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Opera chief: Microsoft's IE 8 ‘undermines’ web standards

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The fact is if microsoft had disallowed the old style support they would have been lambasted by users who use things like internet banking some of which RELY on the broken old IE model.

The best anyone can hope for is backwards compatibility and a switch to turn the old functionality on and off in the application itself to allow "pure" and "non-pure" browsing.

All seems like sour grapes to me from the other companies, the real loosers should microsoft remove the old support would be customers who would avoid ie 8.x for as long as possible, which is I am sure what their competition are seeking.

UK IT should 'fire men first', says Kate Craig-Wood

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I can assure you anyone firing me because I am male will see the inside of a tribuneral very quickly

DSGi crosses fingers on new store format

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bye bye

*wavies to pc world*.. what a pity.... *grins*.

'Lenny': Debian for the masses?

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@Alex and stuff

Alex, your comment is ridiculous and elitist and typifies why people stay away from linux, you are the supposed "hardcore" which stops true acceptance on the desktop.

Debian is and always has been a very stable linux, it doesn't pretend to be the easiest linux to use either. I used to work with some guys from the debian project and they are pretty engrossed with the debian movement (Ones DPL), I remember saying to people in 2000 that debian needed to offer a graphical installer etc just to make it a bit easier, in those days you had to resort to escaping the installer at certian points and installing packages and restarting.

I agree that linux isn't necesarily a "just works" product, but I do not support the elitist attitude that only the computer elite should have access to high quality software, that is stupid just like your attitude. Linux is a great OS and if someone wants to install it they should be allowed to. And when these users need help they should try themselves and then seek help from those in the know who should supply the help so they can become part of the so-called faithful. To keep people way because they are not up to your existing standard defeats the object of producing an OS for people to use in the first place.....

Apple iTunes Store goes '100% DRM-free' - allegedly

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non Apple device goodness

finally i can buy a sonos without all the re-rip nonsense.

Microsoft spits out ODF plans for Office 2007 SP2

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What do your customers use ?

Until large amounts of businesses switch from microsoft office to open office, microsoft will always own the office suite space. A lot of corporates do not trust "free" software as being "ready for prime time", thats the sorry truth.

if I was a business and was accepting documents from customers and all my customers used open office I'd probably use it to. But if all my customers used microsoft office I would use that. A business can never dictate what their customers use and most large business' are microsoft shops.

until that changes open office will never make inroads to the behmoth that is microsoft office.

Skype ignores PayPal siphoning hijack scheme

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Something similar

Happened to me recently.

I got an email stating that there had been a paypal transaction to skype, I tried to log in to my skype account and found that i could !!

There was no records of credits or calls so I spoke to paypal , who agreed that this was odd and also decided that my account had been accessed not by myself.

The amount was credited back to my credit card within 4 days.

I changed all security on my account etc, I still have , and never had had my paypal linked to skype.

Password pants-off at Lloyds Bank

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plain text

This means that at some point staff can read a users password, thats a joke.. As a developer I am heavily against storing passwords in plain text, its just asking for someone to steal them and to be honest is security 101, so the real question here is who changed that password and at what stage ?

Surely they should just be storing a hash or such as your password match and not what you actually typed in.

Record industry pushes ISPs to cut off file sharers

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Flawed logic

It makes no sense at all to drop an ISP account here as one account could be shared by multiple peolpe in the house. Also internet access for the normal household is fast becomming, if it is not already, a must have.

I know that when i bought my house I turned down several because of poor internet connection, I just use the web and internet far too much to have it taken away now.

The illegal sharing of copyright material is a problem that has always been around and people tried in vain to stop other mediums such as the cassette to cassette recorders from being released, ultimately everyone realised that wouldn't stop determined pirates and they stopped asking for this.

I beleive this will happen for the net. If people do insist in infringing copyright then I'd support financial penalties possibly moving through to court appearances for persistent offenders. But any attempt to shut a net connection down because of the activity on said connection, may deprive perfectly innocent people of that connection and stop say for example an immobile person from being able to shop at a online store for example.

The record industry is trying desperately to protect revenue but this is a sledgehammer to a nut and ultimately I suspect this demand will fail, not least because peolpe will just move to another provider.

Sony's 40GB PS3 for Europe confirmed

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They've missed the point

I don't want a playstation 3 with reduced functionality and the ONLY reason I didn't buy an XBOX360 was because I could play old games on the new console. Maybe i'm not the norm. But as a consumer this simply isn't good enough. As someone else has said we are overcharged in this country anyway.

I don't know why sony are intent on hurting their market but a blue ray player isn't enough for me to buy the ps3 over the 360, i'd sooner wait for blue ray players to drop and get a seperate and play 360 games than be conned by sony.

Well done sony I reckon you've dropped one of the only features most of the people I know who were waiting for a price drop really cared about.

Hint of next PS3 spied on web

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I really can't see

this helping sony one jot unless the price is significantly reduced. I currently want to buy a ps3 in its current incarnation, I don't want a reduced feature set, what I want is to not pay more for my machine than the americans or at least to have the price of the existing spec slashed. until this happens i won't buy a ps3.

Japanese Wii sales rain on PS3 parade

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Sony pays the price

For delivering a solution thats way way too expensive.

PC superstore unhinged by Linux

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Ex sales now a dev

During university i used to work at pc world. I also worked there full time for 1 year before that. This was from 1996-1999.

I was one of those people who actually knew what I was talking about, as did a number of the people in tech support (now known as the 'tech guys').

I had a really bad issue with the attitude of PC WORLD and that was that sales counted above all else. Sure customer service was an issue but if you didn't sell you didn't keep your job and the 'coverplan' extended guarantee was focused on very heavily. In those days pc world were selling p75s for 1.5k and then another service plan for say £450, they were absolutely laffing.

The problem I had was that when I tried to explain to some people about ram compatibility, or linux operating systems (yes they sold them), or give them general advice on what they actually needed (as opposed to what pc world wanted to sell them), I was pulled up and told 'we don't really like people with technical ability to be employed here'.

In fact I was told to keep away from customers and in the end just turned up to collect a wage but I always pride myself that I always tried to sell people what they needed as opposed to what they didn't need.

PC WORLD are what they are, they are a profit orientated retail outlet and care little for the technicals. They have also realised this mistake too late as the ticket prices have fallen, they have scrapped commission selling and a lot of people left because the wages are so poor.

They are now realising that customer service was oh so important as peolpe are now more tech savvy and know much more than in 1996 about pcs. The trouble is the damage has already been done to their reputation and is probably undoable.

All because they tried to run it like a branch of dixons, which was always a mistake.

BBC confirms Doctor Who series five

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Why ?

Wait until 2010, DR who is clearly a successful show which has built up an entirely new fanbase whilst holding on to the old one, I agree with the sentiments that the next dr who after tennant needs to be a long term fixture and not someone who feels they need to leave after 2 seasons to guard an already chalked out career.

Lets find some talent and put them in the role and let them stay there for ages like tom b did.

Doctor Who to meet self in Children in Need special

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I really liked peter davidson, its a shame he followed such a legendary doctor as Tom Baker, but this should not take away from his performance.

Sony talks up PS3 TV tuner

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Whats the point

No ones buying ps3 because its TOO EXPENSIVE

Nintendo Wii widens sales gap with Sony PS3

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Sony, be careful.

Sony need to wake up and smell the coffee. I am in their target audience, I have a disposable income that exceeds most people and I point blank refuse to pay the 425 pounds or so for a PS3. Sony need to rethink their strategy, I've waited and held off buying a 360 in favour of the PS3, but unless the price comes down shortly I will not buy one.

My decision is also made easier because the only reason I ever stayed with sony was because they maintained backwards compatibility. The fact that other territories have this and we do not yet we pay more for the machine, is in my opinion sonys biggest mistake.

If they value their market they'll start paying attention or they'll go the same way other console manufacturers have. They don't have a divine right to be at the top, and they behave like they do.


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