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Can Liam Fox break the power of British Army, Navy, RAF chiefs?


Who gets their corner offices?

It seems to me this is not really solving the problem. I agree the idea of getting the services to work closer together is long overdue (and a lesson to learn all over Whitehall), but putting the operational command under a single 4-star officer, will lead to the same self-serving they currently have. Not to mention an RAF officer commanding an amphibious landing, or RN chap telling the army how to run a land operation. Who's going to tell them to play nice?

The only winner in this is the mandarin with the cheshire cat grin, who gets the big office they've been eyeing up for ages!

Coat - for the chiefs long walk!

US Navy to field full-on robot war-jets as soon as 2018


Title does not compute

Just because no one else has used it yet....

...Mine's the welcome mat with the built-in arrestor wire and ATV-derived automated landing system.

Facebook telly app wins £60k from Samsung


Patent this!

I think you've got yourself a cracking idea for the next round of TV apps. True Interactive TV - when a friend "likes" a TV show and it pops up on your screen, ruining your peace and quiet, you get the chance to send a response in the form of a hand that comes out of the TV and slaps them across the face with an appropriate accompanying message.

Other voices come as payable extras!


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