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Ubiquiti network gear can be 'hijacked by an evil URL' – thanks to its 20-year-old PHP build


Re: alternatives to Ubiquiti?

You might look to Meraki.

Free AP, with 3 year license for sitting through an online sales pitch.

Bad side - in 3 years, pay for a license, or the product turns into a brick.

I do believe you can Flash with DD WRT, but that's circumstantial to me. YMMV

Caption this: WIN a 6TB Western Digital Black hard drive with El Reg


Dave had to admit, perhaps being head of Security at Talk Talk when he was actually a plumber wasn't the cleverest blag ever.

Torvalds rails at Linux developer: 'I'm f*cking tired of your code'


Re: coding

Both of the above quotes appear in American 'English'

In real English, you could say,

"Neither person appears to be able to code correctly in English."


"Of these 2 people, neither are competent coding in English."

Devs write 'film my shag' sex app for Google Glass


No chance

There is no way the internet gets a blow-by-blow account of my sex life..

What would the NSA do with the knowledge?

Beer bottle shagging beetles with HUGE MEMBERS win prize


I'm confused how a peace prize can be awarded to someone who violently runs over cars with vehicles designed for wars....

BT to fibre-up another 114 exchanges



"In another few years everyone will realise this country has been held to ransom by a telco as we lag further behind the countries who have migrated to real fibre connectivity."

And yet, even though they are privatised, we as taxpayers will have to pay for the new technology to bring up up to date.

Just like the railways, water, gas.....

When will government learn, privatisation is not the answer to a UK infrastructure, it ends up SOOOooooo expensive in the end..

Will the looters 'loose' their benefits?


Title? Really?

Quote Danny5

"and in regards to another comment stating you wouldn't loot a plasma tv, would you still not do that if you where standing in front of a broken window, see people running out with tv's by the dozen, no cop for miles around?"

No, No I would not.

because I have a core belief in upholding social standards, and because IT"S AGAINST THE LAW.

You, sir are a part of the problem if you would steal just because those around you are.

Look! There's a load of lemmings, lets' leap off a cliff.

Ghost of 'ACS:Law' threatens alleged Greek filesharers


Wasn't that...

ACS:Law's Modus operandi?

World's biggest ad agency keelhauls 2000 'pirate' sites


clue's in the words...

But Google is not an advertising agency.

Apple iCloud: Steve Jobs' own private internet


Just checked...

~ 90 Gig in my Users folder, excluding music.

I know i need to do some filing, and pruning of my stuff, but the pertinent point here is it's MY stuff on MY 1Tb hard drive.

No Tiger for me then, PC ahoy!

Student suspended for posting random satire on YouTube


It's ironic then..

That the School's website has a 'No Bullying' message on it's home page.

Surely, the school's actions are bullying in the extreme?

this may have been said already, but I cannot read all the posts at work...

Waking to check mail? You're not alone


It's not just limited to phone calls though..

Or Email.

If you have a workaholic boss, have you found you work longer hours?

Have you also founds that overtime is only by agreement?

How the fuck does that work?

You pay me for X hours. If you want more than that, at least have the decency to pay for my time, and not expect it 'because it's just the way it's done' The UK works the longest hours in Europe (apparently) leave us alone in our own time.

Blackberry to off position after work, let alone 10PM

New Mac scareware variant installs without password


This may already have been said...

with OS X, and a standard (IE, NON admin account) you can download from t'interbewb, in safari, and the file can (CAN) auto run.

Now, (here's the tricky bit for PC users to grasp) That downloaded executable can install to 2 places, one will require Admin authentication, the other not.

Install to Macintosh HD/Applications <DOES> require an admin to authenticate.

Install to ~/Applications reqires admin authentication UNLESS the logged in user is an admin, if so, it'll install with unfettered ease.

It's all down to permissions, on Unix, you can install an app anywhere, if the folder's +x for the logged in user, you'll not have to authenticate.

Now, for all the PC users on this forum shouting that they don't use admin accounts for their everyday stuff, well done, you've been around long enough, and have probably copied corporate best practice to your home machine.

Undfortunately, shouting about that on an IT forum will get you nowhere, we are the early adpoters, and ahead of the mainstream, that's how we know stuff to keep a roof over our head (plus, shit loads of hard work) However, for every one of us, there's a gazillion numpty's who bumble along with admin rights (the platform's irrelevant)

So, PC/MAC/Unix/Linux/Whatever they all have their foibles, ease of use in different circumstances, and different attack vectors.

It's only now that Apple's user base has got big enough to gain the interest of the same virus, trojan, whatever, writers that PC users have been suffering for years.

The Apple <lalala, I've got my head in the sand> attitude is not good enough, it will change. Because if it doesn't, then people won't buy macs, and they'll go into the doldrums that faced PC users for yeard.

'Nix users, currently enjoying the battle from their glass houses, watch out, if Ubuntu keeps up with it's trendover the last few years, you'll be next.

Apple reportedly plans ARM shift for laptops


This does not wash

Why waste your time releasing an updated hardware to take advantage of Intel's new connection technology (Thunderbolt) to drop it in favour of a (yet another) CPU manufacturer.

Not withstanding the fact noted by others that the OS will need recompiling, and will lead to versioning compatabilities between the desktop and laptop and iOS versions of applications, why waste money tooling up for thunderbolt for a 4 (ish) week run of new hardware.

this surely, is a sham. As much I now questionApple for their recent (last 4 years) decisions in how to conduct business, I don't believe this is a serious story.

Civil servants just can't keep a grip on their BlackBerrys


Yes, but.

You miss my point.

A good security policy is obviously set by default, and I am more than aware of the 10 incorrect passwords wipes the device, that is be beyond question.

My point is that once the battery is reinserted, without a SIM, how do you wipe it?


Remote Wipe?

Only good if the SIM's still in the handset....

Every berry nicked whilst I was BES admin failed a remote wipe because the SIM was whipped out, and put in mobile phones. You cannot remote wipe a phone without a network connection....

OTOH, the users were too scared to tell their boss, and it cost us £2.5k in roaming charges that month...

McAfee recovers from Sesame Street email filter mix-up

IT Angle

Email address starting with what exactly?

@ you say?

Labour MP debuts fondleslab-assisted Parliament oratory


How long before?


Or, a slightly more sensationalist version here


Council loses £2.5m claim against Big Blue


If I've said it once...

Public servants do not deserve their cushy position.

Bunch of inept morons.

If a company were run on the same lines the Government/Council, it's be laughed out of existence.

Brian May stands up for Welsh badgers



Is this on an IT tech forum in the first place.

What part of a cull, or the discussion in the Welsh assembly has any vague relation to IT?

Government to scrap COI, axe up to 1,000 communication jobs

Thumb Down

get out of bed on the wrong side?

So, AC, if we left generation of money to innovators and entrepreneurs solely to the entrepreneurs, we'd be in a worse state than we are.

Just think about your vitriolic statement for a second, think past your vulgar, rude, patronising response.

There are not enough innovators in this country to make enough NEW products to pay for the running of the country.

What we need is manufacturing. More to the point, moving away from such a massive dependency on banking, and service, to a balanced workforce between the 3. And, what do all 3 of those sectors employ??? PRIVATE EMPLOYEES WHO PAY TAX.

I suggest you go sit down, have a cup of tea, relax, think about how offensive your comments are, and perhaps come back and discuss this without the need to resort to such offensive language, it just makes you look like an imbecile. I bet you posted as AC to hide behind such language. You must be a terribly lonely little person.



So, fewer people paying taxes you say?

These being people employed by the government, so paid from the public purse?

It is unsustainable to have so many employees paid by the public purse.

Have you any how many people in the private sector earning an average wage it takes to pay the salary of one public official. Work it out.

Private employees generate money, paid to the government in taxes to pay salaries of public servants.

The ratio of public/private employees in this country is approx 4 to 1. So, 4 income taxes to pay for 1 public servant. DO THE MATHS.

I agree that we will be bailing the banks out for quite some time, but we also have to pay for calamity Brown's overspending, and selling off of the family jewels.

Under labour, we careered out of a financial boom, sideways, with screeching tires, flat broke.

Time to readdress the balance of employment.

Sony tweets 'secret' key at heart of PS3 jailbreak case



this, plus that court case whereby the ruling was that twitter was not private, and should be considered public equals...

No court case. The key's in the public domain from Sony, distributed by it's twitter account.


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