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Apple restyles iPod Shuffle

Euan Brodie
Jobs Horns

A well known Red and Blue supermarket

Well I was going to be buying a 2GB for snowboarding and was rather annoyed when I spotted this... However I have found a certain mainstream supermarket is still selling the old style one so I can wear any god-darn ear buds I like :o)

Sennheiser MM50 for iPhone stereo headset

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Loop the other way and all is good

If you look the headphones around the back of your neck then the different lengths make more sense. Also that way you can easily run the cord down under your shirt to your pocket where its nicely stashed. Saves having to faff around trying to loop the buggers over the backs of your ear. :)

Online campaign urges MPs to block secret expenses

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The Cheeky Blighters

Hmm, not impressed with this rubbish. Letter has been sent, however I'll not hold my breath on it being acted on.

Microsoft promises less-annoying Vista OS early next year

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Vista just peed me off from the moment I let its sorry underdeveloped ass on to my computer. Now I upgraded from XP to Vista 64 bit (1st Mistake), then I tried to watch a .avi file using media centre on my TV (2nd mistake). How can an OS thats advertised as being better for the media performance and ease of use expect me to go and look on the internet for a set of codecs from a random dodgy site and then have to also apply a x64 patch to make them work. Granted now I still get the occasional hiccup but at least it works. Simply put, why wasn't it in the first release?

I'm not going to even go in to talking about trying to copy a few gigs back and forth. After much gnashing of teeth and the like I installed vmware and use that or duel boot back to a small XP footprint on the other drive to do essential maintenance and the like.

Pain in the proverbial!

So what's in a URL? The Reg URL?

Euan Brodie

Keep it as it please

Its your name, and its just fine the way it is.

Just like Post boxes should be red, and that you should be able to still sleep in Phone Boxes if caught without your keys on a drunken evening thats a British thing and should be retained!

theregister.co.uk all the way ;O)


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