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Atomic clocks come to your wrist


Radio-controlled clocks & watches

For 20 years or more I've only used radio-controlled time-pieces, originally from when I was commuting and I sync my arrival time at the railway station to literally the last few seconds. My main watch is also solar-powered so needs no ongoing maintenance. It is marginally bulkier than conventional watches but for me that is no matter. The clocks & watches do an auto reset overnight when the hours change twice yearly.

Google Chrome extension bars domains from search results

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dire threat

Dear 'The Register' management,

I admit that in any other circumstance than blacklisting The Register website your threat to' If you block The Register, we will find you and we will kill you. ®' might be deemed slightly excessive. The circumstance envisaged however is very extreme and at least in my own circumstance most unlikely so I feel I can rest easy.

Keep up the good works.



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