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Panasonic pitches Ultra HD 4K x 2K monster tablet


Re: The future

>>And slide-rules ! ! ! Anybody remember slide-rules ? ? ?

Yes, I had a British Thornton;-) It was bought for me with an educational grant back in the 6th form. Way back then we were also using the art class double period to manually perforate our weekly batch of IBM punch cards to get into the school's run time slot (1 hour) on some distant mainframe... Nowadays it's carpal tunnel issues, back then it was going slightly deaf (from everyone punching out the cards) and temporary blindness from all that squinting (to absolutely guarantee getting the hole in the right place otherwise it'd be over a week before the disappointment of getting the wrong printout back).

Ten badass brainy computers from science fiction


Re: Forbidden Planet

The Krell machine wasn't bad-ass... it was just doing its job. The bad-ass stuff came about from the Monsters of the ID ie the bad-assness within the humans under its aegis particularly its 'connectivity' with Mobius. As I far as I am aware [no pun intended] the Krell machine wasn't actually sentient... just pretty damn powerful.


...the Borg?

Not mainframe per se, more of a clustering hive entity that was self-aware with an implacable way of assimilating... well, everything. Difficult to like...



Huge organic sentient living space ship entity with a penchant for blowing up planets at a whim all to the strains of advanced trance rock music. Nominally female.

Cambridge boffins fear 'Pandora's Unboxing' and RISE of the MACHINES


You're worried about the 'Rise Of The Machines'?

...and you don't think that manufacturing a machine to investigate

how us humans might deal with 'The Rise Of The Machines' isn't

going to give the machines a bit of a head start?

Google promises autonomous cars for all within five years


Re: This brings a new meaning to...

Your car is NOT already a 'robot' controlled by software... some of the operations of its systems are controlled by a robot ie engine management, anti-skid assisted braking systems, seatbelt tightening, radiator water flow, climate control air conditioning etc. None of the basic things YOU need to do say for passing your driving test and conducting yourself safely along the public highway are ALREADY done by a 'robot'. Automatic systems do not constitute the full autonomy being suggested.

The world's first Windows Phone 8 hands on – what's it like?


tethering? ...Internet Sharing?

I was given to understand that the latest update adds 'tethering' support (aka internet sharing?). Cannot confirm this as I have nothing here which needs tethering to my Lumia 800 kit.


Watch out, PC disk drive floggers: Cloud will rust up those spinners


Re: Reasons why all our data will not live in the cloud

>>2) Your data is now reliant on some the 2nd party to ensure it is available.

2) Your data is now reliant on some the 2nd party to ensure it is available, in business and that for the forseeable future.

Nokia's fontastic Pure wins 'design Oscar'


...time for a real font revolution by introducing a new case.

Yup ...call it staircase.

Samsung Galaxy Note


...battery life?

Yes, I wanted a real life 'battery life' report, that's why I asked, despite attracting the usual nit detractor's down-thumbing. Putting both one's internet connectivity AND phone into one battery leaves one out of contact just because all the other stuff has drained the battery. So, as long as it'll reasonably last for a working day, well that should be the minimum target. Does it get there or near?


...battery life?

For how long does this excellence last before recharging becomes necessary?

Twitter discovers MMS for photo tweeting


Inconsequential characters AND inconsequential pixels

...is the human race really ready for this bounty?

Apple iCloud: Steve Jobs' own private internet


Cloudy GBs... we use wired TBs (own here on the real world).

Around 8TBs on a wired Gigabit private intranet and that's slow enough for (unencrypted) data use and backup - server to workstations. Spread this (now needing encryption) to the cloud, consider ISP bandwidth charges, data throughput rate, outages, unexpected losses, external non-negotiable unhandled legacy issues, commercial service black/greymail (let's be honest here), cross-service compliance (let's be honest here), the we're-very-sorry-but-all-your-non-filing-system-files-are-missing-hope-that's-not-too-inconvenient scenarios... Well, that's a no-brainer - hook me up right now (*NOT*).

UK.gov asks developers for views on Public Data Corporation


New Name?