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Barbie Girl was wrong? Life is plastic, it's not fantastic: We each ingest '121,000 pieces' of microplastics a year


Absence of evidence is not the same as evidence of absence

I'm not aware that there is any concrete evidence yet, but absence of evidence is not the same as evidence of absence. We simply don't know yet, but there's a long-term world-wide experiment being conducted to test this. The problem is that we're all experimental subjects, and the experiment has no control group.


Re: What fraction of a gram ? @Duncan

If my memory of this article


is correct, most micro plastics are probably created by burning plastic. Ironically, this may be plastic that's exported for recycling.

IMHO, that's not an excuse to give up recycling - we just need to pressure (local) governments to do recycling locally.

Skype: Nearly half of adults don't install software updates


Still on Skype 2.8

I'm still on Skype 2.8 for the Mac because I like the compact interface, unlike later versions.

Apple unveils tightened Mountain Lion requirements


Re: Feeling pretty lucky

Well, at the risk of sounding entirely selfish, but from a certain point of view, whether Apple still sells the iPhone 3GS to other people doesn't matter from my point of view - I've had my 3GS for many years and it's still being updated, so *I* feel lucky.

But I do take your point - others who buy an 3GS would feel... not so lucky... if they couldn't update the OS so soon after their purchase.


Feeling pretty lucky

My 5-year old mid-2007 MacBook Pro makes the cut, and at the same time, my 4 year old iPhone 3GS is eligible for iOS 6 (albeit a subset of the features). So I'm feeling pretty lucky.



The Jesus Incident

A lot of the ideas revolving around AIs and rampancy were inspired by "The Jesus Incident" by Frank Herbert and Bill Ransom.

Greatest ever first-person shooter* brought back to life


Pathways into Darkness

I think that Pathways into Darkness was even more revolutionary, although it wasn't 'true' 3D (the floors were all flat). Not only did it have a great plot (expounded via conversations with dead people), but it also had sophisticated inventory management that was almost similar to a text adventure.

Making sport of browser security, hackers topple IE, Safari



"The contestant [to attack Chrome] never showed."

Google take browser security _very_ seriously.

Apple brands Intel 'Light Peak' as Thunderbolt


Re: DVD Drives, Grandad?

Rumor has it that the internal super-drive will an optional component of the new MacBook Pro models. My current (2 yearold) MBP has a super-drive, but I wouldn't bother getting even an external one when I next upgrade.

Ballmer's Bing man to 'define' Microsoft's server future


Bing goes the server, bing! bing! bing!

Or some-such.


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