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Nokia will be the mobile comeback kid in 2016 – wishful-thinking sources



Like someone else said, Jolla would have to be their way forward. It may even have been the plan all along. If I were Nokia, the way I'd go about it is keep the Jolla name, fund it and make the funding conditional on Nokia having first refusal in the event they go bust or decide to sell the company.

I wouldn't even consider re-branding their mobiles as Nokia until the Windows mobile fiasco is at least a couple more years in the past.

Finally, Mozilla looks at moving away from 'insecure' HTTP. Maybe


I don't understand the "false security" argument ...

In case none of the critics of HTTPS everywhere hadn't noticed, the world has long since moved on from the days when we had a simple choice of HTTP or HTTPS. Once you decide to use HTTPS you then have to choose between several options, from self-signed, single site/wild card domain and extended validation (EV) certificates.On top of that, there's multiple levels of encryption strength.

So, we multiple levels of security not two, and all that is really being proposed is removing the weakest tier.

As for hosting providers and certificate costs. There are free options to complement the option of creating your own CA.

Finally, nobody is promising a secure utopia where nobody has to worry anymore, all that is being proposed is that we raise the security bar that tries to stop hackers and the government from hurting us a little higher. It should be about as contentious as deprecating SSLv2 or SSLv3.

Google drops a log into its cloud. A log analyser, that is


Re: Beta? Google?

My thoughts, too.

An old boss of mine was always wary of "cool new toys" I wanted to deploy for our customers, not because he disliked them but because he was worried about ending up with a low number of users and feeling obliged to support them despite the lack of profit.

Guess Google too rich to care about little things like customer retention and satisfaction. They're hooked on adverts and proper products sold for a profit just seems to be a bit of a hobby.

Vodafone Pay TV launch rumoured for November


Awful move

A much better move would be to replicate what they've done with Spotify and Netflix, and sign up as many other over the top content providers as possible, and integrate access to their content into a single unified interface. A gate-keeper role like that fits in nicely with their plans to focus on infrastructure.

If necessary, drop Tivo to make that happen.



I want to able to choose one supplier and have access to almost everything. Cheap solutions that have almost nothing over anyone else and the dozens that peddle in limited selection plus a few exclusives to sweeten the bitter pill do not interest me at all.

An e-reader you HAVEN'T heard of: Cybook Ocean 8"


Re: Missing a trick?

It's not necessary to re-create every aspect of something you're trying to replace. Books only show two pages at once because, otherwise every other page would be blank and twice as much paper would be used. Transit and storage of books in warehouses and shop would also be higher.

The most realistic way to reduce page turning, for e-readers, is to have a larger one. For me, personally, larger sizes only really work if it's still possible to comfortably in one hand. I've not found one at a good price point, though. I've considered a kindle DX but the keyboard puts me off because I don't think I'd use it very often.

One thing I would like, though, would be an Android E-Ink device that allowed me to install the apps for multiple book sellers. I'm considering a Nook that can be hacked to do just that.

Chrome devs hatch plan to mark all HTTP traffic insecure


I don't see the problem with this idea ...

Good move, Google, go for it.

To those who think this is stupid, let's be clear on one thing. It's the current implementation of HTTPS that is broken, not the idea. The idea of using secure, encrypted, communications to obtain privacy and security remains a sound idea.

So, likewise, the idea of us upgrading all of our Internet communications to a secure system is a sound one.

OK, now we have got that out of way, lets think about implementing the idea of a secure communications channel for all Internet traffic as a process with many steps, not something we achieve overnight

All those HTTP websites that everyone is going on about, those will go away within a reasonable amount of time. No company worth doing business with will want their customers getting those kinds of warnings. I think the hosting companies will deal with most of the non-commercial websites, if not willingly then they will eventually be forced to do it for all users by a noticeable minority who complain or ask their hosting company to do this.

If this, somehow, managed to put pressure on ipv4 space, that's GREAT! Why on earth is that something to complain about? The sooner we move over to using ipv6 exclusively, the better, right ?

Amazon buries the hatchet, not Hachette, in ebook price brouhaha


Re: "Amazon accused Hachette of trying to set the prices on its titles too high"

The trader has always negotiates with the supplier on price, nothing new there.

The trader has always had the right to not to stock things they feel are too expensive.

It's the offering of financial incentives to lower the price that's strange. Usually, that's the other way around and the seller is offering incentives to buy more.


There goes Amazon's profits for another decade, then

Low prices and a financial incentive to keep them low suggests to me that, once again, Amazon is spending its profits to artificially lower prices and hurt the competition.

Redmond top man Satya Nadella: 'Microsoft LOVES Linux'


We shouldn't be surprised, should we ?

I think the strange thing was that they ever had any dislike for Linux, not that they should like it.

Microsoft's job No.1 is "Let's make money", and Linux is providing them with revenue via patents and the customers they have running Linux in the cloud.

The real surprise is that they've not embraced it at least as much as they've embraced OS X.

I think mistake number one that any business can make is to try and tell their customers what to run. Everything the customer wants should, within reason, be available ... for a price.

Customers should be won over by listening to their needs and seducing them with promises of what is possible, if only they used your software and/or hardware.

SDI wars: WTF is software defined infrastructure?


Sounds nice, but ...

When does any of this stuff ever work as well as we expect? I still remember my parents talk about these computers that were going to take away everyone's jobs. The very things that have kept me gainfully employed for the whole of my adult life.

Infrastructure will get better, and more reliable, and it will allow us to do more things and process more data. However, it will *never* be pain sailing and it will always keep a large number of people gainfully employed keeping things ticking over.

Torvalds CONFESSES: 'I'm pretty good at alienating devs'


Re: Eric Raymond's (in)famous quote

Gee that was a stupid thing to say, but don't that personally.

Let me guess, you would also look at painting, tell the painter that it was shit and not expect him to take it personally.

Windows 10 feedback: 'Microsoft, please do a deal with Google to use its browser'


The more I think about it, adopting Firefox makes a lot of sense!

Microsoft considered re branding IE because it may be a damaged brand.

Adopting Firefox would be a much better than that re-brand because it would be more than a marketing move. They would also have a much better ecosystem of third-party developers and web development tools.

For the love of God, though, please do NOT let them consider buying Mozilla! I want them on Linux, and after trying their Firefox-based IDE think Firefox OS deserves a place in the future!

Revealed: Malware that forces weak ATMs to spit out 'ALL THE CASH'


Every cloud has a silver lining

The more common these methods become the less interest there is in my individual card and bank account, giving me less to worry about.

I got no worries about any banks going bust, because my "riches" are lower than the amount guaranteed by the Bank of England. I'd like to think the government would get a grip before it became big enough to effect the country's economy.

Grooveshark caught in a net of its own making


Idiots! Why on earth did they think it was a groovy idea to instruct their employees to break the law ... and leave a permanent email record ?

It's not a great idea, period, but if you're going to be illegal at least try and do it secretly like .. I dunno ... giving the instructions verbally and then denying you said it. Emails can be destroyed, but it's better not to create damaging documents of any kind in the first place if possible!

Man, its smartphones are SQUARE. But will BlackBerry make a comeback with them?


I'm no BlackBerry fan, but ...

I'd want to try a square mobile before I dismissed the idea. I imagine the shape could be more useful for productivity apps. iPad and iPad mini is 4:3, which isn't quite square but closer to it than the 16:9 ratio of most Android tablets and mobiles.

The killer for me is the keyboard, not so keen on that. I liked the Palm Pre 2 one, but the rest sucked for me.

'Windows 9' LEAK: Microsoft's playing catchup with Linux


Re: Noob!

Ubuntu does support Workspaces with Unity, but it is disabled by default. There's a box to tick in one of the system settings, Display settings I think but if not then Google for the right one.

Android banking apps vulnerable to cash theft by CAS hole hackers



Of all the businesses in the world, you'd think the money men would be the best at cracking the concept of building a secure well-tested application.

Brits stung for up to £625 when they try to cancel broadband


Don't get it ...

The TV/(Land line) Phone and Broadband companies just love ripping us off with these 12/18/24 month contracts .. and they also love every excuse they have to renew lengthy commitments for any old trivial reason. Hell, Virgin made me enter into another min. term of 12 months just for taking their Spotify promotion where I got 3 months for free. I only got it because: 1) The service was OK and 2) I expected it to remain so.

There should be an upper limit of 6 months, and withdrawal from the contract due to poor service should be a legal right. I'm surprised it isn't already.

Does anyone know of a *good* reason for them to lock customers in, besides filling their coffers? The desire to lock customers in doesn't inspire much confidence that they'll provide a good enough service to keep you :-s

Running the Gauntlet: Atari's classic ... now and then


Did this game have an end ??

Did the game have an end, or was it a money maker for Atari by generating new levels infinitely to encourage you to pop in more and more cash for energy ??

I got disillusioned when I discovered that the press of one key on the keyboard allowed you to walk through walls in the Spectrum version. Found out by accident, and got through lots and lots of levels until I got bored.

Unionised workers vote to become thorn in HP's side


Re: Stil at HP?

The writing may have been on the wall for some time, but some people cannot read. I'd only bother with them on a contract (again), not as an FTE, so long as the money was good enough.

Cost-cutting Barclays bank swings axe on 5,600 IT and ops bods


I'm sorry, but ...

Surely some people here have worked within IT departments where some, or all, of the below apply:

* A lot of "dead wood" loitering about

* Old or obsolete technology being used, that could be dumped (along with staff related to it)

* Systems that could be set up to require less maintenance.

So, maybe, just maybe ... Barclay's really could cope fine without the staff they're offloading ?

Note the "Maybe" ;-) It could be a disaster, I'm just pointing out that it might not be.

Sony on the ropes after revising losses UP to $1.3 BEEELLION



Guess the HD DVD war wasn't one that was worth winning, then ?

I think this was probably a long time coming. Outside of the console business, I don't think many people really care about buying Sony products anymore. I think they're in long term decline, unless they find a hat or two with a rabbit inside.

Apple once desired to be Sony, maybe now they will buy them and revive their TV business.

Google forges a Silver bullet for Android, aims it at Samsung's heart


Foolish move for Google, this will provide all the struggling mobile operating systems with a route back into the game. Executives at Microsoft, Blackberry, Jolla and what remains of Nokia must be feeling *very* optimistic now.

Maybe Samsung knew this, and that is why they finally launched a Tizen mobile ?

HP's Whitman rues 'biggest failure' at eBay Japan


Re: how to turn hp around

If you want smaller printer drivers switch OS to Linux, most drivers there are an incredible 0kb due to not being written. You won't be able to print anything mind.

Seriously, though ... reading the text and unticking check boxes before clicking next goes a long way towards reducing "driver" install sizes.

Customisation is BAD for the economy, say Oz productivity wonks


Dear god

We're not robots in a factory, striving to achieve all of our dreams in the "most efficient manner possible".

I don't bother learning to drive, and use public transport extensively, because I value the ability to relax whilst traveling long distances over the shortest possible journey time.

I love to cook my own food because I enjoy it, because I enjoy being able to vary end product and because (god damn it) the slight unpredictability of the output makes it more interesting.

Sometimes, I go to the corner shop instead of the supermarket because I value the convenience over the cheaper product.

If I could find a job that pays a similar rate but less hours, you know what .... I'd probably take that as well because maximising the amount of money I can produce in a day is NOT the sole purpose of my life.

What's more, food is probably a poor example because I'm pretty sure we're producing more than we need to feed everyone. We're just distributing it poorly and prioritising profit over people, now that IS an inefficiency worth thinking about.

And! For! Yahoo!'s next! trick! ... Making! two! new! TV! comedies!


They're all mad!

Focus on doing at least one thing well, instead of many things badly.

Can anyone name a single Yahoo product for consumers that is "best in class" or even "second best in class"?

Stephen Elop: I was RIGHT to BURN the PLATFORMS


Bad bad Elop

Stephen Elop and Tony Blair, separated at birth ? Both made monumentally stupid decisions that destroyed their organisations popularity and alienated a large core of their fan base.

Almost all of my mobiles up to the time of the "Burning platform" memo were Nokias, but when I heard that I decided to boycott Nokia. Symbian was flawed, but it was improving and could have remained a contender. The jump from Meamo to Meego probably hurt Nokia too, but as the N9 showed it wasn't a fatal stumble.

For what its worth, yes, I have tried Windows phone 8. One was brought into my house, and I do what I can to keep the owner happy .. but my god, it really is not a great platform, especially when it is supposed to be a relatively "mature" platform by now! The quality of the camera is the only thing that saves it from the bin. As for the "app store" jesus christ I thought the selection in Ovi was bad and that free apps for Android or Symbian could be be bad :-s I laugh whenever my daughter expects to find a free app for her mum to do something similar to the one she has on her £50 ZTE lolol!

Amazon wires up email-to-Kindle to its gigantic online hard drive


One thing that is news for me ...

One thing that is news for me, is that I now have an email address accessible from a device that can live on stand-by for up to 1 month! My "old school" e-ink kindle suddenly got a great deal more useful, especially if my email server automatically archived email with Amazon as it arrived instead of using the kindle address as my primary address.

Amazon sets FIRE to your living room in bid to shake up TV streaming


Ouya? OuNo!

Bye bye Ouya, it was nice knowing you but Amazon and others invading your space are going to kill you.

First mover advantage is only useful if you're the hare rather than the tortoise, in this case!

Years of AWOL Windows Phone features finally show up in video leaks



And I thought Amiga OS updates weren't frequent or substantial enough hahha!

Android goes virtual


Could it be ?

That Nokia's announcement this week, about "joining a competitive ecosystem" will be that they intend to use Dalvik instead of J2ME?

Surely a sensible step for Nokia in addition to their QT strategy for native applications across symbian and Meego? They might want to look at being able to allow developers to, optionally, target their QT apps at Android as well as their own platform.

It could be considered it an extension, or development if you like, of their existing strategy rather than a U turn.

It's what I would do if I was Nokia, perhaps even as part of an embrace, extend, extingish approach to regaining their lost market share.


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