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Swede builds steam-powered Raspberry Pi. Nowhere to plug in micro-USB, then?

Chris 103


There was me thinking Sweden was a nation of Eco warriors out to save the world, and now I find they are encouraging their children to build hydro-carbon powered generators.

Julie Larson-Green: Yes, MICROSOFT is going to KILL WINDOWS

Chris 103

if only MS would listen...

...to the comments on this thread, then they could produce an OS that people would consider buying...........

Apple rips mobile PC crown from HP

Chris 103

iPad mobile computing?

Well, let's face it, if the iPad is a mobile computer, then what would make the iPod touch not a mobile computer, and to that extent the iPhone? If so surely Apple took this title years ago!

What i would like to see apple do now, is a dual boot laptop (iOS and OSX) with a touch screen, that can be manipulated to be a tablet. The best of both worlds :) You can boot into iOS as a tablet in order to play Angry Birds, or which ever game of choice you wish to play (well, lets face it, rarely do i ever see an iPad used for anything different!), then boot up into OSX as a laptop to actually do some work.


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