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BMW driver follows satnav to edge of cliff

Simon Westerby
Dead Vulture

Natural selection

tbh its just the next level of Natural selection at work...

HMRC advertises for new CIO

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180k for ...

.. just sprinkling random DvD / CD/ Flash disk copies/backups on various forms of public transport?! Where do I apply?

US woman says Ubuntu can't access internet

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"repair connection"...

performs the same sort of repair as when i use a lump hammer to "repair" any deffective hardware I have..

Microsoft eyes metered-PC boondoggle

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Paris Hilton

Do the hardware vedors realise ...

That the coins slot on the uk version will have to be able to take our 50p pieces...

Paris, because even she's not that stoopid

Vista SP1 downloaders bite back

Simon Westerby

I can see a pattern here..

People who were using vista with no problems, can install SP1 ok and still have no probelms...

People who have Installed Vista and are having problems, tend to get bent over and brutally sodomised some more....

I think I'll be sticking with XP for now ...

Google Sky brings the heavens to a browser near you

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Sod the star destroyers...

.. we've found the empires next 1/2 build deathstar


BBC iPlayer for iPhone and iPod Touch is iGo

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RE:TV on a phone?

Its not just TV that is streamed via iplayer... its auntie beebs radio programs too.

I could try to listen to them atm using Realplayer (on my n73 on 3) but 3 are being really nice and dropping live steams connections after 1m 45s ....

So much foir my unlimted streaming on X-Series.

Now if the BBC iPlayer offically supported the N73 i would have something to crack 3 over the head with, As they do not the ycurrently just claim all sorts to avoid fixing the issue....

Simon Westerby
Paris Hilton

Where the rest of the mobile support then?

Nice to see the BBC supporting the majority markets ...

Oh hang on, this is so they can jump on the iPhone spin-wagon again!

I want to see the version that runs on my N73 (s60) over 3g ... surely thats a bigger target market then the bloody iPhone...

Paris, because she's jus as sexeh as the iPhone... and about as clever too...

Dell moves 40,000 Ubuntu PCs

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@ Daniel - Dev distro

Have you tried Centos? Sounds like its just what you need ...

Tesco punts Xbox 360 bundle for £33.24

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Re:Wouldn't work anyway

But shirley if they charge your card, the have accepted your offer?

Really its Tesco's fault for using S/W to undecut their competition, without having a safeguard in place to make sure that the price they list is valid..

Ho-hum ..

Phoenix hijacks Windows boot with instant-on

Simon Westerby

Hibernate Vs Standby ...

Stand by does not require your PC to "Plugged into the mains", just have a supply of power from somewhere .. My laptop goes on standyby everynight and i pop it into its case, and it happily starts up the next day in a flash!

I also standby my home PC's... i think i tried hibernate once (but it WAS windows 98 - 'nuff said) and it really broke on resume ...

I might try it again when i feel like a challenge!

Paris Hilton exits missionary position to save Universe

Simon Westerby
Paris Hilton

Paris Hilton Rwandas' off (again)

I'll get my coat

Confused BBC tech chief: Only 600 Linux users visit our website

Simon Westerby

Lies, damn lies and statistics...

OK, lets be over estimate and say, combined linux/mac users contribute 10% of the BBCs' web traffic...

Which leaves 90% on windows (95 - VISTA)

I would like to know

What % of those have been offered the iplayer trial ...

What % offered it are actively using iplayer ...

What % offered it tried using it and stopped ...

They would be more interesting figures based on how much money the BBC seem to be "wasting" on this project...

I really hope they get ot right in the end, but I for one won't be using it atm because of two things..

1) Current BBC content is pants ...

2) The technology the BBC chose was posibly the worse one the could've chosen ...

For now I'll stick with endless repeats on "Dave" and the occasional new proggy on BBC 1/2/3 and my freeview box.

Samsung samples SATA II 2.5in SSD

Simon Westerby

Dell Laptops ..

I agree with Morely Dotes..

IN may last job I used a D600 for well over two years, and that glot flug around in my car and did 500+ miles a week to and from work with me drving like a fruitbat ...

The only thing that went wrong with it was the HD died after 6 months.. and I was happy with that because I got a bigger disk!!

So 1 days pain for a reinstall in over two years isn't bad at all... esp for a Windoze PC! . .

I'm currently using a D620 for over 6 months.. no probs (touch wood)

More gnashing of teeth after Microsoft update brings PCs to a standstill

Simon Westerby

Wonder if its called "Desktop Search" because ...

... 99.9% of computer users just save everything (they download) to the desktop ...

.. Hmmm wonder when "My Documents Search" is gonna appear....

Why oh why do rock stars die young?

Simon Westerby

@Gav: Undead = Dead

Well, most (if not all) undead will have been dead at some point and therefore should already count !!

Queue argumement about undead

Microsoft remedies failed to create competition

Simon Westerby

@ Matt Bryant

"..because the public (corporate and private) will still carry on buying the products.."

In reallity the only reason people will continue buying M$ is becaus etehre is NO readilly available alternative. Have you ever seen a Linux box in PC World? Have You ever tired to buy an Apple machine from there? (with the ignorant sales-kiddy trying desperately to get you to buy a PC instead...)

And can it with all the fanboys and hax0rs crap...

I know a lot of people who use Apples because they are better for the job they do.

We use LINUX servers @ work because its better then windows and cheaper then the other big unix flavours... but we aren't hax0rs...

In fact i think you'll find most "hax0rs" are using Windows these days for better market penetration ;p

Russia plans 2025 Moonbase, 2035 Mars shot

Simon Westerby

@By Richard Kilpatrick

Simple, for every kilo of helium 3 we bring back, we ship up a kilo of domestic waste... turn the moon into a giant landfill .... like a gigantic orbitting nappy sack ...

ow... smelly

Microsoft promises less-annoying Vista OS early next year

Simon Westerby

My first encounter with vista

I tried Vista on my old AthlonXP2600 2gb ram Gforce 6600 gfx when it was in TC stage (I think itv was RC 1 ) and although it looked pretty, performance dropped trough the floor. . . WoW wnt from 50fs in 1280x1024 to about 18fps in teh same res, and memeory usage at the same time went from 600mb to the full 2gb (I think thats the way Vista uses memeopry for disc cache though.

Well it lasted < 1 day before I went back to XP.

However, it did make me upgrade to a dual core and a better gfx card, just in case i HAD to upgrade to vista sooner rather then later.

I'm sticking with XP until I really NEED Vista (the same as i did with '98)

I've been running XP for 5 or 6 years now and it does all i need it to.

PS I also run unbunto, so I'm not a M$ fanboy...

Windows Genuine Advantage cries wolf (again)

Simon Westerby

Ever tried the auto-validation by phone after an re-install...

Having had to reinstall XP several times over the years after hardware failures or through general wiondoze rot, I was very supriosed when on one occasation it failed to validate...

SO I have the "validation phone line" where it promtly asked me for my licence key, and how many pc's it was installed on, then pronmptly told me I olready had it installed on another "PC" and HAD to buy another licence. And then just abruptly hung up.

I wonder how many poor saps have just gone out and bought a new licence at that point? the good old M$ re-validation scam...

I didn't, and rang the number again in the hope of actual speaking witha person, not a robot... it took me three attempts to do so, the only way i managed it was to enter an invalid key three times over. there was no option to speak with a person at all.

When I finally did get through to a person on the other end of the line, she sorted it out in less the a minute.

M$ - crap sw / good people.

Kingston Comms loses BT connection

Simon Westerby

Surprised they didn't blame it on the floods...

Water logged cables slowly being degraded... etc etc

PC buyers: 'Vista Capable' machines weren't Vista capable

Simon Westerby

Missing the point.

The point isn't about whether the PC can run ANY version of Vista, but how M$ advertised the idea of what windows "VISTA" was.

Much of the hype around VISTA was based on features nor suppliewd in the Home Basic version, and so when people saw the "Vista capable" srickers the immeditle though of all those whizzy new features...

That how the sticker is mis-leading.

The only goog thing about teh arrival of vista as far as I can tell is PC's now come with 512mb as standard memory.... more then enough fo Win XP or various Linux flavours .... at seemingly no extra cost then just a few months earler when they shipped with XP and 256 memory.....

When 'God Machines' go back to their maker

Simon Westerby

re: "facts" to consider

The "facts you bang on about are just statements, no factual evidence at all..

>>consider the facts:

>>- The Apple design department is arguably the best in the world, in any industry.

OK i'll give you that one sto start.... they do have good designers.

>> - Phones are status symbols so looks are extremely important

Only to sad losers... Phones are phones for making..."Phone calls" so thats not a "FACT"

>> - Apple has a real operating system which beats the pants off of symbian or win mobile, which can do things the others can only dream about

Are you talking about a mobile OS? I donlt think it does "beat the pants off" symbian.... Sweeping statement, not a fact...

>> - Apple has the imagination to invent new things that people actually want

Im what way is the Iphone NEW. It offers nothing new to joe public that any "smart" phone from the last 2 years could do. They used to be pretty creative, but with the iPhone, they are just trying to jump on the "Smartphone" band wagon and hope to keep some of the iPod market tat would have been lost by ppl using other smartphones. And that will probably work. so thats not a fact either.

So, 1 out of 4 for your facts.

Realistically, yes I think the iphone will be a success for the sad losers who do need a status symbol over functionality... and I hope teh next gen of iphone does get better and add more features... nokia etc al need a kickin the pants to get them designing decent phones again...

Otherwise give my my n73 anyday (and that was free, not x hundred dollers)

Microsoft Windows patent will spy for advertisers

Simon Westerby

re:They will call it Windows Genuine Improvement(tm) and you'll have no choice

More likely

Windows Genuine Product Placement(tm)

Space boffins fire up plasma engine

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Re: Cooling issues

And where (apart from that miniscule area behind every planet) in space would NOT be in direct sunlight?

So what's in a URL? The Reg URL?

Simon Westerby

Its a conspricy - I see the black helicopters circling ...

Is this just another US conspiracy to get rid of the letter U from everyday use.

(but of course that would result in a new .co.k domain which looks a bit too rude!)

Keep .co.uk and be proud of your letter U !