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Chris Rock

I'm glad someone brought him up. Go find a clip of him talking about niggers. He's a black guy that uses the work, not in a friendly context but actually to insult certain types of black people.

What if he was in the house? Would they evict him, being a black comedian, saying that word?

On a separate note - it was a big of a shame that in the post BB chat show (Big Brother's Big Mouth) they couldn't find a guest to disagree with their decision. That would have made for a more interesting debate.

End of the day - I never watch Big Brother. Ever. I did tonight. C4 win.

Substitute teacher's conviction for porn popups set aside


Court Rules??

"Court rules prevented Amero's defense team from presenting testimony that could have shown the computer was infected with malware that forced the computer to display pop-ups."

Comes up time and time again - courts rule that certain crucial evidence is inadmissible. For example CCTV evidence in the famour Stephen Lawrence murder case. I never really understood why this happens.

So what Court Rules were they?