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Doctor Who's The Zygon Invasion shape-shifts Clara and brings yet more hybrids


You must admit that it would have rather ruined the whole 'plane getting shot down by bad Clara using a MANPAD' part of the plot if the aircraft had been able to avoid the missile by flying at altitude, blanketing the electromagnetic spectrum with noise and popping flares and chaff as if it were going out of fashion.

Although, quite pretty, especially at night. Maybe not the electromagnetic bit.

Apple rains refunds on Peace'd off axed ad-blocker netizens


They did it to this app, but not all of the other ones that do the same thing?

They let the apps onto the App store in the first place, knowing full well what they can do?

They added the ability to add extensions, including adblocking, to Safari, without thinking this through?

It wasn't Apple. Nice try, though.

My top three IT SNAFUs - and how I fixed them

IT Angle

Government IT - enough said

Biggest IT SNAFU I've been involved with? Put it this way - I used to work for the Office of the e-Envoy, responsible for UKOnline and the Government Gateway.

Microsoft involvement meant that the portal required IE, for 'security' purposes. After a couple of months I think we managed to get it to work, mostly, in other browsers, but initial signup still had to be in IE on Windows.

Later we discovered that the terms of the contract meant that MS got the rights to take away all the things it had learned from working with us to set up the government gateway, and implement the same thing elsewhere, including stuff we'd developed in house.

That whole wretched episode isn't entirely deleted off my CV, but its appearance is brief...

Watch it: It's watching you as you watch it (Your Samsung TV is)


I fixed it by not connecting the TV to t'internet, and using a small form factor computer instead (I'll admit that it's a Mac Mini running Kodi/XBMC and will wear the resulting down votes with pride!), limiting what it can do on the Internet too.

It's much better at doing the things I need it to do than any smart TV, upgradeable, and at least I can control what it does, and doesn't send.

Europe: Apple could NOT care less about kids' in-app cash sprees


Re: huh?

None of those things? That's odd, because with freemium apps on iOS, IAPs require passwords, just as apps do by default. You can't turn that off. You can, however, turn off in app purchases entirely in the settings.

Apple do use 'free' in the store listings, but only where the price normally goes. Seems reasonable and consistent, no? Just like just having 'install' where the price normally goes on the Play store.

Apple identify right under the name, at the top of the listing 'Offers in-app purchases' when the application does. They always have.

Russian deputy PM: 'We are coming to the Moon FOREVER'


And there I was, thinking that 'missle' was a horrible misspelling that arose thanks to the infosuperhighwaybahn. I was wrong.

Samsung isn't alone: HTC profits take a huge dive


Re: Not in the mood to swap phones anymore

Agreed. A dropped call would get in the way of MotoGoog doing this: http://www.beneaththewaves.net/Projects/Motorola_Is_Listening.html

Microsoft exposes green users' privates in web quiz snafu

Thumb Down

Typical - I have a whine about a spelling mistake and leave out a word. Should have included 'amiss'.


It doesn't ask for an email address. Is that their 'fix'?

Also, a spelling checker wouldn't go on the front page: "Thas's"?

Mobile tech destroys the case for the HS2 £multi-beellion train set


Re: Bussiness.. No I'd rather.

Added bonus, no people from those better parts of the country coming down south demanding free dry cleaning services to deal with the nasty grease stains clothes from the huge chips on their shoulders.

There you go, about as funny and clever as your post, i.e., not at all.

Things that cost the same as coffee with Tim Cook - and are way more fun


A Nissan Juke, even the 'fancy' limited edition, counts as a flash car?

And yes, it is for charity. If I had the money and the will to spend it like this (which I don't, on both counts) I'd rather sit with someone like Tim Cook, Larry Page, Bill Gates or even Larry Ellison than some gormless footballer.

Also, don't drink coffee. Do you reckon I'd get a discount if I asked for a nice cup of cocoa, with extra marshmallows?

Bloomberg blocks its hacks from snooping on financial terminals


Re: re: evidence that someone didn't read the article

Yup, I scanned the article and missed that bit. Apologies.


When I was at Merrill Lynch in the 90s we were assured by the Bloomberg reps that messaging using the terminals was 100% secure, and we used it for all sorts (work mainly, but also partly, in my case, furthering my 'friendship' with a special friend who was also on the network) knowing that. Nice to know that wasn't the case. Lovely.

Acer reveals 'floating' screen to save desktop, self


like a mule

Ezel? That'll make it popular in the (admittedly small) dutch speaking markets - Ezel = Donkey in Dutch.

Also, trackpad in annoying place. Not only do you have to reach over to touch the screen, but you've also got to reach over to reach the trackpad.

Oz volcano's lava lake spills from crater


Question that may very well be a silly one, but if the caldera is filled with molten rock to the point where it is overflowing, why is the ice/snow/glacier, especially that covering the caldera and surrounding the place where it is spilling out, still there?

Egyptian navy captures divers trying to cut undersea internet cables


Re: @The lone lurker

Cut on the very same day that England draws New Zealand in the third test? Coincidence? I don't think so, and if you do you're clearly a Mossad/CIA/US Coastguard running dog capitalist lackey.

And stuff.

Oz shop slaps browsers with $5 just looking fee


This is very true. It's painful. We keep being told we should 'support small businesses', but when the local small business is significantly more expensive that the alternative it is hard.

A small markup I can take for convenience, but 15-20%+, which is what sometimes happens, even between B&M stores. Well, I'm not a charity, and more to the point, neither are they.


I live about five minutes away from the shop in question, and have two friends with coeliac disease (as in actually have it, rather than being fashionable/conned into thinking they have gluten intolerance as so many people seem to). They have refused to shop there in the past due to, and i paraphrase 'customer service issues'.

I rather suspect their opinion will not be swayed by this latest development.

SimCity 2000



That cheat code is permanently etched on my brain. It's the only one I've remembered from that era.

Mobile operators look to Firefox to beat back Google, Apple


Of course, when the Telefonica/O2 guy said '“moving backward, duopolies are no good for anyone", he really meant to say "moving backward, duopolies are no good for us. Telcos don't want to be the dumb pipes they really are (and the only thing they're any good at), and want a monopoly instead. Also, java applets that look like zx81 games are really cool, and stuff'.

'Depression-era grandma' Apple responds to bolshy investor


Ah, that explains why they began paying dividends in 2012 - twice, in fact. Next round is due on the 11th.

You know, unlike Google.

America planned to NUKE THE MOON


Re: ummmm...

Well, if they sat it on the surface there might be a decent bit of shockwave transmission. And glass. Pretty, pretty, glow in the dark glass.

Microsoft gouges Australia lightly on Surface


Re: Australians get gouged by everyone!

Dear Webcrowd.

I am concerned that your post does not direct a sufficient amount of vitriol, hyperbole and, indeed, any kind of histrionics towards Apple, instead picking on poor Adobe, who are a force for good and awesomeness and, err, open and stuff.

Please correct this oversight to better fit in with the other posters on el Reg. Thank you, and have a nice day

Going back to the matter at hand - if you really want comedy overcharging gold in Australia, check out car pricing over here. And how even 'standard' euro brands like Opel, VW, Peugeot and Citroen are positioned as premium brands, and charge accordingly. It's really quite irritating.

Apple iOS 6 review


Re: I waited almost 9 months

Unless you buy your nexus from one of the many operators that install their own firmware on the things, or Samsung's superspecial Yakjuxw, rather than Google's own Yakju, in which you might still be waiting.

Of course, you could root the thing yourself, unlock the bootloader and change it to Yakju, but that rather defeats the point for 'normal', i.e., the majority of phone purchasers, no?

And idiot? That special condescension app that comes with Android phones seems to be getting a real workout today, eh?

Boy wrecks £22k worth of MacBooks by weeing on them



I am dissapointed that there have been no Withnail and I references made to date.

Prada Phone by LG 3.0


Nonsense. This, from an arch fandroid hangout, tells the true story.


But believing it would get in the way of a good old, and ever so dull, opportunity to bash Apple, of course.

Eight... HD camera smartphones


Why not? The 4S, like it or not, does a great job with photographs and video. Both tests and real world experience shows this to be true. Is it just because the article doesn't pander to your particular set of biases?

Display defect may crimp iPhone 5 shipments


You are a brilliant person

It must be fabulous to be as clever as you are, and no superiority complex to speak of either. Hoot at parties as well, yes?

Android bug lets attackers install malware without warning


scratches neckbeard and waves hands

but, but, it's Ooooooopen!

360 Browser


Re: refund

Would be great if that still were the case, but it isn't - google changed it to 15 minutes back in December 2010. Clock starts sticking as soon as you choose to download it. Barely long enough to download and evaluate it properly, and when I say 'barely' I really mean 'nowhere near'.

Android's on top – will Nokia and RIM let it in?


Recipe for disaster

I bet that even if Nokia were to switch to something as succesful as Android they'd manage to screw it up, much like the peeps at Sony Ericsson, who have completely failed to get the whole 'support the user, ideally with upgrades and nice customer support' ever since launching the P series of Symbian phones, and are continuing that fine tradition with the X10. Why would Nokia be any different?

Better they stick with a new OS like WP7 that is being sold to neophytes who see the name 'Microsoft' and think that all good flows out of Redmond. And, of course, the MS vassals who have a vested interest in the Microsoft dominance being extended beyond just the desktop.