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Sure, we made your Wi-Fi routers phone home with telemetry, says Ubiquiti. What of it?

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Working firewall?

Do you trust folk like this for your security? This a scant 4 years past apparently.


Traffic lights worldwide set to change after Swedish engineer saw red over getting a ticket

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You'll all be walking soon.

Cars will be banned as they are in areas now. You will be biking, motorbiking, scootering or walking/jogging - but you'll not be allowed an auto unless you are a billionaire or a filthy politician. They can take full stable of motor vehicles (in their private aircraft) on tours of other nations as they browbeat the citizens there about climate change and GW.

It's all theatre now init?

US govt watchdog barks at FAA over 737 Max inspectors' lack of qualifications

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Swift justice would cure the problem.

That is, the corporate officials would be tried for murder/manslaughter within 30 days of the event and then hanged on public scaffolds. Unfortunately, the pols and judges have interfered with justice by declaring that a Corporation is a person. Since a noose cannot be fitted around the neck of a corporation, the idiocy and perversion of such legal distortion is obvious.

The alternate realistically is to never fly as passengers on the aircraft no matter what resolution is reached.. Also, one can compare the aircraft manufacturers ratings statistically and readily see that the FLE ratio (full Loss Equivalent) for Boeing are outrageously high compared to Airbus and others, with the exception of the Fokker F28.

So, inept pilots or inept engineering, Boeing is the leader for being the leader in the FLE stats. The crash rate per million miles for the Boeing 737 MAX - all models - is 3.08 per million - an industry leader except for the Concorde.


Parts sourced from the PRC - especially circuit boards? If Hauwei is bad - what of all the Chinese crap?

US senators green-light recruitment of crack infosec teams, both public and private

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See if I have this correct -

DHS is going to hire some puddinheads to catch the NSA spooks, FBI spooks, CIA spooks and Mossad spooks "in the act"? Obviously, they'll intercept the MI5/6 spooks also. This new agency, aptly labeled Agentur Spione abzufangen, or ASA will doubtless be a magnificent success given the performance of its sister agency the TSA. Preference will be given to those who have experience employing gucklochtechnik.

The D in Systemd is for Directories: Poettering says his creation will phone /home in future

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"or does this fartknocker think this is what is stopping linux on the desktop??,"

The fartknocker is a RedHat furst, whose CEO declared years ago that the Linux desktop was "dead". Anything the fartknocker comes up with at RedHat is for servers. Of course, RedHat is now International Bowel Movement.

According to that "truthful" fount wikipedia, Poettering has complained that Torvalds is too brutally abusive with language, lacking sensitivity. He must have been very pleased when Torvalds was forced to apologize for his masculine tendencies whilst wearing a tutu, and then put in "rehab".

Another source is here https://www.zdnet.com/article/lennart-poetterings-linus-torvalds-rant/

One can use Devuan or Slackware or go BSD. No tutus required.

Vulture Central team welcomed to our new nest by crashed Ubuntu that's 3 years out of date

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Re: Fedora? Try Linux Mint XFCE...

Fedora - Mint Whatever - all systemd - fsckd by RedHat, now International Bowel Movement, that old Nazi appeaser gang who provided computers (such as they were) to the Nazis.

And, the chap to whom you addressed the reply said "administered", not "mouse-clicked".

13 up-votes for "don''t have to learn nuttin".

Toodle-oo Raijin and g'day Gadi, you beauty! Australia's fastest super 'puter will bench 38 PFLOPS later this year

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Now, armed with a Super-super computer,

the OZ folk can rapidly search the national land registry records and find out that they are owned by the PRC.

Pre-checked cookie boxes don't count as valid consent, says adviser to top EU court

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If someone slips Juncker a bottle of vodka (or two)

all will be well. He is the norm for the EU, is he not?

Q&A: Crypto-guru Bruce Schneier on teaching tech to lawmakers, plus privacy failures – and a call to techies to act

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Pols needn't know anything.

They are whores and are told how to vote - and do vote as they are instructed. Staff write the legislation, oft times several years in advance.

If they displease, their pay stops. If they really piss someone off, their plane crashes.

Kaspersky Lab's move from Russia to Switzerland fails to save it from Dutch oven

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Re: "Countries such as Europe, North America and Australia."

Pretty good for the likes of the Vulture.

NUC, NUC! Who's there? Intel, warning you to kill a buggy keyboard app

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It's Intel.

What did you expect? Keep buying their garbage, there's a good lad.

Judge says US govt has 'no right to rummage' through anti-Trump protest website logs

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Shell Game!

The NSA just gets the data - and fsck you. Why ask?

Nadella says senior management pay now linked to improving gender diversity

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At least the little Aryan

isn't pushing "free" vaccines yet. Or, hasn't purchased an NBA plantation yet. What could one expect from MS other than BS?

His "earlier" statement concerning females was likely based on a long-held affection for Sati.

AWS users felt a great disturbance in the cloud, as S3 cried out in terror

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The Pentagon must have been

uploading all their sensitive super-secret shite to AWS cloud services, eh?

Surprising nobody, lawyers line up to sue the crap out of Equifax

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If you visit the website and sign up for TrustedID,

the terms of service include foregoing any involvement in a class action lawsuit. These EquiScum are evil ++. So, their offer of "free" 1 year service is a honeytrap.


USA to screen tablets,
e-readers and handheld games before they fly

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An interesting sociological phenomenon.

Not many complaints registered about the fisting that TSA routinely carries out on the US cattle. But don't touch my electronic dodads! Gonads, yes. Dodads, no.

Don't panic, but Linux's Systemd can be pwned via an evil DNS query

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Re: At some point in the article


You'll soon be buying bulgur wheat salad* from Amazon, after it swallowed Whole Foods

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I don't buy anything else from the CIA cuck,

why would I start buying food from the little bald chap? Just another oligarch, folks - move along.

For those who had to shop at the G.U.M. store, this is a familiar turn of events. Soon comes The Wall and all you East German fockers will be safe in your enclosure.

Munich may dump Linux for Windows

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Re: Replacing Linux with Windows, based on *cost*?

The Munich Betrayal is reminiscent of the Turkish Government abandoning Pardus (the government distro) and Linux (as the OS to be used throughout the nation's schools) in favor of cash applied to the right palm by MS.

Is that "The Candy Man" playing quietly in the background?

Russian hackers got Trump elected? Yeah, let's take a close look at that, says Obama

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It Was The Video

The video of Ms. Clinton accompanied by her Nubian Manservant carrying the little jab of diazepam at-the-ready, and waiting for her medical van, her going into a stupor, being held up by SS staff and then stuffed in the medical van floor head-first, like a log (cadaver) which turned the tide. And, seeing the almost instantaneous look-alike Hillary (#1 or #2) prancing down the Avenue was another insurmountable obstacle to reality.

Amazing that the Russian infiltrated the SS and planted the Nubian right under the noses of the DNC. Probably shape-shifters. And then the Russian got the corrupt Capitalist Media to publish the video. Scary!

It was the damn video! Ask Susan Rice.

Twitter trolls are destroying democracy, warn eggheads

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Let's See -

Demos Kratos being destroyed - by the Demos? How novel.

No doubt that Strong Man to follow is the only hope.

Arch Linux: In a world of polish, DIY never felt so good

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And just turned to systemd. Obviously pimped.

Devuan, Slackware or even old CentOS 6, thank you.

Red Hat eye from the Ubuntu guy: Fedora – how you doin'?

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Re: Fedora's pretty good for me

Nothing like big, beautiful wemon! Inflatable?

Internet handover is go-go-go! ICANN to take IANA from US govt

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Soon after WWII, the world began speaking in zeros and ones - the Neo-common language.

Oh, Red Hat. Contain yourself and your 'new innovations' talk

Reg T.

Red Hat is now

as trustworthy as its partner - MIcrosoft.

Linux Mint to go DIY for multimedia

Reg T.

Since Mint routinely

finds their servers compromised, who in their right mind would actually give a crap about their codec difficulty? Their website, their servers - always something. My guess is that "legal" had a chat with them about the codecs since so many Minters are in the USA.

The binary crowd, the Windows brain-dead who fled to Mint, will panic over the wrong issue.

In fact, I soon will release a new distro for such folk - StickIT - as in up yours . All binaries with no wasted storage for source.

Oh, second thought - that is already in circulation - Win10.

Windows 10 makes big gains at home, lags at work

Reg T.

MS has been GIVING W10 away

for how long? Months - a year? And, their pitiful net-share is minimal. Obviously, MS must have offered some inducement to this pimp author to "polish the turd".

W10 is an all-out invasive program designed to destroy any remnants of privacy or security. In fact, the forced updates for non-enterprise editions declares boldly that home users are to bloody stupid too use a computer.

Microsoft encrypts explanation of borked Windows 10 encryption

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is a disease, is it not? Why do you airheads continue to make Gates & Co. billionaires?

Those who love MS so much should follow on by taking whatever vaccines the Gates Foundation is forcing on poor inhabitants of India and Africa.

W10 is a disaster, but - MS have openly revealed how they have been operating secretly since the inception. They are contemptible, conniving scum who do anything they can to "capture" clients.

And they do that with the full cooperation (not requiring bribery) of hardware manufacturers, who load their crap into their products. They surreptitiously load software on older version Windows boxes forcing folk onto W10. At least with Apple, you know where the back door is.

A major complaint of those coming from Windows to Linux over the years has been "I can't play my games on Linux".

You "gamers" shouldn't complain about W10. Windows has always been crap. It is little different from the first version.

Blood-crazy climate mosquitoes set to ground Santa's reindeer

Reg T.

If Only

these remarkable scientific folk had been available when the Wooly Mammoth disappeared. And, they surely could have prevented The Great Flood.

One does wonder why they are so prejudiced against the insect classes over the mammal. Perhaps they sufffer from "Mammal Advantage" and need reeducation and an attitude adjustment. After all, we are all "here" and must "get along".

Recent studies in Animal Psychology reveal that sucking the teat for an extended time is a definite conditioning activity which results in imperious persecution of other non-mammal; species.


Windows 10 blamed (partly) for stalled PC sales recovery

Reg T.

Free Win 10

allows Nadella to axe 26,000 MS employees throughout the system as there is no revenue for Win10 yet, and the Windows phone is a huge success. It doesn't matter that new kit is not being purchased, since Win 10 updates are mandatory and will not be documented. Its free! Win Phone was discontinued since it was such a success, as are all MS products.

How could that logic be faulted?

Note that there is not one iota of difference in the MS scheme, since the beginning. It has always been 3 cups and a bean, and "look quick - sorry, wrong cup".

Linux 4.2 release 'possible' for next week, if Linus feels good

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Re: Geez.

You won't have to worry about Linus until he starts offering free vaccinations (that kill and paralyze) and also begins offering H2O from human shit.

Then, you might want to check the code in the kernel.

Microsoft: Here's what you'll cough up for Windows 10 next year

Reg T.

And when MS cannot even

give Win10 away, what then? The industry is already complaining that the free update to Win10 will keep many from buying new PC junk. MS is attempting an Apple merchandising scheme - but they are not Apple.

I was particularly amused when they slipped in a recent MS Update for Win 7 which shutdown dual boot machines.

You Windows sweetty-pies be sure and turn on auto Updates! MS is so trustworthy and none of their secretive Updates would ever go awry.

You can trust MS!

That EVIL TEXT that will CRASH your iPhone: We pop the hood

Reg T.

Just Shut Up

and buy the watch!

Firefox 36 swats bugs, adds HTTP2 and gets certifiably serious

Reg T.


tell you how to disable WebRTC?

AT&T suddenly finds demand for 1Gbps fiber in Kansas City – just after Google arrived

Reg T.

Privacy as always -

likely will include a trunk room in Atlanta and other stations where all packets are analyzed by the NSA.

Worth $30/month extra for sure!

Microsoft will give away Windows 10 FREE - for ONE year

Reg T.

CORTANA sells it

for me!.

No hidden back doors, just CORTANA working busily away, collecting all the HD data for MS/NSA.

I take two, please.

Pull up the Windows 10 duvet and pretend Win8 and Vista were BAD DREAMS

Reg T.

MS Security

will doubtless be as bad or worse in Win 10. If they cannot now issue security "repairs" without displaying their rampant incompetence, breaking macines in the "fixes" , what exactly did the author suppose would change with 10?

Satya Nadella's $84.3m pay packet: Did he use the 'female superpower' to get it?

Reg T.

The Dalits

always complain about Aryan privilege.

Nadella deserves his wage, since MS is now much improved than before. His improvements to Windows Update and its Tuesday offerings are leaps and bounds....whoops, crap is what I meant.

Avatars are not accountable to any mere human!

Damage control (noun): When Microsoft's CEO kickstarts diversity plan after women pay gaffe

Reg T.

Nadella an H-1B

I thought Gates had simply put an H-1B "import" in place as CEO in order to demonstrate his philanthropic nature, which old "Bill the needle" apparently acquired after retirement.

Why would one expect any human-like statements to proceed from the mouth of an Aryan? Within the MS world, there is likely a "clan" like the Irulas of Tamil Nadu, who Nadella will now pay at rates equal to any other "rat-catchers" within MS. It's only fair. And, they also may eat all the rats they please - free!

Nardella may actually be a minor league avatar. Yes?

It is obvious that he is pure MS leadership, following in a distinct leadership mold. Yes?

Linux systemd dev says open source is 'SICK', kernel community 'awful'

Reg T.

Oh My!

"The Linux community is dominated by western, white, straight, males in their 30s and 40s these days," Poettering wrote. "I perfectly fit in that pattern, and the rubbish they pour over me is awful. I can only imagine that it is much worse for members of minorities, or people from different cultural backgrounds, in particular ones where losing face is a major issue."

"Linus is sooo mean." "He is just a brute." Flounces off.

If Torvalds bothers him so much, and the Pulse Audio "terrorist" is so manly, let him rip off Torvald's stones and hand them to him.

This RedHat manliest_of_men is laying the groundwork to remove Linus from the kernel - a definite goal of RedHat who have declared the desktop dead. And, the charge is "not_culturally_sensitive" and "talks_sooooo_mean".

Redhat basically is the worst thing ever to happen to Linux. Think about it. RedHat finances this clown. Who is thus behind the sissy war on Linus?

Linux? Bah! Red Hat has its eye on the CLOUD – and it wants to own it

Reg T.

Red Hat might as well

concentrate on the cloud, given the lastest Linux from them.

Systemd + Gnome latest. Or, better put - the Anti-Linux.

Ironic if RedHat accomplishes what Microsoft couldn't at Novell.

Firefox 32 moves to kill MITM attacks

Reg T.

Call it what you like.

It is still "paid for" by Google. Whatever they have done - they will not "bite" the hand that feeds them.

Windows 8 market share stalls, XP at record low

Reg T.

Re: Why won't they sort it out?

Well, it is because the upgrade path is 8.1 from 8.0 and then on to 9.0.

No upgrade discount will be offered to owners of 7.0.

It is simply "doing bidness" - as usual, fleecing those ignorant enough to play their game.

Support of 7.0 ends shortly.

HP gets 'Playboy model and the ex-CEO' lawsuit kicked out ... again

Reg T.

That's what happens

when a Pommie is allowed to sit on the bench in an American courtroom.

Torvalds on patents: 'Sane people know it's bullsh*t but making real change is difficult'

Reg T.

Bullpucky patents until...

given valuable IBM stock, and then all those IBM patents which produced the profit which allowed Mr. "F*** you" to "prosper" are forgotten.

Doesn't matter to me but "don't bite the hand..." and all that. All of the corporations given access to the kernel hold patents and also copyrights and trademarks. And, one of the largest kernel partners is the NSA and its "security" software contributions.

All you LInuxheads read all the code - right? Of course you do.

Or, is it that most of you simply follow the herd and use the easiest_distro_for_newbies which is magically dropped down from binary heaven?

Consequently, we observe that Mr. Torvalds is quite adept at working with (and for) the "insane". For instance, the good folk from Microsoft. Rumor has it that Win 9 will also include a free vaccine package from Mr. Gates which will sterilize the recipients and also give them several dread diseases. And, there will be free tickets also for Mr. Ballmers' new "plantation" enterprise/franchise in the NBA.

However, there will be no apologies from Microsoft for corrupting Turkish government officials so that Pardus linux (one of the finer KDE examples then) would be defunded and Windows embraced.

Anyone who has worked with the "insane" has seen firsthand that the most seriously deluded of them are also in a state of denial, claiming that it is others who are nutz.

So, in light of the correct appellation "GNU linux", who of the two "fathers" actually shuns patents and the patent crowd?

FSF slams Mozilla for 'shocking' Firefox DRM ankle-grab

Reg T.

Re: I can see where the FSF is coming from

Mozilla is funded by Google, and is thus a subsidiary by default.

If Mozilla threw themselves at code and open source viability with the energy they throw at social issues, Firefox would be the leading browser, and not simply a step-down from Chrome.

Mozilla is kaput.

Dell buy-out latest: Big Mike makes shareholders an offer they can't refuse

Reg T.

In a Case

like this, surely the stockholders can count on SEC regulators to champion the interests of the stockholders.

One notes that Icahn is a mere toddler when compared to the tag team of Mikey and Intel.

Feds BANNED from DEF CON by founder (who is Obama's cyber-expert)

Reg T.

The Feds

are present always since hackers like Moss work for the Feds and the Feds fund many of the attendees. The same "notice of disaffection" would be met with derision if KKK officials announced that their upcoming convention would not admit Federal agents. Some 75% of their "membership" would thus be banned.

GNOME project picks JavaScript as sole app dev language

Reg T.

It isn't

as though anyone actually uses Gnome_latest anymore. The only "widespread" usage of Gnome is that of Gnome_old.

The work of the Zimians continues, apparently. But, we all know what can happen around the monkey cages at the zoo!

Memo to openSUSE 12.2: More polish, less angst

Reg T.

What I love about 12.2

is the ease of network printer setup, either through CUPS or through the HPLIP package - or HPLIP or CUPS - or -

if I ever get it set up, I get back to you.

Kubuntu 12.04 - a couple mouse cliks and printer is printing. All of them.

Waiting for new Slack. Now there's an oldie that wasn't screwed over by MSNovell and a gang of simians.

Author: what do the Polish have to do with it? I thought O'SUSE were Krauts again - now?