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Blu Christmas coming, format fans forecast

Paul Ackerley
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$ony BD, meh!

Looking at Play.com, taking the first title that come into my head:

Hellboy (2 Discs) DVD £2.99

Hellboy (Blu-ray) £13.99

Verbatim DVD-R 16x 50pk Spindle £11.47 (for 250Gb backup)

Verbatim 10 Pack 4X Blu-Ray-R 25GB £69.31 (for 100Gb backup)

You can allow for early adaptors, cost of ramping up production and so forth all you want, but at the end of the day, the average shopper, looking at the price difference in Asda will take one look and think:

"How much? But it's the same film!? You're taking the piss mate!

Besides, I personally don't believe Blu-ray should have won out. Notwithstanding all the testosterone based arguments between the CEO's during the 'format wars' HD-DVD lost for one stupid reason - it didn't get put in to XBox at the start.

I know for a fact that companies like NEC were in negotiatiins with MS, so I assume the reason came down to cost, the manufacturer(s) and Microsoft arguing over pennies in a £300 unit. Bloody daft if you ask me. If a punter is going to buy it, £299 vs £349 for a much better, more functional unit is not going to be a massive issue.

At the end of the day, as we all know, without PS3, there is no Blu-ray market, hmmm.

Ah well.

Stick me in the NOT using Blu-ray column.

Intel to brand next-gen CPUs 'Core i7'

Paul Ackerley


To be honest, I couldn't give a monkey's what they name it, I just want to know when I can actually buy a chip and board - and a decent Zalman cooler as, despite billions spent on R&D they still can't develop a good cpu fan.

I won't even comment on the clowns at Nvidia. I mean, you spend £300 on speakers, £200 on a top end soundcard - and what do you get - drowned out by the 60dB turbine whine of the GPU coolers. Sheesh!

Panasonic zooms in on HD camcorder market

Paul Ackerley

I fail to be impressed!

Meh, 10x optical? I personally wouldn't touch anything less than 20x optical. The digital zoom is just marketing BS. Realistically is translates of massive camera shake and pixellation.

Intel de-cloaks Bearlake chipsets

Paul Ackerley


OK, too busy working on design things and I missed this on the horizontal. Have to say it looks rather tasty. Unless AMD pull a rabbit of the hat soon with their quad core offering I know which company is emptying in bank for the annual upgrade stakes O.o