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British fixed broadband is cheap … and, er, fairly nasty – global survey

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5G depressing investment?

As well as the 'dead spots' where fixed-line broadband is not yet fibre to the cabinet, there are also lots of places where the speed is substantially below 24MBps (we are on FTTC but average 14Mbps due to distance from the cabinet). We had been hoping either for more Openreach investment or the availability of FTTP (even self-funded) but this seems to suggest we have more chance waiting for 5G and dropping fixed line broadband - which if is seen as a route ahead would surely cause Openreach to drop any future deployment investment in domestic lines and fibre?

Lord of the Rings TV show shopped around Hollywood

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Re: Why hasn't anyone done a Thomas Covenant series/film?

Thomas Covenant was the worst set of books I have ever had the misfortune to read, and I read the initial Battlefield Earth.

Let's review the plot. Thomas Covenant mopes around continually abusing everyone he meets, and moaning constantly "I'm a leper'.

A more Guardian set of books I can't imagine.

Oops: Carphone burps up new Google phone details

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The details say micro-sd card

If you click through the link - the specs say you can use a micro-sd card

IBM nearly HALVES its effective tax rate in 2013 - report

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Happy with your pension?

You might not be happy with this LEGAL tax arrangement, and rail against the rich - but the vast, vast majority of shareholders for businesses like IBM are pension funds. And US corporation law forces IBM to maximize return on shareholder assets. And if you want to reduce those returns, then you are actually hurting pensioners. Well done. Plus of course you want to move those funds away from pension funds and into the bottomless pit of government - where no money is spent efficiently, if if can more easily be wasted.

Inside IBM's vomit-inducing, noise-free future chip lab

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And all that, according to the article for just £30000 - I am pretty sure you are missing some digits.

New Motorola Mobility badge: Too late for this pinball machine lover

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Thumb Up

One of these days I have promised myself I will get myself a pinball machine - though I do fear it will fail in a thousand horrible different ways. So then of course you have the decision of which machine to buy

Now UK must look out for crappy SPACE weather - engineers

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How many others read this and went to look up the Carrington Event?

Windows Media Center EPG has SWITCHED OFF, wail Euro users

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Plex as a client?

So you can install the Plex Server component on the PC running Myth and it plays nicely?

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Another MythTV user

We have been using MythTv on Linux now for a few months - the PC sits on the landing with a quad tuner card plugged in. And the recordings are available to be streamed through the network (wirelessly, and wired through homeplugs).

I won't pretend Myth was easy to setup, and that we haven't had problems (it still occasionally records shows with zero length and requires a reboot to fix). But it is working well now - and solves the problem of needing multiple PVRs in a house with a number of people with different TV tastes.

Selecting the right front-end is still a work in progress given I don't want a large machine for a front-end or a hard disk. WDTV is ok - but fastforwarding through the stream is a pain. And XMBC on Raspberry Pi might be good - but isn't there yet (FF problems as well, and frequent crashes).

The Times offers subsidised Nexus 7s to get subscribers

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good grief what a load of leftie whingers. oooo Rupert is evil. oooo i can't bear it.

Honestly grow up.

He knows how to actually make papers that people want to buy and the Times is the best example of writers in a newspaper there is.

The Guardian, so beloved of lefties is hugely hypocritical, and so boring it would have been out of business if it hadn't been using tax shelters for years. Never mind being unable to even get the story accurate in its 'biggest story about phone hacking'.

Left wingers moan about people losing their jobs, but want anyone associated with Murdoch to lose theirs. Except it doesn't quite work out that way does it.

Knomo Folio iPad 3 case

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Is it just me that thinks it insane that covers for the ipad and kindle cost £50 for no readily apparent reason? I mean seriously the Kindle cover costs virtually the same as the Kindle itself. And you can get Android tablets for not much more than this ipad cover.

iPlayer repeat fees threaten BBC earthquake

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Roll on PVRs

This would be a substantial shift, and in many ways a tax on the less technically savvy - presently it is easy to catch up on iplayer and the other rival broadcaster online offerings. But equally you could use a PVR, or track down what you need on the internet. By moving to a pay as you consume model on iplayer, those users with PVRs - especially multi-tuner ones with large storage will find iplayer - and the forthcoming YouView plans less appealing - but those viewers who simply consume what there is, and are currently being encouraged to consume over iplayer will be the ones hardest hit.

Interesting that in the US they get Hulu and other solutions for free - and get some of the best programs where as we get 99% dross and will be asked to pay twice or more..

A funny side note - I was halfway through reading this when I guessed this must be an Andrew Orlowski article - I do enjoy his writing, even if his style does annoy some others

Netflix goes live in Blighty

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No good for those on slow broadband

While I do sometimes get annoyed with Lovefilm, we are stuck in the sticks with broadband that grinds to a halt in the evening. A streaming service is pointless until BT get around to laying fibre or someone does something updated in the exchange

TalkTalk gears up to 2012 YouView roll-out

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Depends on your broadband

I used to be looking forward to this - but I now realize it will be pointless for me - in a area where we get no broadband vendor choice, and the speed we do get (~6Mb drops by 90% in the evenings) so YouView will be SlowView or NoView for us. Mind you Freeview is the same now - 4 analogue channels is all we get now - waiting for the April switchover to see if we will get anything more. That's life in Surrey for you

Mars, Moon, solar system could be littered with alien artifacts

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Too many jokes

That's no moon

Hey - what's this large black monolith?

What are all these alien souls doing in this volcano?

etc. etc..

Canada founded on 'relentless pursuit of beaver'

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Two Beavers are better than one

Can't let this thread go without posting a link to the classic song from How I Met your Mother http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1hqklWJxUTo

Blighty's slow-crawling broadband streets revealed

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It's not the peak speed, it's peak usage

Being in a medium size Surrey village we have to rely on a single BT wholesale connection, which is fine most days - but every evening, when the village is using it to skype, or stream TV or play video games, the speed drops from acceptable to unusable. This situation will only get worse until the exchange gets additional choice for the backhaul, or we get fibre to cabinets

Old folks' phones set to take over from nurses

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Text based messages?

Surely they should be coding an app for that? Taking lots of medicines isn't just for seniors - and with the smartphone/app growth a better approach would be for the app on the phone


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