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PS3, Xbox 360 pass water on Wii


quite the opposite

Quite the opposite here , I have three friends who have xboxes, and every other friend / family (atleast 40) member has a PS3 or has had a Wii, an this is in the UK, a few years ago this may have been different as I know a few had a Wii or an Xbox, but the dynamic seems to have changed in the PS3's favour for Hard core games and the additional content bundled

Sony PS3 rootkit rumours rubbished


Your Right

However, the T&C's relate tothe consoles online use and your asked to accept it to proceed,

The whole thing about modding a consumer electronic is not in question, as sticking new bits of coloured plastic or new HDD's is a form of Modding, however modding the o/s to use on the pre agree T&C's online allowing you to either pirate or negate unfair advantages over other users is where the T&C's come in to force and can terminate your use of a service , not the product (hardware) the hardware can still used offline and the other unofficial sign code can be used just not on the network.

theres two products here, the hardware which is yours and the network which isn't .



and why did they take out the Linux O/S ?? because as already state people were tinkering with it , leave it alone and enjoy it as it was .

Car analogy makes no sense. it has very little after sales purchases apart from fuel, services.

but Like I said if you mod your car outside of the manufactuer's original design it may be taken of the road. doesn't mean you cant enjoy it on your own on private (ie ps3 would be taken of the net you can enjoy it offline) thats the only relevant analogy


Missed the point

Dont think you got the gist here, the hardware is yours, do with it what you will, however using it on sony's network outside the T&C , ie hacking or piracy etc is the whole point, if you want to mod YOUR equipment then do so just expect it to be taken of the network.or road as analogy seems to be in this forum.


And Then?

WTF I haven't heard a more stupid analogy in my life.

A car is nothing like a Games console, You do not buy a car and buy additions to run on that car from the manufacturer solely, however making illegal modification or alterations will vinvalidate warranties or get yourself in trouble with the law.

A games munfacturers business is selling games, therefore a platform is created (ie the console you buy) and they licence games for that platform. its a business model, one which you agreed to when you bought that platform, when people start tinkering with it so that the business model changes, making the platform holder change security and o/s capabilities to prevent piracy, I can quite rightly see why Sony are P**sed . stop making silly comparisons. anyone can do that for any circumstance , does not mean its the same thing


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