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No more Service Packs for Microsoft Office? HA! Think again, Ballmer!

Ram Sambamurthy

Re: I tire of all this (woe is middle-class, first-world me, apparently)

I have not switched completely since I need Windows for my software development needs; I just got a new PC set up to try out programming on a Linux-based PC. Otherwise I run Linux Mint on my laptop for my banking, credit-card purchases, bill payments, and other secure stuff. Linux Mint boots by default on my laptop so it does other things as well apart from my secure-transaction needs

That there is a pretty good reason to move on to desktop Linux, secure, virus free, malware free. So, watcha waitin' for?

Don't crack that Mac: Almost NOTHING in new Retina MacBook Pros can be replaced

Ram Sambamurthy

You're right, it's meant for boring dorks.

Kudos Apple! You have glued down another fanboi

Microsoft holds nose, shoves Windows into Android, iOS boxes

Ram Sambamurthy

Re: I cannot run my business on Linux?

Try LibreOffice and Thunderbird.

I haven't had any problems using Libre for business use. What is it that Libre cannot do for you? For most purposes, Libre Office is good enough.

Ram Sambamurthy

Re: So .... the lie comes full circle. @Bob Vistakin

Leave him alone

China softens duty-free stance to revive global IT trade talks

Ram Sambamurthy

global manufacturing giant India?

when did india become a global manufacturing giant? indian products are the shoddiest. that's why you see indians at airports abroad returning with huge boxes of TVs, and whatever else you can think of.

Ballmer intends to remain on Microsoft board after end of CEO gig

Ram Sambamurthy

My blessings for Ballmer on the board

i hope they keep ballmer on the board so he and buddy Gates can continue screwing up the company. they deserve it after arm-twisting and killing off companies over all these years.

Sarkozy: Microsoft represents all that is great about France

Ram Sambamurthy


Shit, for a moment i thought sarkozy was being sarkostic....


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