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Huawei gets charged with juicy Android handset

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2012 will be the year android phones becomes correctly priced.

People were hoping that android phones would storm the market, but all that happened was a slew of over priced phones with near enough the same specs, lower screen resolutions and prices that matched the iPhone.

Really these phones should be plowing the market up with cheap affordable phones with the specs that are required at anything from one third of the price of a iPhone and upwards.

Getting realistic a phone has a life expectancy of around 1 year, over manufacturing is pushing up the price, people buy a phone that they expect 1-3 years out of, but end up updating after one year as the phone can no longer run all the latest stuff.

Hopefully huwai, zte and the rest can bring these prices down, they may not have the life expectancy of a htc or iPhone, but you know were you stand when after one to two years if your phone is still functional its a bonus. Dropping the prices down is going to open up the real trend of updating your phone every year at an affordable price.

Apple, Amazon trademark spat turns surreal


If appstore meant apple store, then why do they have a itunes store icon....

This whole thing falls flat on its face...

On the phone you have two apps:-

"App Store"


This is a clear definition of 2 separate stores, one for songs, etc. The other one purely for applications.

By there own admission the quote goes "Apple further admits that its CEO, Steve Jobs, in October 2010 called the APP STORE service 'the easiest-to-use largest app store in the world, preloaded on every iPhone'.", this seems to be a open statement and agreement that the term APP STORE is generic, which is now being retracted as it doesn't fall into what they want to do now.

The trademark should not have been permitted in the first place in my opinion.

Motorola Xoom


Brand Name

One of the big issues here is brand name, and since the iPad is now the recognised leader in tablets, along with its brand name "APPLE", you are more than just buying a tablet but your buying the name that goes with it.

Now all these other devices may be better or worse than the iPad, that is not the problem, the main problem is the price. Apple has set the benchmark for the tablet, like it or hate it, Apple is the recognised Premium name for a tablet, and you are paying for it.

Now come the tablets that want to compete, they dont have the premium name, and no matter what hardware they throw at it they will fall short of the recognised premium name for tablets.

Would you pay more for a copy of a Jaguar car than an original Jaguar, no matter how many bells and whistles it had, considering its made by Ford. I know not a perfect analogy but you get the point.

Fierce tablet fight to be rough for Apple's rivals


Demand vs Common Sense

The main problem is that there is demand for these devices, the problem is they are either under spec'd over spec'd and the price for both are way off the mark.

The only one that is on the honey spot so far is the Asus Transformer with the keyboard at 429 pounds.

People are not going to pay over the top for either under or over spec'd devices, the consumer is much more savvy with there money especially in todays market place.

Even if there is high demand, people are not going to pay over the top for any Apple alternative with the benchmark sat on a nice 399pound margin. No matter if it has that little bit extra than a iPad.

Apple are well known for having the expensive hardware and that your buying into that prestige as mentioned in the post above. Any company trying to compete with this is bound to fail, especially on there first gen tablets.

No matter what sort of spin they are going to provide, unless its cost effective to the consumer its bound to fail.

Is iPhone data collection legal?


Collection who, what and where..

I think the main argument here is allowing access to this data for use by agreed parties.

Forcing people to accept a agreement or your not allowed to update your software is an unfair practice.

Next people dont mind sharing data as long as they permit those parties to actually collect that information from them.

For example using software to track you phone in case its lost or stolen is for your purpose only, and you permit that company to hold your data, but not using it for there financial gain.

I may wish to share my geo data with friends and family and such, but again this is not to be distributed to others, only the people I say can see my data.

Personal data is to easy to access, and most companies gain the rights to your data as soon as you agree to this or that, and the secondary use of the data is for the app that you want to use it with.

I really agree that new legislation needs to be brought in as to who can hold your data, and whether since they hold it are they permitted to use it for other purposes. Fair enough you allow them to collect data, but this collection is for your use not theirs.

Apple to dominate tablet biz through 2015


Cost and value for money

There are many points for someone looking for a tablet, I believe they come in the following order.


Battery Life

Applications available

Now I know some people may disagree with this, but atm the iPad is the winner, even if a tablet that does the first two points the same as the iPad, they will fail on the last step being applications available.

This point is purely down to the devs out there, a lot of these will be wanting to design games and apps for them, but they see no real revenue from such a small market place.

In my experience people buy the iPad for the mass of free stuff available for it, then in time start to buy applications. And being there such a lot of free stuff (even if its not good) people feel they are getting much more than they actually are.

Until the other manufacturers can at least offer the same for the same price, no one is going to spend more on a tablet (399) with a poor market place to buy things from (free more than paid).

Apple to Microsoft: 'App Store name is not generic'



"concludes that 'the predominant usage of the term APP STORE is as a proper noun to refer to Apple's online application marketplace.'

Should not that have read

"concludes that 'the predominant usage of the term APP STORE is as a proper noun to refer to a online application marketplace.'

Doctor showing any bias there methinks.

Online application stores, or abbreviations based around the use of APPSTORE has been around for many many years, its not as if apple coined the phrase, more likely they were the ones it was most recognised with.

Again why not Trade mark the APPLE STORE as this would not cause confusion, when you say appstore, are you talking about the generic areas of web sites that sell applications or are you talking purely Apple.

Memo to iPad mimics: No one wants a $799 knockoff


its not a pc or a laptop

working in a very apple encentric job i can confirm that most people buying the ipad are buying it thinking it is mucj more than it actually is.

I can honestly say upto 50% of the people I speak with are disappointed in the ability of the device.

Flash, a mobile browser, and the way that setting up mail on the wifi 3g versions are just messed up, works on wifi fails on 3g, works on 3g fails on wifi.

Overall most people will not actually complain and look the fool when they realise it isnt a laptop.

These devices are way over priced and need to be at least halved. They are just glorified netbooks locked into the apple garden.

Pads will take off when :-

1 - they are as powerful as a current laptop (then you can justify the price at around 500-600 euros)

2 - they are recognised for what they are, glorified netbooks, that should be priced around 200-300 euros.

How many people are outwardly going to say they spent 800 euros on a ipad to find out it doesnt do what they thought it would........ Hense the lack of bad comments methinks.

Apple 'greed' tax spreads beyond music, movies, magazines


Who will be seen as the bad boy, apple or the dev.

Just imagine what would happen if angry birds decided that the iPhone platform wasnt worth it anymore, and it suddenly became a WP7 and Android only supported game.

Would the cst be shouting at apple or would they be shouting at the developer.


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