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nbn™ isn’t fixing HFC, it’s ‘optimising’ it


No Malcolm the Desperate. A hostage to his ambition.


Re: Or the stupidity of politicians

It was all about finding a point of difference to exploit with a view to gaining power and then spinning your way out of the disaster. Works too often but nobody does it as well as the Libs under Tony Abbott.

Not stupid, just cunning.


Re: A rate of 100,000 a month

And now the Libs are overbuilding with...wait for it HFC! Way to go Malcolm. Is this still a good idea?

UK government's war on e-cigs is over


Re: Jesus, NO!

Bonfires and fireworks are banned in Australia, thus making a more pleasant environment.

And there is no interest in unbanning them.


Re: Jesus, NO!

It's not about being harmful to non-vapers. If they don't like it and they are in a significant majority, it should be treated as an antisocial activity. Like spitting.

Metadata scope creep sees Border Force ask for access


We can't see what is being done in our name in detention centres either.

Internode's Simon Hackett offers re-engineered NBN plan


Re: What problems?

Did you see the original presentation?http://goo.gl/G9mN1. The additional cost of the NTD was only a minor part of the costs savings argued for. The NTD can be left behind by the vendor by negotiation, much as stoves and curtains are.

Reg to Australia: Here's your chance to find NBN answers


Debate ?

Since when did "debate" have anything to do with outcomes in Australian political life? The "debate" should have ended years ago and workers in a dying motor vehicle industry should be deployed doing something useful.

Fixed broadband rules downloads, mobile rules new services


Realistic quotas

It is hard to imagine many people on 12/1Mbps being satisfied with a 5GB quota given how quickly monthly downloads are growing already.

People could buy small plasmas and LCD screens to save money, but they don't.

Turnbull storms Paris with NBN’s doom


Stop digging Malcolm, it's coming to your street too

Will Malcolm Turnbull, at the behest or the organ grinder Tony Abbot, risk his credibility even further by spouting this nonsense at an international forum? Would he advocate the duplication of the electricity network on the grounds of his beloved “competition”?

We know he spouts this type of nonsense in Australia, but why risk his reputation in international fora? Is he that desperate to have his overseas travel subsidised?

Four National Broadband Network myths


Who made the killing?

Perhaps it was the Howard government which made the killing by selling its shares for more than they were worth.

Telstra stirs NBN pot with 4G/LTE deployment announcement


Sanity for a change

What a rare joy it is to read a objective, non-partisan piece on this topic. In a land i which most people live comfortably there is a sad tendency to turn every molehill into a mountain.

Why can't we just relax and let the best technical solution provide the most appropriate service for the need at hand? When the NBN is installed and working, we will find even more issues to debate...in even more detail.

Meanwhile old issues like obesity continue without debate or solution.