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Cops fined £80,000 for revealing childhood abuse victims' names


Re: "before the force recalled the mail"

It's the best known method for making me read the 'recalled' mail very carefully.

Pro Evo-lution shocker: Samsung SSDs focus on endurance over capacity

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My favourite headline for ages

Well done.

That's all

75 years ago, one Allied radar techie changed the course of WW2


Shouldn't this be in 'On-Call'

Surely we've all had occasions when our employer threatened to shoot us if things went bad.

Brit prosecutors ask IT suppliers to fight over £3 USB cable tender


USB A, Male to Male? I don't think you really want one of them

It's a long time since I dealt with such things, but isn't that a sure fire way to fry the USB chipset?

USB A to USB B is okay, USB A male to USB A female is no problem, but USB A male to male puts voltage where it you don't want it to go. IIRC

Home Office lost its workers' completed security vetting forms


Mis-faxed documents "returned by the private business"

They do know the paper doesn't travel down the wire don't they??


Met plod will use 1980s software to police Olympics


I'd worry more...

there was a story saying that they had a brand new system which was just being made ready in time for the Olympics.

At least you can be sure they know what the bugs with the current system are.

Iran spy drone GPS hijack boasts: Rubbish, say experts


Shield the GPS antennas

Couldn't they sort this problem out by shielding the underneath of the drone so that the GPS antennas can't receive signals from below (i.e. the ground) and only from above (i.e. space).

London's Olympic clock claps out


Fully featured API

They've included code in the firmware to deal with the games being delayed.

Mumsnet backtracks support for net filter


Speaking as a hard-line Christian nutcase....

I'm embarrassed that some people don't consider what they're really asking for. They think they're asking for porn to be blocked, but they're actually asking the Government to force their ISP to monitor all of their web activity and see that it fits the govt's list of what is acceptable.

Take that back 500+ years and there'd be no bible in English.