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Intel boss searches planet for post-Nokia MeeGo spouse

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Whats meego?..

That's what they'll be saying a years time. Meego will go no where and intel know it. Really with MS, Google and Apple each having great eco systems already in place and carving up market meego has not chance. No one is left to partner with it to give it significant impact in the market.

I think in years to come Elop will be touted as the man who saved Nokia when ever chinese knockoff will be shoving android on it degrading the experience with shit hardware, no support and buggy ports. Don't get me wrong. I already own an android tablet but I'm already seeing issues with android that don't bode well going forward. They fell into the MS trap of old of playing too loose with requirements and licensing which will degrade the experience going forward.

Microsoft polishes Windows Phone 7

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Yawn..ms haters so predictable..

Infiltrating :LOL..

The nokia guys probably begged them to put wp7 on. I mean lets face facts, Symbian was a dead OS anyway. You have to admit that even if you hate MS with a passion.

I think alot of people here haven't even picked up a wp7 phone to even play with it. Once you do you will realise how pathetic Symbian became and why it was killed. Symbian had potential when nokia picked it up but frankly Nokia has shown it is not an OS developer leaving the OS undeveloped with no encouragement for developer support compounding the problem.

Best move Nokia made was giving up Symbian. Now I'm sure they'll go with WP7 and maybe later put in android but they can finally get back to doing what they are great at. Engineering the hardware of a fantastic mobile phone and leaving the OS development to people who are competent and have it as a core business.


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