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It's 30 years ago: IBM's final battle with reality


Re: Too much credit

MS-DOS was never free. Unless you stole it.


Fake News. Re: Memories - Nostalgia isn't what it used to be.

Your memory is shot. OS/2 was developed my Microsoft AND IBM, first released jointly in December 1987. Bill Gates was at Wembley flogging the OS during 1988.

Way before then Microsoft had UNIX System 7 running and released as XENIX for the 8086/80286 architecture.

The development of OS/2 began when IBM and Microsoft signed the "Joint Development Agreement" in August 1985. It was code-named "CP/DOS" and it took two years for the first product to be delivered.

OS/2 1.0 was announced in April 1987 and released in December. The original release is textmode-only, and a GUI was introduced with OS/2 1.1 about a year later. OS/2 features an API for controlling the video display (VIO) and handling keyboard and mouse events so that programmers writing for protected-mode need not call the BIOS or access hardware directly. In addition, development tools include a subset of the video and keyboard APIs as linkable libraries so that family mode programs are able to run under MS-DOS. A task-switcher named Program Selector is available through the Ctrl-Esc hotkey combination, allowing the user to select among multitasked text-mode sessions (or screen groups; each can run multiple programs).

Communications and database-oriented extensions were delivered in 1988, as part of OS/2 1.0 Extended Edition: SNA, X.25/APPC/LU 6.2, LAN Manager, Query Manager, SQL.

The promised graphical user interface (GUI), Presentation Manager, was introduced with OS/2 1.1 in October, 1988.[9] It had a similar user interface to Windows 2.1, which was released in May of that year. (The interface was replaced in versions 1.2 and 1.3 by a tweaked GUI closer in appearance to Windows 3.1).

OS/2 occupied the "Intellegent Workstation" part of SAA (Systems Application Architecture) and made use of the APPC PU2.1 LU6.2 SNA network stack.

Users should PAY for their piracy says Turnbull



So, is everyone getting a static IP?

NBN will turn retail borderless, says Conroy


More Rubbish

Australian business being on-line or not has 3/4 of FA to do with an NBN or lack of one. When organisations go on line they hire web designers to craft the site, use a CMS to update the copy and use a hosting company to house the thing. Or does ConBoy think that every small businessman(woman) in the country is going to start learning how to build and operate a LAMP server, brush up on *NIX skills, DNS (BIND), SQUID. Learn some PHP and Javascript, CSS and FLASH? Put it all together and run the Web presence from out the back of the toilet in the Bicycle store? What a bloody idiot.

$50 BILLION being spent around a fabric of lies. The BAKSHEESH in this project must be epic.


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