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Brit celebs' homes VANISH from Google's Street View


Re: But, but, but...

A new tool for burglars - find blurred out house and assume the owner is trying to hide something.

XBOX One SHOT DEAD by Redmond following delivery blunder


I hope the Xbox one users read the very, very fine print

"... and Microsoft reserves the right to brick your Xbox One if you say (or think) any thing negative about the console or Microsoft".

Music fans not welcome in RIAA-backed .music


This will be very usefull

This will make it much easier to find the hosts to hit with DOS attacks.

Another brilliant idea from the group that not only missed the boat in the digital age but had no idea there was even a boat to miss.

Microsoft seeks to woo developers with Windows 8 store


Microsoft has so much going for it


How Windows 8 interface is based on a model that consumers have rejected.

Thinking that by sticking "Windows" on a product and people will rush out to buy it (look how well it worked with Windows Phone).

Thinking people buy Windows because they want Windows, they buy a platform and all they care is how it interacts with them and not what OS it is running. Windows 7 on the PC is selling because is the only choice they have when they buy a new PC.

Thinking most people want a system where they can curl up at night and work on a nice spreadsheet or write a long report while sitting in their backyard. My guess is 90% or more of the tablet users are surfing the web, reading content (books/mags/..) or playing a simple game. What does Windows 8 bring to the game that the established, dominate platforms don't already have?

I suspect the big push for tablets and running on ARM has less to do with tablets and phones (they know that market is lost) but the coming ARM based servers. Today the only server OS for these platforms is Linux. Microsoft is deathly afraid of losing that battle.

Google: The one trick pony learns a second trick


Don't forget

As far as I know the only company that has been floated on this thread that has been convicted of illegal monopolistic behavior in the PC world is Microsoft. IBM did sign a consent degree but it was for mainframes.

Second the primary legal mandate a publicly held company has it to its stockholders. As long as the business practices are legal (i.e. don't follow Microsoft's example) then the company only has to answer to the stockholders - and that means making profit/increasing the value of the company.

If that bothers you then you don't understand finance and sorry - that is your problem.

If you don't like company x (maybe because you just love company y) then don't use their products, buy stock in the company and try to convince all the other stockholders to give up all the money they are making or keep p*ssing into the wind for all the impact you are going to make.

Google Chrome extension bars domains from search results


It was an accident

I'm sure that Google will say it was an accident when somehow Microsoft is added to every ones list.

I do like the idea - and while experts-exchange may not be the first site it will be on my top three to be added.

Maybe they can add hate rankings - so you let Google know how much you hate it a site.