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Google declares success for Kansas City gigabit broadband

tom t

dog year?

Is that in dog year or human year?

Apple unveils tightened Mountain Lion requirements

tom t


What about 2006 Macbook Pro with Core 2 Duo ? So the OS will knock off the 2006 Core2Duo and let give 2007 Core2Duo a pass? I guess I will be one of those SOL...

Top US Senator to Apple, Google: 'Curb your spy planes'

tom t

4 inch resolution...

That would resolve my crucial component to 2 pixels! Wow!

Hard-up OpenOffice whips out begging-cap website

tom t

Help your users, IF that is your intentions...

Offer a "one-click" migration path to your users to move from Open to Libre, say thank you to Larry for his support, "donate" the name to Oracle, have a keg party...

Qt sees its future in Microkia

tom t

Qt on mobile is dead...

The question being asked is whether Qt on the desktop would also be forced to whither away under the MS infection. The nervousness of the development community is not about Qt on mobile, that horse has (just) been put out to pasture; it's about the desktop. What should we do, what should I do, when it comes to cross-platform C++ development?

In my opinion, Qt's main strength has always been cross platform on the desktop; one code base to run on OSX, Linux, and Windows. Of course, MS would love to throw a proverbial monkey wrench into the development fray to halt the defection to other platforms. It was never in MS DNA to promote development on Linux and OSX. Just watch, MS will be MS; and Qt on the desktop will stare at yet another fork on the road...


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