, but appreciate everyones requirements differ.


How scared

are Apple of competition? Do they have such little faith in their own product?

Dunkin' Donuts waitress offers additional dunkin'


Hmmm Cops and Donuts

I wonder if she would have got away with it if she had worked at a health food outlet.......

Scareware scammers now phishing for punters


I guess we get....

a bit complacent when we work in the industry, or have a keen interest in computing etc., but I am still amazed that in this day and age these types of phishing/scamming attacks are worth running.

Obviously, they are or they wouldn't still be around and I guess all of us 'in the know' need to make sure we spread the word to our less informed/ technically savvy friends.......

Beeb flogs Doctor Who episodes via Facebook


And some old episodes are

also available on Blinkbox, for free too (http://www.blinkbox.com/TV/Series/343/Doctor-Who-The-Classic-Series). There are some of the very early ones too, even before my time lol

Apple users complain over MobileMe 'censorware'


If you choose to live in a walled garden.....

I guess you have to accept that the Gardener is in control of what plant food you get, and if you get pruned. Glad I grow on common land.

Google confirms US antitrust probe


Ok lets be honest......

Most people use Google because Google gives the best results for their requirements. My girlfriend was very late to the internet (in the last 3 years), she loves Google because it does what she wants. I have shown her Bing and others but she always goes back to Google.

Back in the day (well the early days of the internet, pre Goggle), we (me and my friends) all used altavista. It was good, it did what we wanted. It was usurped by Google, why? Because of lots of reasons but mainy because (right or wrong) we all preceived Google as better.

This whole investigation sounds like sour grapes to me. Want to beat Google? Then offer us, the users, a better service..........

Apple pulls app after dev publishes users' PINs



I also thought the Apple process would have been able to find code that sent data off the device especially something like a pin code, even if it is only used by the app. I thought that was the point of the App approval process and the walled garden. Guess I will stick to my Android, at least I know it is insecure and I don't have a false sense of security.

Intel invests in 'personal robot' future


As a Nao Developer

I can only say that this is great news.

When I say Nao developer I don't work for Aldebaran but am part of their external Developer's Program. (http://developer.aldebaran-robotics.com/) So there is already a bunch of people working on developing robotic applications for Nao from simple games to email clients. It's a lot of fun, and the rise fo the personal robot is not that far away............

'Dodgy Android apps are breaking our phones' - Motorola


So true

I have had multiple Android handsets and have had no issue. Currently I run a Hero, An HTC Desire and Xoom. We have multiple Android devices in addition to these (they are just my personal one) and again, no issues. Occasionally you get a rogue app but they are not that difficult to identify. Hmmmm I installed xxxxx yesterday and today my battery only lasts 8 hours? I wonder what could be causing that !!!!!!!!!!

(explosion to signify the light of reason exploding into the mind of logic)

Nokia: When pigeons fly home to roast



All my nieces and nephews (I am not a parent) who are between 17 and 25, have traded their iPhones and Android devices for Blackberries, as have most of their friends. I certainly know one of my nieces, some time ago, changed her phone to that phone on 'The Hills' (I think that was the show) - which was a Blackberry.

Interesting......... because I believe it shows that there are as many preferences as their are devices out there. The problem for Nokia is my girlfriend, who has an 8 year old Nokia and won't change it because it works. Nokia will get no business from her until that phone totally dies, by which time I am not sure Nokia will be about..........

Motorola Xoom



I have just replaced my iPad with a Xoom and I am very happy. I am a bit of a geek though and have been developing with Android since 1.5. The Xoom does everything I used my iPad for and for me, personally, I prefer the Android interface and approach, primarily the easy use of widgets and the multiple appstores approach.

I think the important thing is to find a device that works for you. The Xoom does for me, but hey if an iPad works better for you 'go for it'

Insurance firm pushes out iPhone app that rates driving ability


Well you almost have it with......

Android. The app of the week on the Reg recently was the W**K-O-Meter.........inc girlfriend trainer mode lmao