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Atheists smite online God poll


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Samsung S8000 Jet


Horrid Advert

The advert is enough to put me off the phone. Even though i've already been put of Samsung's for life after trying to develop for their shoddy Java VM.

Government hints at gaming tax breaks

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About Time

For many years, the cost of games development in the UK as opposed to other countries (Canada especially where tax incentives are huge) has been a huge turn-off for many studios. As such if you want to get into Games programming in this country you can pretty much forget it.

Sun rallies mobile faithful to simplified Java tests



"two companies are conspicuous by their absence: Google and Apple. And this time they are joined by RIM."

For apple thats no surprise as they can't screw you for developer fee's and license fee's etc...etc... if they put Java on their device. And as for RIM their Java implementation is one of the worst. It even makes Samsung's look "okay".

Motorola waves in gesture-sensitive phone


New yet old.

Come on Motorola its not the missing features that make your handsets fail to sell, but the fact that your handsets still look as crap as they did in the 90's.

Gov 'smart meter' plans: Sky box in charge of your house

Black Helicopters


Connect it to my HomeNetwork? are they kidding. Talk about a security issue inside your own network that you have no control over. If I did have to connect it then i would have to put it outside of my firewall.

Adaptec makes low-end RAID gear ROC hard


Why not try XFX.

I've been using the XFX Revo 64 now for well over a year. £20-30 hardware raid card, doesn't require any drivers on windows or linux (It just pretends to be a single standard IDE device). Works flawlessly.


Triple play puts iPhone ahead of Android



Before anyone starts flaming me, I actually like the iPhone except for the lack of a true keyboard/3g but i am tempted to still get one. However taking things from a developer point of view, I have noticed the following good/bad things..

1) Good: Lack of keyboard + forced touchscreen imput should result in a lot of new game styles just like the wii/ds did!

2) Good: Unlimited data! Online gaming (Even if turn based only etc). However Nokia's n-gage may have the edge on this over wi-fi gaming which is already workable on a lot of Series60's.

3) Bad: Force quit when a call comes in. According to the public SDK doc for the iPhone, whenever a call comes in your "3rd party app" is terminated. This could be really annoying, you could be very close to winning some great game... your almost there... yes your going to do it.... ah bugger a call, thats fucked my game off and i'll have to do the level all over again.

On a side note its worth pointing out that the increase in mobile web data from google may be due to the fact that your FORCED to pay for unlimited data, therefore everyone uses it, when every other phone contract around charges you by the kb then you don't need to wonder why people don't use it.

N-Gage makes it into software


RE: I dont see why its restricted to one phone?

"Most symbian phones will run ngage games.."

Wrong most OLD symbian phones will run original NGage games.

This is a new ngage platform has higher system requirements, its not restricted to one phone either. This is just a "Preview" release. Other phones will be compatiable. Mostly the newer N series phones from N95 onwards. See http://www.n-gage.com/get_ngage/devices.html

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@whats the point?

You can use your WiFi / WLan! No need to incur data charges now. You can even play in Pubs that have free WiFi!

Ofgem, MoD attack pricey terror-friendly windmills


Solution: Surround the UK with Wind Turbines!

Lets build the windfarms taller, that way we generate some electricity (When it does happen to be blowing) and if a terrorist attempts to attack he'll just kill himself out at sea by hitting them!

Dallas man accidentally shoots self in head


The only thing more dangerous than a loaded gun...

An American with a gun.

Computer system suspected in Heathrow 777 crash


Complex systems.

Someone mis-edited a configuration file in Unix because he couldn't understand how to use VI.

Do we need computer competence tests?


Dumb People require Dumb Terminals.

Wouldn't it be better / cheaper / easier to give these people a "Dumb Terminal" where everything they need is stored and controlled at the ISP?

Teachers vote to ban internet



Maybe we should just sack them all and start afresh?

Sony says no to Euro PS3 price cut


Sony Sucks

I can't wait for the day that sony decides to use the dollars to pounds exchange rate and get it the wrong way round.

$400 that'll be £800 please!

Is your phone free?


Unfriendly Touchscreen Input

Until they STOP putting silly touchscreen keyboards on these things, I will refuse to buy one. I have had 2 touchscreen only phones in the past and both times the onscreen keyboard has turned out to be the biggest pile of dung in the world. Its just the fact there is a total lack of feedback that makes typing any message pretty much impossible.

Google goes back to court over Vista search tools



How long before Google sue Nokia/Motorola/Samsung etc for not allowing them to put their search tools on these phones too?

Boffins demo wireless electricity



Talk about energy wastage. Especially if its left on all day when your at work.

Vodafone says VoIP is 'expensive' and 'unsafe'


VoIP is Expensive?

Its no surprise that Vodafone would claim its expensive. What they don't want you to do is buy a WiFi enabled phone (Like the recently restricted Nokia E70 by Vodafone and Orage) and then use VoIP without using their network and giving lots of money to them.