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Disney finds new way to give movies depth


What's the point?

3D is crap and a gimmick that people don't really want. I've used the 3D function on my TV twice in a year(just to see what it was like!) and the only time I see a 3D movie at the cinema is either because it's in IMAX or there isn't a 2D at a suitable time!

Review: Samsung Galaxy S4


I really get tired of this bemoaning 'evolution instead of revolution'

Apple constantly get moaned at for this and now people are of Samsung, but at the end of the day what do people want to come out? People seem to expect the industrial engine in the first generation, the jet engine in the second and time travel in the third generation.

There really is very little to revolutionise the smart phone market at the moment so it will probably be a while before the next revolution comes along so at the moment all there is is to improve on the offerings that are there at the moment i.e., more power, better battery life, slightly better specs but at the end of the day speed is not going to revolutionise the market, so can we please stop this 'oh company X has lost its way - its new phone doesn't even have time travel!'

Apple versus Samsung: everything infringes everything


your one sided bias towards fandroidism is incredibly amusing. You claim Apple does this yet don't seem to care that Samsung widened their claim to take an the iPad and other devices? Not a particularly big fan of the iPad mini but only a troll would deny that the iPad is the full fat tablet to own. Yes you might choose a different one for what ever reason but the iPad is widely regarded (and rightly so) as the best tablet on the market. Yes the Nexus 7 is also very good but it is like trying the decide which computer is the best out of the Dell family budget box and a 6000 core, 20 graphic card gaming monster. They are just in different markets.

Both Apple and Samsung (and the rest of the industry but we all know theres no click-bate quite like an Apple click-bate) need to grow up and stop wasting money on Blood sucking lawyers.

commence the down voting! for who needs personal opinion and a balanced view point when you've got an axe to grind!

Just bought an Apple product? Need support NOW? Drop an F-BOMB

IT Angle

is it really the swearing that does it?

I've had a similar experience with a car insurance phone number and after I got annoyed with not being given an option to just speak to an operator I started talking absolute gibberish and because it couldn't figure out what I was saying it just passed me on.

Apple seeks cooling fan patent for iPhone, iPad


surely if you needed cooling...

You'd use something like the linear cryogenic coolers found in things like night vision equipment instead of a primitive fan?

Sony KD-84X9005 84in ultra-HD TV review

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Nice to see

Companies actually offering a step up from HD TVs that will be worth having rather than just trying to push 3D as the next big thing! Obviously in a few years time prices will drop and sony could probably make a huge push for it if they make the PS4 ultraHD compatible. It would certainly make me think to switch from xbox!

I just wonder how much more resolution can increase before it reaches a point where the pixels are so small are eyes cant even tell the difference!

Halo 4 game review

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Halo for me has always been

the best FPS ever released. Im sure people will disagree but I have absolutely loved every game that has ever come out. Its the only original xbox game I own now but the whole series has been one big triumph for FPS's and now I cant wait for this one. I know people will say its the same again, but like smart phones, is there really much evolution to be done at this stage of the life cycle besides just making them bigger and prettier.

At least it wont be as bad a money churner that is Call of duty. Call of Duty 4 was again one of the greatest FPS's of its day, but since then the game has been exactly the same, Litterally! all they do is put a slightly new story mode on and charge full price for it! I dont think the graphics have changed much at all in the last three releases!



this reminds me of my favourite statistic

which aligns the rise in global warming with the fall in number of people worshipping the great pirate god.

Clearly this leads to conclusive evidence that global warming is the great pirate god seeking revenge for his lack of worshippers!

Brit 4G live TODAY: At last you can bust your data cap in 5 minutes


three should make more noise about its service

I tried a speedtest in sheffield recently and got over 20 mb/s on 3G (which I believe is actually that 3.5G) and in my hometown about 12 mile from Sheffield which is a small-medium town I still managed >12 mb/s.

Although I appreciate this is not 4G speeds its still bloody fast and far quicker than most people would need. Whats more, I get unlimited data on the one plan so I never need to worry about using up my allowance in 5 minutes and whats more the plan is paticularly good value!

O2 to save the British High Street ... with money-off vouchers


You may have a point, except...

with the exception of three virtually all the mobile companies offer the exact same service at the same price bands. Just look at the iPhone, there is virtually no price discrimination across o2, vodafone and orange. most other phones are largely the same.

Network access is also starting to become less of an issue with the merging of networks like orange and T-mobile and im sure this wont be last merger

and why the hell would I want to 'loan' a phone when I can get one free with a subsidising contract or I can buy the phone upfront and get a cheap contract anyway! Giff and three both offer excellent sim-only deals, the other providers....not so much. At least then I actually own the phone and its not like you cant sell them or pass them to youngsters/elders when your done. I really dont see how loaning a phone is honestly going to change pricing structure by anything worth while

Teachers get earful of racy XXX chat in Capita IT cock-up


one teacher was quoted as saying...

I rang up for IT support and instead got put through to some smut. I rang them several times over the next few days. Just to check if there was still a problem...

Wikipedia boss Jimmy Wales marries Kate Garvey


You want to know if the bride is hot? Of course you do.

There, fixed that for you:)

HTC outs Jelly Bean running One X revamp

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looks like a really great piece of kit

The HTC Desire X was the one phone that was tempting me away from an iPhone 5. Unfortunately, it lost out on the basis that 32 GB of storage isnt enough for my needs (and isnt expandable) and the battery was a bit pathetic!

If this was out a few weeks ago I'd have certainly had a lot more difficult choice!

Satellite broadband rollout for all in US: But Europe just doesn't get it


UP TO 5 Mb/s down and 1Mb/s up

as we all know, most people get UP TO 24 Mb/s or at least 8 Mb/s. On the contrary most will sit somewhere between 1 and 3 Mb/s. So what is satillite's real speed.

by contrast, I have up 40 down and 10 up. and get 37 and 8 with little issue:)

40 Foxconn staff hospitalised after CAMPUS RIOT


Re: Apple Slave Owners United

there is so much face-palming going on in this post I think I need medical attention

iOS 6 maps can't find Sydney Apple Store


Re: its become a bit fashionable to say 'Steve wouldn't let this happen...'

I was about to post this, as I can remember the article about him going bat shit over realising how crap it was. The man was clearly an arse (his own biography clearly shows what an arse he was) but at least he knew how to do things properly, so probably wasn't very pleased when his own company didn't.

"You couldn't be happier with it...

...except you could, if the maps were decent.

That is all."

Nope, I don't really care about maps as, like I said, I don't use it. But it is definitely crap and should be fixed


its become a bit fashionable to say 'Steve wouldn't let this happen...'

but in this case I'd say it is definitely justified. I love my new iPhone 5. Couldn't be happier with it but maps is the one area that completely lets it down. It's a bit like having like have Albert Einstein, Stephen Hawking, Garry Kasparov, Carol Vorderman and Wayne Rooney on your pub quiz team!

With the amount of bad publicity the maps has had I can't see how apple can do anything other than update it before iOS 7, which lets be honest, it should be anyway. Map data should be constantly updated to reflect updated knowledge. I'm just not sure if they need to update the actual maps app to add more data or just update the servers that the maps pull their data from.

I don't tend to use the app that much myself so it's not big loss but I shall be using the big g maps until someone takes this map application out back and shoots it.

Lightning strikes fresh iPad Mini shots


that looks nothing like an iPad to me....

maybe its just the photo but the apple looks like some sort of gel stick on stuck in a recess rather than the normal painted on (I think). I could be wrong, and apple could have changed the design, but im going to call a hard case of bullshit:)

More 'iPad Mini' tat pics leak ahead of Apple's big unzip


cases also appeared for...

that lovely curved back iphone 5 that never appeared last year. Some of these case manufacturers just take a punt on what device might appear in the hope of being first to market.

The iPad mini will be released alongside the much rumoured Apple TV set! you know, the one that doesnt exist!

Airbus predicts catapult takeoffs and formation flying by 2050

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Re: Wing Root

The major reasons for 'hanging engines' is size. Modern turbo-fan engines are much much bigger than the old turbo jets that were in the old comets. Turbo-fans pass around 90% of the air that flows through LP compression around the edge of the engine and is never combusted. Its not as powerful as a true turbo jet but far more effecient. Turbo jets still appear in performance critical applications like military jets as what the front end does is more relevant than whats coming out the back end:).

However, as has been said, torque and maintenance are all good reasons for hanging engines. Goven the chance though i suspect these benefits could easily be overcome by a reduced effective frontal area if you could ever fit the engines back into the wings.

Ballmer predicts 400 MILLION Win 8 Surface and Lumia fumblers

IT Angle

Im not a programmer...

So dont shoot me for my completely rediculous and stupid idea, but would it be possible for MS to build some sort of program that would allow the easy transition of apps generated for iOS and android to WP.

Iknow flash made a similar program to convert flash appsto run on iOS but could MS do similar?

Apple confirms 'surprise' September 12 event


Re: Apple TV?

the iPad mini is the new apple TV, ie the rumoured device that never amounts to anything.

I wish they'd drop both those stupid rumours as they are just column fillers!

It's Lego's 80th birthday party, but only the boys are invited


Re: Two problems...

I came here to say the exact same thing. Too much of the kits seem proprietary at the moment. I’m an engineer now and attribute a lot of my developed skills to being grown from a child where I would play with all manner of construction kits (Lego, technic, K'nex, mechano) and build what was on the box followed by thinking about what from this model could I build on to something else! My favorite was a technic pneumatics lorry with electric motor that operated a crane.

Now with all the proprietary kits, I fail to see how you can have the same freedom to build whatever you want. However, perhaps it’s not as bad as I think if the people are saying their kids build all kinds of monster contraptions. That’s exactly what I did :)

For a bit of a chuckle and some reassurance in Lego, this is what someone here decided to build and show at our learning and Development centre. Unfortunately, I wasn't directly involved in it, as much as Id have liked to have been!


UK kids' charity lobbies hard for 'opt-in' web smut access

IT Angle

Im so sick and tired of the word twisting...

You don't opt in to a free system. It should be free by default. If you want to opt in. You should be opting in to a filtered system.

YouTube app wrenched from next Apple iPhones, iPads


Re: Sounds like what Apple are trying to make

I have pretty big hands actually. The S3 is just too big imho. I picked it up and thought wow what a great screen but its not something you can use one handed.

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good, this can only be useful

1. The youtube app is crap

2. The web app is far superior and is more user friendly and generally better suited to the phone

3. If google does make a proper app, at least it will separated from the core apps which means it can be updated separately rather than waiting for updates to iOS 6.x.x


Re: Sounds like what Apple are trying to make

If they did I wont be buying one. The galaxy S3 is a great tablet but it is seriously just too big to be a phone. It should come with novelty size foam hands for scale.

Slim debut sales for fatter Nintendo 3DS


part of it is about price I think

£200 with a game is a bit pricey.

£150 for the console would have been plenty. Also because the complete lack of quality games (as with the wii) the decent games remain high price for a long time. All Marios are still near retail price.

Dont get me wrong, Ive bought a red one, and im very pleased with it. Resident evil is an excellent game, as is the two mario games I got with it (kart and 3D world) but I dont know of another game I will buy except maybe Zelda so luckily ive got some games with a lot of replayability.

I also agree about 'yet another reiteration'. I havn't had a DS since the good ol days of the DS lite coming out when I played advance wars but nintendo really should do some proper improvements. For one the battery is pretty pitiful but most of all, whilst the graphs are fine for games, when you start doing anything else like web browsing its a waste of time. Yes it may be technically possible but so is surf boarding on an ironing board!

Gov must act on 'innocent' web-browsing copyright timebomb


This reminds me of a Ricky Gervais joke

Teacher: "All the laws are in the bible"

RG: "What all of them?"

Teacher: "yes, every single one!"

RG: "What about internet piracy"

because lets me honest. Copywrite laws are as old and outdated as the bible itself

Is running IT for the Olympics the worst job in the world?


but a mix of real time and static data on their screens.

Wikipedia and the London 2012 iPad app then:)

Ten... dual-band wireless routers


A glaring omission on the fritz! Box

But not only does the fritzbox have Adam modem built in, but also is only one of two routers I know that supports vdsl, also known as fibre optic, the other router being a draytek.

I use a fritz box with bt infinity and it is a much neater solution that the bt solution of a home hub and separate modem!

Something I feel helps justify the price and should push its grade closer to 85-90%

I also use it with a NAS drive and the wireless is excellent and gigabit Ethernet is also nice:)

Sony PlayStation 4 will not be download only


now we just need MS to follow with the xbox

I have both an Xbox and PS3 but the PS3 is rarely touched for gaming purposes as I prefer the 360.

However, were Sony to release a disc based PS3 against a DL-only xbox I would make the switch without even thinking about it! DL-only would be disastrous for the consumer as it effectively gives a monopoly on games. No competition and a take it or leave it price!

I honestly dont understand the download stores on the consoles and like so many have said. They cost so much more than you can physically buy a copy for WHICH YOU CAN SELL ON! When Halo:Reach came to xbox live it was about 2 months late and retailed at £50! where do they get that from! I never even saw it at that price in lamestation! I picked it up from sainsburys for £30.

Download-only is fine for things like phones where the price of games is measured in pennies rather than pounds but when you start selling games at those kinds of prices your just having a laugh.

The Register is rocking on Windows Phone 7


have you upgraded your favourite son yet (iOS5)?

I deleted it a bit ago because it was retarded by displaying no comments and not refreshing stories.

Have these issues been fixed yet?

$US38 share price values Facebook at US$104b


Anyone who thinks FB is worth $1,000,000 should...

have all their money placed in a big mulcher and used for compost, as they clearly have no idea how to handle it themselves.

It seems it's not enough to have the Web 2.0. Now we need the .com bubble 2.0

Nintendo: PS3 rules Europe, Xbox tops US


Re: Not surprised really

maybe because they are not wearing sony brand sunglasses....

I have both and IMO xbox is the far superior gaming machine, most of the major titles seem to have less problems than they're ps3 equivalent. Games wise beyond unchartered theres very little reason to pick a ps3 game over an xbox game. GT5 (besides being embarrassingly delayed) isn't a patch on a Forza 4 and the playstation has NEVER had an FPS to compete with Halo. and if you think PSN compares to XBL your having a laugh. Its just not as good, doesn't have the same slick user interface, I don't feel its as reliable, and then you've got the whole PSN hacking scandal (not that it bothers me). Also, despite being 'technically' superior, I'm yet to see much evidence of its supposedly superior abilities. The only time Ive seen a PS3 title really outclass an xbox title was Final Fantasy XIII, but there was more down to the Blu-Ray disc storage space than console capabilities.

Also, and Im sure its a personal thing but I think most people with experience agree with me. The xbox has the fat better controller, much more comfortable and just better to use.

Beyond a blu-ray player my PS3 now sees very little use tbh. I can see why you'd buy one if you only had room for one device, but if you care about games (and have friends! - Sorry PC gamers) you'd get an xbox


Whats even more suprising

Whos still buying the PSP! Unless it was some dirt cheap super deal, why would you not buy the PSV if you want an overpriced handheld?

Apple fanboi offers to change name to get WWDC ticket


thats just sad....

but I detect the faint whispers of a troll...

Brits get red PlayStation 3 next month


I like it

But I won't be buying it. I don't think a red ps3 would look right in my av cabinet. A place where my silver halo edition 360 looks rather smashing:)

If they'd have released a white ps3 however, well I might have made the upgrade to the ps3 slim:)

BYOD sync 'n share


Re: Not good enough on its own by a long chalk

im also a big apple fan but until Mountain Lion I have very little use for icloud.

its so busy with iOS that they forgot about OS X! in short its pants.

with iCloud the calender seems to sync wrong and the feature I use dropbox for, which is a numbers spreadsheet where I keep track of how much money I have left each month is pointless on iOS because if I edit it on a computer, I then need to manually upload it to icloud after! how stupid! why was it not integrated in Apples ilife suite in the same way it was integrated to iOS ilife suite. i.e it integrates automatically.

What use have I found for iCloud. Well the book marks sync is good (when it randomly decides to update my others devices) I genuinely can not find a reason why sometimes its updated and other times it hasn't

Dream:ON iPhone app-maker seeks sleepy fanbois for testing


or perhaps just an opportunistic retailer

looking for some gullible punters...

'Unibody' iPhone 5 said to debut in October


Im really looking forward to upgrading my 3GS to a 5

But seriously, do we really need a 'news' story every five minutes about how the iPhone release data is ping-ponging between june and october because of a rumour from a friend of a friends mothers sisters cousin-twice-removed dog has said.

Any betting man with a reasonable amount of sense would put the money on an october release data. Apple likes annual release schedules, they moved the iPhone to october because it spreads out their release cycle towards christmas and away from other updates.


A million TVs to go dark across London


I wouldn't worry too much about them

all the ones they looted last summer looked like they probably had a digi tuner in there

Pioneer SC-LX85 9.2 AV receiver with AirPlay


Re: A few opinions

Not grossly, I managed to get some amazing prices on both the speakers and amp when best buy was closing down:D too good to pass up for a more lowly amp

as for pass through. I don't think its Pioneer but the ridiculous consortiums that control the HDMI standards and hence some companies not putting them in. the only devices Ive seen work with pass through is the new ps3 and higher end blu rays (tho as much as I wanted pioneers latest blu ray to match my amp - I've heard its a bit pants and does nothing the ps3 can't)

Thumb Up

A few opinions

I have an lx55 the one down from this and they are very similar albeit 7.2 vs 9.2 and a slightly cheaper audio processor and a few other bits, there are a couple of niggling issues.

1. HDMI pass through works with bugger all. In order to work a device must be hdmi-Cecil compatible.

My Xbox isn't

My ps3 isn't (although I hear the new ps3 slim is)

My apple tv isn't.

2. Annoyingly for such a connected device, the wireless transmitter is external which means another box. But it was pretty naff anyway since it is only g rated rather than n so after about 1.5 songs through AirPlay (iPhone-router-receiver all wireless) it would lag and cut out. Installed a LAN cable from router to receiver - problem solved

3. The Internet radio is Terrible. It's virtually impossible to find what your looking for. Perhaps they should integrate the radio channel selection with the iControl AV app as that would make it much better! If I listen to the radio I usually resort to tuning in on my tv and playing the sound through the amp via the ARC

Apart from these three relatively minor things, the amp is superb. Can't think of a better amp. It provides killer sound to my kef3005s and not only is It amazing with movies but it is also a fantastic musical performer. I thought I'd miss my old CA/Kef iQ 5 set up but I really don't. Even on AirPlay.

And also brilliant is the mentioned iControl AV app. Superb control from both iPhone and iPad of the receiver. Now if only samsungs iPhone app wasn't terrible I could chuck out another remote:D

BT fibre-to-the-cabinet rollout penetrates 73 more exchanges


Re: I must be one of the only ones

Havn't seen any of them (I've seen the pics on the internet)

maybe they've hidden them in someones back yard

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I must be one of the only ones

To actually have been upgraded and allowed to order!

We had a date of 31sr of march and they began accepting orders yesterday and promptly ordered an upgrade:D even managed to get a discount already (£21 with vision as opposed to £26!)

It's nice for Worksop (a small-medium town near sheffield) to actually get something as we're usually left in the dark ages when it comes to developments!

Also, I've never actually seen on the BT fibre cabinets. I've seen lots of open reach vans messing with the current green cabinets but no new ones. Are the new cabinets only for FTTP?

Apple Store staff outnumber queues as new iPad goes on sale


judging by the state of the iMac at an apple store that had been 'repaired' by JL

I'd rather give my iMac to the cretins on Jeremy Kyle to repair.

A girl I met at an apple store a few months ago had brought in her iMac as John Lewis had sent the thing back worse than what it was sent in. Covered in gunk, issue not fixed and a chipped stand.

Big Brother

cynical maybe

But I doubt it was accidental...

nothing like a bit of controversy to remind the public that 'hey, we sell iPads too ya know!'

Apple iPad 3 packs LAPTOP battery


It'll be interesting seeing the car charging kit for one of these.

I'd be surprised if a car kit could even charge the battery whilst using it. I bet it might still drain albeit slightly slower.

Still looking forward to getting my hands on one though:)



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