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OnePlus 2: Disappointing Second Album syndrome strikes again



Just got Oxygen 2.1 on my OPT yesterday - much improved camera, with new manual mode, and the OS seems more stable too

Smart meters in UK homes will only save folks a lousy £26 a year


Uninformed rubbish

There's so much tosh spouted on here I wouldn't even know where to start, you'd have thought IT type people would be less inclined to take the report from an uneducated non-specialised bunch of MPs as gospel truth.

The PAC report assumes 2% savings, the aggregated savings from over a 100 independent trials of smart meters with home displays has shown an average saving of over 9% over a number of years (with no creeping up usage again).

You will NOT get 2 home displays, every house will get a smart gas and electric meter, this will send data to a comms hub. One home display will connect to the comms hub (the hub will also send reading data to the supplier too). If you want you will be able to connect other devices to the hub (smart phone, shock! Etc).

If people actually want to make an informed decision have a read around, don't just assume that because a bunch of art graduate MPs say something it is true...

On meter life... The gas smart meter will have a battery which will easily last 10 years as it's just doing a zigbee connection to the comms hub. The electricity meter will, surprisingly, be fine since it has, ermm, electricity.


Poor reporting (and maths above).

Its £26 per year net - i.e. after taking off costs associated with purchase and install (over 10 years I believe)

Microsoft loses grip on Christmas shoppers... despite XBox boost


Love the spin - all other news agencies are reporting it as much better earnings for Microsoft..

Review: Acer Aspire P3 Windows 8 slate

Thumb Up

Re: Great design

Ah yes the famous country Nambia, right next to Narnia is it?

Ten ten-inch tablets


No Surface? Might be a bit compromised, but it is an excellent device in either form

Don't Menshn the snore: Chick-lit queen's jabber site killed in its sleep


Hmm, not sure anyone would want to be associated with Bozier given his current 'difficultites'

Virgin close to releasing long-delayed TiVo app


got all excited about this when it was first rumored.

i've since cancelled virgin and sold my ipad, so meh

XBMC coders acquire TVonics brand


Re: Anything that's got XBox in it's title, I will avoid like the plague.

it was rebranded years ago and the xbox was removed from the name. It is now a recursive acronym (google is your friend)

Archos 101 XS 10.1in Android tablet review


Re: Budget?

Where from? and I guess thats with no custom duties..

XBMC media player now running on Android, Nexus Q


Re: More like "I can has a fire extinguisher"

xbmc has had dirty region rendering now for well over a year, maybe even 2. Just because something was true a few years ago doesn't mean it will always been so, but as you get older you can get left behind ;)

Running on my atv1 power consumption idles at 10W

BSkyB nabs stake in telly babble app biz Zeebox


zeebox already works pretty well with my tivo.

guess that will be quietly dropped now tho :(

BBC bigs up iPlayer for TVs and consoles



that looks very much like the aeon skin for xbmc...

Intel boss searches planet for post-Nokia MeeGo spouse



I do wonder how many people posting on the these nokia winphone stories have actually used windows phone 7?

It is without doubt the best looking phone OS, and I quote like the tiles, makes a change from all the icons (very win3.1).

I really do think once you regular, non geek, consumer sees it on a phone in their local shop it will do well.

Yes it does lack a fair few features, but so did iOS on launch and how many people actually use some of them? (one of my colleages, technical support engineer, didnt even know how to access the multitasking on his iPhone, even when he updates to iOS 4 on the day it launched!)

[posted from my iPhone, because I don't have a choice :) ]


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