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Oracle patches decade-old 'Mark-of-the-Beast' bug in Java


not the only one perhaps?

Has anyone thought to check C#?

After all these str to decimal type conversions near limits, are not just potentially an issue for one runtime.

As reg reported previously bug affected two languages, but both of those now fixed.

Nasdaq admits hackers planted malware on web portal


out with the old, timing seems out?

Errm El reg needs to do some date and fact checking.

The .net windows based system hasn't quite been switched off yet (due to be any day now)

So if there was an attack last summer, then it would be against the Accenture developed windows pile, that is being thrown out in next few weeks.


What will take over in february 2011 is an Oracle / Red Hat system from Millenium IT

When it goes live then you can start your stone throwing, but until then you are simply criticizing .net technology :P

The new system might well be something that LSE can sell to other smaller exchanges as it offers much better share transaction speeds than anything currently on the market.


You could support this instead of knocking as it is good for UK biz.