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NBN will turn retail borderless, says Conroy


You have missed the point

Australia ONLY has a telecommunications network at all today because the government funded the original one. Outside of the major metro areas there is very little offering except for Telstra, and that is because private enterprise sees no ROI out there.

The NBN is the next generation communication network for Australia, it is an asset for Australia, regardless of how ignorant Conroy is. I fully support the government putting in this next generation infrastructure, I just hope that it has the common sense to keep it in government ownership and ensure that contractors employed to deploy it are held to fixed-price contracts with penalties for failure to deliver.


Absolutely spot on!

This was never more evident than it was with books.

I could order the book from overseas, have it shipped and be reading it for not only 1/2 the price of the buying in a shop in Oz, but if they didn't have the book in stock it would take them longer to get it in than for me to have it shipped to my house. Just not competitive!

We still get gouged with a whole range of things, regardless of GST. This is particularly true when it comes to cars!


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