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Scientists skeptical of Lockheed Martin's truck-sized fusion reactor breakthrough boast

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Re: More than the core

heat output - not mains electricity coming out that ordinary people could use.

Are you for real? The heat output of any boiler or reactor is the means of making electricity. They don't stick a blue wire and a brown wire into the reactor with a plug socket on the other end...

Dummies guide to generating electricity:

Water is heated to create steam, which drives a turbine, to which a generator is attached.

If you had looked at the graphic in the main article you could have figured that out.

The bit that says "blanket absorbs neutrons to breed fuel and transfer heat to turbines" kinda tells you what you need to know.

Microsoft left red-faced after DMCAs dished out to Windows bloggers

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From what I read, comments left by Youtubers were the problem rather than the videos themselves.

Yeah I know. Who could have imagined Youtube comments causing trouble?

Ancient Brits 'set wealthy man's FANCY CHARIOT on FIRE' – boffins

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Facebook, Apple: LADIES! Why not FREEZE your EGGS? It's on the company!

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"We also offer an Adoption Assistance program, where Apple reimburses eligible expenses associated with the legal adoption of a child."

This would cover the 'rent a womb' arrangements that happen, with associated legal issues. You can see where this is going.

Possibly, or on a more down-to-earth level this would help to attract LGBT staff.

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Re: As a parent I frankly disapprove

As a parent, I approve.

My observation is that older people make better parents - not 60 years old with 2 year old kids, granted.

You're talking absolute rubbish. Age ≠ Maturity.

In once sentence you say that "The folks I've seen where the parents had children early seem to turn out worse. "

The next sentence you#re saying "Some folks will be good in their twenties, while others may stay immature doofuses until they land in the grave."

Which is it?

Back on topic - If somebody's that much of a workaholic that they're swung by a job that offers egg freezing as a perk, they might want to rethink the whole parent thing. If you don't have time for kids when you're in your 20s or 30s, what makes you think you'll have time when you're in your 40's or later?

NO MORE DOUBLE IRISH, thunders Dublin. Erm, from 2020 that is

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... Of course it might kill all the Indian call centres.


You say that like it's a bad thing :)

Bono apologises for iTunes album dump

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Re: Have to laugh

little lepricorn

What's a lepricorn?

I didn't invent Bitcoin! Send Bitcoin to help me fight this slur – Dorian Nakamoto

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If only Dorian lived in Europe he could have got Google to purge him from history.

I don't see any mention of the basis for his suit in the article, or on his website.

Is he suing for defamation or what? It seems unclear.

I'd want more info before throwing my money at the guy...


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Re: Comment from Finland

Stubb is a smart guy, but he's very much interested in being in the limelights. (like other politicians)

Well if he bombs out of politics, he can always get a job as a Gok Wan impersonator.

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Re: Comment from Finland

Every Finn can hear the irony and sarcasm in the voice of Alexander Stubb

Sorry, I don't believe that excuse. I get sarcasm, and this isn't it.

He did an interview with Dagens Industri back in June or July of this year where he took a similar shot at Apple - if it was a truly sarcastic or flippant comment he wouldn't be repeating it months later.

More likely he's hoping to deflect attention from the fact that Finland's dragging its heels on implementing EU sanctions against Russia.

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As if that wasn't bad enough, Alexander Stubb went on to say that Cupertino had also annihilated the paper-making industry, which was his nation's other pride and joy.

Ummm Mr Stubb, there's this thing called recycling now. This means that there's less demand for virgin paper.

It's also easier to locate a paper mill in China where you won't have the same level of environmental protection you'd get in the EU or US.

Brits: Google, can you scrape 60k pages from web, pleeease

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Re: "Should have gone to Specsavers"

I can even criticise my Government and not be charged with blasphemy.

Name one EU country where a person has been charged with blasphemy for criticising the government.

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Re: Lunacy

Even if they are, time served is time served. If time is served and the conviction "spent" then the debt to society is paid and it is illegal for you to discriminate based on it. Illegal, as in, you would be committing a crime if you did so.


Wrong. Take a look at the Rehabilitation of Offenders Act 1974 and the Legal Aid, Sentencing and Punishment of Offenders Act 2012.

Sentences of over 4 years are never spent. Convictions must be disclosed when applying for a whole range of jobs too - think of the medical or legal profession.

Also, spent convictions must be disclosed when trying to get into the US.

I've got a new Linux box, how does it work... WOAH, only asking :-/

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It is instructive that the adoption of Linux and FOSS in most other developed nations has been quite noticeably easier and more acceptable to adults and the young, than for most Americans. Maybe basic intellect play a significant part!

You need intellect to be a linux user? You wouldn't think so if you read the comments of the linux fanboys on this thread.

But I'm more interested in you. You're an angry little man, aren't you? 15 posts since 2009, mostly bitching about Microsoft...

Just out of curiosity: do you operate the kimalcorp userid in addition to your wanderson userid? What did I say earlier in this thread about people posting under multiple identities?

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Re: Desktop?

I makes me feel sad that the US legal system is so broken that such things can be allowed to happen over there.

I know the concept of paying somebody for using their intellectual property in your product may be alien to linux freetards, but that doesn't mean the system's broken.

Not everything in life is free - that goes equally for "free" beer or "free" speech.

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Re: Desktop?

Seriously, you are crowing about desktop figures?

The Linux kernel runs billions of phones...

Ha ha ha. The old linux = android cliche.

Don't forget that Microsoft gets a royalty payment from every Android phone and tablet.

How does it feel to know you're making Microsoft richer?

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Fanboys, Fanboys All Around

It must be a herd thing...

Just like linux fanboys posting as "Anonymous Coward"?

Although I'm beginning to think there's just one linux fanboy posting under multiple AC identities to give an illusion of mass linux adoption.

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Linux: Too hard for Windows users.

Remind me again what Linux's share of the desktop market is?

Oh yeah 1.7%.

It's not that linux is hard to grasp. Normal people just can't be arsed dealing with the likes of you.

To Russia With Love: Snowden's pole-dancer girlfriend is living with him in Moscow

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Keep Drinking The Kool-Aid

I'm sure that the partners and families of those executed by ISIS are feeling so much happier knowing that snowden isn't living a sad lonely and miserable life.

What the fuck has Snowden got to do with a bunch of animals in the Middle East?

If I was looking for people to blame for the current state of affairs in Syria and Iraq, I'd start with the US and UK governments.

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Paris Hilton

Next Thing You Know...

...Assange will be looking for a stripper to shack up with him in the Ecuadorian embassy.

Toshiba: We'll STAY in PCs! We'll just axe a few bods

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Buy a Dell Instead

Toshiba haven't made a good laptop since before the C650 and C850 models came on the scene.

Crap keyboards and crap screens are the order of the day.

The last straw was seeing a Satellite C50 recently which had no optical drive, just a big plastic blanking plate where the drive would be if you had bought the more expensive model - like a BMW from the 1980's.

'Utter killjoy Reg hacks have NEVER BEEN LAID', writes a fan

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Thumb Up

Give That Man A Cookie

While Phoenix50 reckons we should all take it easy – it’s only TV, folks:

Oh dear.

So many people taking so little, so seriously.

That should be El reg's tagline instead of "Biting the hand that feeds IT"

Crims zapped mobes, slabs we collared for evidence, wail cops

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Re: 1) remove battery (or turn the device off until you can get it to the lab)

I'm the FBI and/or the NSA, what makes you think your phone encryption is unreadable to me?

Please, do tell me more about how the government reads encrypted phones.

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Re: 1) remove battery (or turn the device off until you can get it to the lab)

1) remove battery (or turn the device off until you can get it to the lab)

2) profit!

Next problem!

Battery removal isn't possible on a lot of phones.

You can't turn a phone off if encryption's enabled. Well, you can, but you won't be able to access the info you were after when you turn it back on.

Gates and Ballmer NOT ON SPEAKING TERMS – report

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Re: Not involved in Microsoft?

I could understand wanting his family to be seen using Microsoft products when he's their CEO. But he doesn't work for Microsoft anymore...

Newsflash: Fanboys don't always behave in a way which you or I would call rational.

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Re: Not involved in Microsoft?

If he's not involved in Microsoft anymore, why the heck did tell the Clippers they'd have to convert to Surface?

Because he's a Linus Torvalds-grade nutjob. Apparently sports commentators on telly keep calling the Surface tablets "iPads", which is pissing off Ballmer immensely.

BTW he famously banned his kids from using Apple products too. Cray cray...

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Send That Guy To An Anger Management Class

Ballmer claims to have planned to quit in 2017, but he ended up handing in his letter four years earlier – and reportedly not even Microsoft's board, of which Gates was then chair, was expecting it.

Ballmer threw his toys out of the pram and stormed off in a huff? Who'd a thunk it?

Remember that tale of a fired accountant who blamed Comcast? It's kinda true, says telco

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Sometimes You're Wrong Even When You're Right

I read about this on Ars Technica the other day - fucking crazy story...

He might get a "get lost" payment from Comcast but whoever was right or wrong, his name is mud now and he's never going to work for PWC or anybody like them again.

You can ring my #bellogate. EMAIL STORM hits 29,000 hapless UCL students

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Whoop De Doo

Opened my UCL account and found 2785 unread emails - Thank you #bellogate! #lol

2785 unread emails? Just another day in my Hotmail inbox...

#bloodystudents #nobodygivesashit

UPGRADE your CHILDREN with KANO: All you need in one box

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Re: It doesn't ship at all to Ireland

It doesn't ship at all to Ireland

Parcel Motel is your friend.

Apple KILLS SUPER MARIO. And Zelda. And Sonic

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Certain slab-fondling fanbois will soon be forced to cough up for a Wii U wave goodbye to their childhoods following Apple's decision to close a loophole in the next version of iOS 8 that allowed console emulators to run on iPhones and iPads.

In your rush to pick on the Wii U you appear to have forgotten that Nintendo already have a mobile gaming platform called the DS, which sells quite well...

I've never studied business but I would assume that Nintendo would prefer to make money out of selling games to DS owners rather than having their IP pirated by Apple owners.

Google introduces Chromebook-control-freaking-as-a-service

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In before "Google is an evil NSA plot to steal our thoughts while we sleep"

Anyway, haters gonna hate...

The "control-freaking" makes sense. Chromebooks and Chromeboxes are a big hit in education thanks to the price. Less of a thief magnet than the iPads in my kids school too.

Women! Worried you won't get that Job in IT? Mention how hot you are

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Re: @Ross K

Calm down dear boy, I was only making a point that the analogy he was using was wrong.

However it appears to have hit a raw nerve with you.

Seems to have hit a raw nerve with a few other people too, judging by the downvotes you've got Mr. Anonymous...

Ross K Silver badge

What a stupid assumption. You don't have to hold a spanner to become an engineer, it's the technician and mechanic, paid accordingly...

Stop talking shite you fool.

While you might think handling tools is beneath you (and best left to lowly technicians and mechanics), some engineers actually enjoy getting their hands dirty.

This is why women aren't interested in science or engineering - there are too many pedantic type-A people with zero personality or tact like this guy.

Man brings knife to a gun fight and WINS

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Re: You Have Twenty Seconds To Comply

Nothing special about police dogs. They are just considered property like police cars etc

I said killing one was a felony - which it is.

I didn't make any comment as to whether a dog was an officer or property...

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Re: Missing the point of the article, most commentards are.

It's really about why everyone shouldn't be allowed to own guns, when they are allowed to own knives ?

Bad comparison. Knives have other uses, such as cutting a steak, buttering bread or as a makeshift screwdriver.

A gun, on the other hand, is only useful for one thing...

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Re: Police robots?!

Did I miss the far bigger story, some years ago, that there are now ARMED POLICE ROBOTS patrolling the streets of America?

The Simpsons covered police robots in the episode "Brawl in the family" back in 2002.

"Robot: I am Brenda. I am programmed to talk in a calm and constructive manner. DESTROY! DESTROY!"

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Re: Shooting a robot

It was a tongue-in-cheek comment, as is this one:

BTW I know some cops who would fail the "sentient being" test.

Ross K Silver badge

You Have Twenty Seconds To Comply

I wonder if shooting one of these police robots be a felony, like shooting a police dog?

Euro probe headed for Amazon's tax back door

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When will Vodafone will get their turn in the spotlight?

Verizon punches RED button on Redbox Instant video-streaming service

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Re: @ Ross K

Is that 34% of ALL traffic or 34% of all STREAMING traffic?

34% of ALL North American traffic at peak hours, with Youtube in second place.


Ross K Silver badge

I don't think anybody can compete against Netflix. As we've seen, it's easier to put the squeeze on their customers if you're in a dominant position. The credit card fraud thing probably didn't help either as it left them unable to sign up new customers.

Last figures I saw showed Netflix accounted for 34% of North American internet traffic at peak hours. Amazon Video and Hulu had 1.7-1.8% each in comparison.

It's not you, it's Three. Mobe network goes titsup across UK

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If Three continually had spaffy connections maybe, but generally they are very good.

Agreed. Just as well their service is reliable, as their India-based "support" is unbearable.

Nokia Lumia 735: Ignore the selfie hype, it's a grown-up phone

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You don't need Zune to get photos off WP7 any more than you need iTunes to get photos off an iPhone...


Fiat 500S: So pleasingly sporty we didn't want to give it back

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Give me a break.....It's a panty waist roller skate. You poor Europeans.

Remind me again who owns Chrysler/Jeep/Dodge/Ram?

Oh yeah, the poor Europeans...

Dear Reg readers. I want Metro tiles to replace all icons in Windows. Is this a good idea?

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Re: Statistical Observation


Sorry fella, my memory's not what it used to be. Have an upvote by way of compensation.

As Chris 244 pointed out, the guy I was thinking of was in fact Eadon. Strangely, all of his posts appear to have been deleted by a mod...

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Statistical Observation

Commentard bar Moustache weighs in with a statistical observation:

@Matt Bryant

In your 13 posts (thus far) on this thread, you've garnered 16 upvotes and 84 downvotes. That gives you an approval rating of 19.04%.

Give it a rest, mate.

We, like the BBC, present this without comment.,

I think some people love writing something controversial just to be noticed - like that linux evangelist from last year whose name escapes me just now. Elmer, Elwood or something like that?

Be nice to the public, PC Plod. Especially if you're trying to stop terrorists

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Somebody please tell me what the odds are of me being shot by either a "terrorist", "extremist" or a common-or-garden mental case.

I would hazard a guess I'm more likely to be shot by a cop.

Apple to unveil new iPads, iMacs and OS X Yosemite on 16 October, claim sources

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Slow news weekend?

I hope the article's author isn't being paid by the word for that in-depth regurgitation of a rumour from another site.