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Netgear CEO says 'closed' Apple is doomed


Room at the Top

There is more than enough room for both open and closed systems. The world has billions of people.

Jobs, the arrogant but talented ass, is not interested in competing in commodity markets. He markets to, and builds, and designs for, a segment that has high income, is naïve about technology, and that loves feeling fashionable.

Jobs wants the system closed and proprietary so that Apple can control all revenue streams in and out of its devices and his consumers' pockets. And Apple takes a big bite out of every transaction whether it's from AT&T, Verizon, Amazon, Mercedes Benz, Ford, the Wall Street Journal, or Joe's Bait and Tackle. Real Time Money ("RTM") flows, 24/7. What a concept.

Apple has more than 160 million iWhatever users. Over 10 billion (sic) apps have been downloaded from its revolutionary App Store that everyone else is copying. Apple has revenue of about $100 billion per year and profit of $24 billion. That gives Apple one of the highest profit margins in the entire world. Probably higher than cocaine.

I own some Apple stock and would love to get a 5% annual dividend, which the company easily could afford. But I also know how much power Apple's huge cash balances give the company. My questions are: Will the stock price decline as Jobs health declines? Where is Jobs successor?


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