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Archos ArcBook: An Android netbook for a measly hundred-and-seventy clams


Where have I seen something similar before ... ah here:


I actually bought a new AC100 in June 2011 on ebay for 135 euros. Same screen resolution, no touch but less than 900g. The android 2.2 on it was atrocious but there are a few custom roms around and you can run Lubuntu on it.

It is now running android 4.1 and doing duty as an internet radio, Netflix and BBC streamer for my TV. All in all I am happy with it but the operating systems (android and linux) only got good in late 2012.

Barnes & Noble booked for running out of £29 Nooks


Sainsbury's still has them in stock and in my local store.

Spanish mobile startup offers Firefox OS phones to world+dog


One might say the icon corners have been rounded to the limit.

Helium: Can it prevent the onset of Shingles?


Re: Helium vs. Hydrogen

Should be safe but I guess it is harder to sell to the public than helium filled drives.


Helium lets the disks fly along

Helium is about 7 times lighter than nitrogen so you are moving less mass when spinning the disks. Also the thermal conductivity is about 6 times larger than that of nitrogen. Thus it takes less energy to spin the disks and the heat dissipates faster.

Sony BDP-S185 Blu-ray player


Powered USB?

Can the USB port power a 2.5 inch hard drive?

BioWare Baldur's Gate


Party of 6

Just start a multiplayer game without other players, then you can create all 6 characters. Me and two friends played it that way. Luckily the internal phone system in our halls was installed at that time so we could have a phone conference for free. Played it many nights with regular strategy meetings fueled by Gluehwein.

Favourite quote (in German) is from the pubs: Hier ist das Bier billig!

Nvidia pledges to pass water on Core 2 Duo this summer


The title is required, and must contain letters and/or digits.

That was covered by heise.de: http://www.heise.de/newsticker/meldung/Nvidia-zeigt-Quad-Core-ARM-Tablet-1190778.html

It is in German but the gist is that the code on an Atom D525 (2 Kerne/1,8 GHz) compiled with GCC 4.4.4-10 -O3 -DMULTITHREAD=8 -DUSE_PTHREAD -lrt / Heap / 8:PThreads has a higher score.