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Zoom goes boom, Teams tears at seams: Technology stumbles at the first hurdle for this homeworking malarkey


Working from home

Where I work we have a work at home policy that allows all staff to work from home 1 day a week, we use Google meet and slack for our Comms. Of all the meeting systems I have been subjected too, Google is by far the most reliable and quickest to get running.

What if everyone just said 'Nah' to tracking?


activating tin-foil hat

I have found no-script and Ghostery to be very good for blocking 99.99% of tracking, I have no-script setup to block javascript, objects and media by default.

When at home I also use pi-hole.

that works so well the EFF fingerprinting site doesn't even run - https://panopticlick.eff.org/tracker-nojs

No, Apple. A 4G Watch is a really bad idea


My Pebble

So I have read all the comments and seen little on the pebble, it's not a very pretty watch. But does the main job of being a watch very well!

It has a colour e-ink display, so I can see the time without having to turn on any light. That also means it runs for about 4 may 5 days on a charge.

The smart stuff is what I wanted, I like being able to read notification without having to get my phone out. Or shaking my wrist or anything. I can then dismiss notifications on both watch and phone or just the watch!

So if Apple wants to make a better watch, they should look at an e-ink display! That what I want in my pebble replacement!

Internet issues again


Internet issues again

Seems BT might be having issues again, can anyone else confirm?

Plusnet seems ok at the moment

BT broadband is down: Former state monopoly goes TITSUP UK-wide


Plusnet working

I'm on planet in Wiltshire, have had rdp going all afternoon.

Planet user tools does shows a big issue http://usertools.plus.net/exchanges/mso.php

C For Hell: Data centre meltdown for irate customers as C4L GOES TITSUP


C4L customer

I wouldn't mind the odd issue, but C4L have had issues for the last 6 months. Some only 5 - 10 minutes, others like this hours.

Norton blocks Facebook as 'phishing site'


Yes Facebook is a fraudulent web page

Really, who on this earth has 600 friends?

I think Symantec should have left the update in place, yes before you say it. I'm not on facebook or have 600 friends.

Netgear XAV5001 500Mb/s powerline Ethernet adaptor

Thumb Up

happy power networking

So I have been using power networking for about 3 years, I started to use it to get broadband to a second floor with out the cabling mess.

It seems that power networking is not getting the development that I think it should, as it is a great way to get networking to parts not covered by WiFi or having to lay miles of cable. But it is good to see that this are moving :)

Egyptian bloke dubs sprog 'Facebook'


With her Brother....

So will her sibling be called twitter?