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Horizon finds new potential in the sci-fi staple deepsleep tale



The movie Idiocracy did it best and they never even left Earth.


Running the Gauntlet: Atari's classic ... now and then


Wall Exits

Ever got stuck? Stand still for 5 minutes and all the walls turned to exits.

You just had to keep feeding in those 10p pieces as your health was forever running down.

What can The Simpsons teach us about stats algorithms? Glad you asked...


Re: Downhill all the way ??


Data Set 1:


4 15

7 13

9 10

13 5

Data Set 2:


122 95

127 82

133 71

137 55

Both show a negative trend.

Combined, albeit very artificial looking, they show a positive trend.

EBay, you keep using the word 'SECURITY'. I do not think it means what you think it means


Re: "eBay has reset everyone's passwords as a precaution"

Now should I email corrections@theregister.co.uk to say the email address to email corrections to isn't corrections@thereg?



Mike Dailly

Mike the original programmer and designer of this still codes for fun on Commodore +4 / C16 machines and is a poster over on http://plus4world.powweb.com website.

UK.gov threatens to 'pull plug' on smart meter rollout



Surely the main reason this project should never happen is that it will be a field day for hackers. How long until the security is bypassed, weeks, days, hours?

Bank emails punters asking for their, er, email address


Security Detail

"Cahoot, like all other banks, would never send a customer an email asking them to enter, reconfirm or change their security details such as account numbers"

Is account number a security detail?

Since when has anyone ever asked, needed or been able to change account numbers?

Watchdog takes aim at premium-rate phone apps



PhonePayPlus! Next they'll be renaming something everyone knows like CORGI to Gas Safe Register... oh.

Blue Screen of Death gets makeover for Windows 8



Guru Meditation is where cool errors ended - http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Guru_Meditation

Facebook game outfit Zynga files for $1bn IPO


Zynga Poker

When the US finally legalises online poker Zynga Poker will become the most valueble poker site in the world.

Virgin Media to issue firmware update after Superhub slows to crawl


Flood Control

Superhub - Switch off flood control

Superhub - Switch off flood control

Superhub - Switch off flood control

Superhub - Switch off flood control

Superhub - Switch off flood control

Superhub - Switch off flood control

Thanks to a poster on the previous Superhub article and the phonecall from the installer to the VM helpline this fixed ALL my connection issues in Southampton.

Packet loss went from 85% to 0% and a rock solid 20Mbps connection.

Virgin Media kills 20Mb broadband service



Thanks @kwikbreaks oh I wished I checked back here before the engineer arrived this morning, scratched his head for an hour before calling their own tech support only to end up switching off Flood Detection!


Docsis Upgrade

I recently had terrible connection problems. An engineer visited and switched me to the new cable modem/router which I assume is the Docsis 3 one. I now have rock solid 20Mb download and 2Mb upload speeds but having major issues with packet loss running a pingtest. It's currently losing between 30% and 90% of all packets. Engineer is booked to visit Friday morning, fingers crossed.